Wednesday, July 30, 2014


If you've been watching the news lately one can physically see the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse during the first ten minutes of any broadcast. We will see War, Famine, Disease and Death before the first commercial break every time. And the worst part is we can believe exactly none of it. Yes, the underlying facts won't change but the spin on EVERYTHING now makes nothing worth believing.

Take the current war on Gaza. Depending on which source you go to, the information will be correct as to this happened here. The why however is being spun to such a degree that NOTHING you hear can be trusted anymore and that is a serious problem. News should be dull, fact based, non-biased statistics that tell the truth about the situation. But as a handful of idiots now control the world media, down to four soon in this country if new mergers happen, that the news has become a propaganda playground that everyone is using.

In Gaza, nothing you hear can be verified or trusted. All have a reason to lie and therefore the only way to look at who to support comes to down to absolute facts. Hamas is firing rockets into Israel. This is not contested by anyone. If that is true, and it is, then we can also know that some of those rockets are going to fall in Gaza territory, because they are notoriously inaccurate. Therefore, logically, at a bare minimum 10-20% of all deaths caused by explosion in Gaza, is the fault of Hamas and not Israel. Also, that means that every bomb that goes off or person killed cannot be directly blamed on Israel. No one seems to be talking about this.

Another fundamental truth is that Hamas is a terrorist organization hell bent on the destruction if Israel. When a Hamas spokesperson was asked by Charlie Rose recently if they would ever recognize Israel, he flatly said no. You cannot make peace with people who want you dead. The only way out of this is for Hamas to be destroyed. I know no one wants to hear that, but that is the fundamental truth.

Every two years, Hamas has started some rocket salvo into Israel, the US demands everyone stop, Hamas gets everything they want, Israel gets nothing but empty promises and the whole thing start all over again. This has led the US to try this again under the "wise" tutorage of John Kerry, only to have the Israelis say ENOUGH! John Kerry has been every bit the disaster I knew he would be and his current round of kick the can hit the wall has both Hamas and Israel telling him to butt out. As long as we are stupid enough to not pick a side, we are never going to get anywhere. There can be no peace here. Sometimes war is necessary so we do not have endless fighting, which suits the weapon manufactures juts fine, but is hell for the rest of us.

Israel has decided to rip up the idiotic Geneva Convention and actually start fighting this war to win. You see that document, also known as ten easy ways to lose any war, is based on PC crap that wants to fight wars with no getting killed, especially civilians. Unfortunately, that is simply not possible. The only time to enter a war is when no other choice is available, unlike this country which likes starting wars because someone sneezed on them. Russia beat Georgia in three days by committing technical war crimes. Israel is doing the same when they attacked infrastructure in Gaza which is illegal. However, they are finally playing to win and regardless of the outcome, may be on the right path to finally establishing a lasting peace. I know it makes little sense but sometimes, a lot of people must die to save millions, even billions. When a war ends, then there is peace. These stupid truces we've been doing for decades is blowing up in our face and no one seems concerned.

An alleged leaked transcript has surfaced of a conversation between Obama and Netanyahu that had Obama demanding the Israelis stop their assault and the Israeli PM saying basically, "eat me!" Both sides have denied the story but Haaretz is standing behind it saying a high level US operative gave it to them. To be honest, I don't believe it, as Obama's has a very specific way of talking, and this script doesn't really sound like him. For example, he never says the words "Look," Or "Folks" in the entire transcript, which seems fake to me. However, as many have suggested, there is a very good chance that the actual conversation may have been very close to what has being reported. Here is a link to it so you can decide for yourself:

Our infrastructure is dying as seen by the new waterpark that opened in downtown LA, now encompassing most of the UCLA campus and Sunset BLVD. The school recently spent $6.5 million on upgrading their sports field and arena, both of which are under three feet of water right now. The reason was that a city pipe, dating back to 1921, not surprisingly, burst. We have spent nothing on fixing anything because the Tea Party and the GOP have decided that they want to pay off the debt first and then worry about things like bridges falling over and car eating pot holes. This is just like every American who when they get laid off say that paying their credit card off is the number one concern. Except it really isn't as no one does that, yet we want the government to do exactly the same thing.

Our failure to raise taxes on the rich and corporations has got to stop. Even a $15 minimum wage may be too little too late as every study says we are getting poorer, except government and media sources who claim everything is great and if we just weren't so lazy and greedy, we could get by on our steady diet of dirt soup and the cardboard box we live in.

We have run out of room for the kicked can. War with Russia, the Middle East, hell even North Korea has threatened hilariously to blow up the White House which would only happen if they drove it there, are happening with frightening speed. Our relation with Russia is just about over, Hamas is getting crushed with help from no one right now, except maybe Turkey that said they were going to send another flotilla, forgetting that the last one ending in nine deaths and the capture of their vehicle, and a zillion other hot spots that seem to grow with every day. War is coming, our economy is going to go belly up and out infrastructure is just about dead. Yet, somehow, abortion and gay rights are all some see on the right, while those on the left obsess about gun control and the name of the Washington Redskins. We are so screwed.

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