Friday, July 18, 2014


I usually don't write on Friday's unless something big is occurring. And a couple things are bothering me, one pure conjecture, the other a definitive load of nonsense.

Let's start with conjecture. Right now, Occum's Razor suggests that the downing of a Malaysian Airline was done by an inexperienced rebel group with Russia to blame. However, the Sherlock Holmes rule of logic suggests that there may be more to this story than just that. It is beyond coincidence that at the same exact time Russia starts flexing it's muscle on the world stage with the new BRICS alliance set to seriously challenge the dollar's dominance, this happens. We just set new sanctions in place a day earlier because of this exact issue, and "fate" intervenes 24 hours later to prove their point. Tell me that isn't a little weird.

There's more. Yesterday, the MSM reported that Russia has attempted to insert a virus into the stock exchange to wreck havoc on us. This wasn't recent, but way back in 2010. Why are we just hearing about this now? This smacks of classic disinformation where stuff is made up to swing opinion one way or another. And why try to hurt the stock market in 2010 when it wasn't exactly doing too well as it was? Wouldn't you do it now when the damage would be much more severe, like now?  If the Russians tried to do this in 2010, it would have been the equivalent of trying to steal a wrecked car. That makes no sense. And if they did hit the stock market, it's all connected and they would have been just as hurt as us. Again, today, if they truly have the gold stockpile many think they do, they might be able to weather a crisis better than in 2010. This story stinks.

And then there is the possibility of this being a false flag, perhaps one even using that missing Malaysian plane that maybe isn't at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. For everyone who screams FALSE FLAG at the top of their lungs every time anything happens (see Mike Rivero or Alex Jones), this is what a real false flag would look like if this is indeed one, and again, that is more fantasy than fact at this point.

But for arguments' sake, we can see that if Obama wanted to screw over Putin, this worked well. Hypothetically, using the missing plane, that actually landed at the Diego Garcia, they waited for a moment to do the exact same thing to some other unsuspecting plane. There is the usual brand of confusion after such a disaster, such as who has the black boxes which everyone says they have or don't have, depending on the source. But one piece of data is that this plane was diverted over the war zone for unknown reasons. If this is true, it is telling. Could another Operation Northwoods have occurred where these two planes were switched, so that the one that took of from Holland was replaced with the one that allegedly crashed in the Indian Ocean? That does seem rather far fetched, I will admit. And then comes the question over what happened to that plane? Will it be found in the ocean a few months from now with an altered appearance and all the bodies kept in cold storage back inside? Most likely, this not what happened, but it is odd that two Malaysian planes go down under mysterious circumstances so close together. Of all the planes that could have been shot down, the odds that it would be a Malaysian flight is awfully suspicious. Conspiracy theories will abound after this, mark my words.

And then comes the latest housing news which is down almost 10% from this time last year. The Northeast and Midwest saw modest increases while the South and West nosedived. The reason economists say is because of, wait for it, too much rain. Nevermind the fact that places like California, which is dryer than Betty White, saw these same declines, doesn't seem to fend off the now ridiculous explanations for the third straight quarter. First it was the government shutdown, then the polar vortex, now because it was too damp. I can't wait to see wait they come up with next.

The housing market is plummeting due to the fact that skyrocketing prices, ala 2007, is pricing too many out of the market. When this reaches a tipping point, housing will fall again and take the stock market, which is also wildly overvalued according to almost every major Wall St player, with it.

I received an advert today, along with a bill for 6 grand for a divorce I never had, that said I could get a new car with an adjustable rate mortgage, just like the same scam that killed the housing industry, and which they also still doing. This is why when you hear them say the auto industry is doing gangbusters, remember that a lot of them are ARM, that will skyrocket upward when the rest of the world is falling apart. They are repos waiting to happen and I have first hand proof of it.

The world is falling apart. And the fact that we seem to be picking a fight with the rest of the world is telling. I do not think this latest thing was a false flag, but they certainly seem to be priming the hammer regardless for battle.

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