Sunday, July 27, 2014


The media is lying to you on a regular basis. Either they are willfully misreporting the news or they are too stupid to do their job anymore. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Summer films- This has been one of the worst years for movies in almost a decade, with the last debacle being 2006 for box office. This was the first year I was doing film reviews professionally and I cannot tell you how many awful films I sat through that year, with one of the worst offenders being The Simpsons Movie, which was painfully unfunny, and I love the Simpsons TV show. This year, I did not see one movie in May nor July, which has never happened in my lifetime. If I am not going to the movies, no one else is either as I am a regular fixture at the local cinema. August looks to improve with Guardians of the Galaxy, Expendables 3 and Sin City 2, but the stink of films like Sex Tape, Earth to Echo, Tammy, Jersey Boys and a dozen others that looked terrible and died at the box office, didn't help. Just like 2006, when no credible directors are making movies, films suffer, and even when good ones make films like Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman, (a title somehow worse than the original All You Need Is Kill, yech!), studio interference all but kills it. The one film that could have made a huge splash, Snowpiercer,  played on five theaters, a broken down drive in, and Marge Mickelson's back yard BBQ to make zero money all because studio executives were pissed the film couldn't be cut by twenty minutes for someone inane reason and then threw a hissy fit over its release schedule. Next year better be better.

2)Sharlene Simon and the Canadian Legal system- Sometimes, our legal system doesn't seem so bad. Italy's is a punchline in search of a joke. Japan's has a near 100% conviction rate which makes you question how accurate their system is. And now we have Canada which is allowing this bitch to sue the family of the people she killed. Seems Simon drove into several teen bikers early one morning in the Toronto area, killing one. She is now suing the family for one million dollars for "emotional distress." Doesn't it seem likely that the family will countersue and negate all of this? Stupidity is now worldwide.

3)Market Basket and Arthur S. Demoulas- Speaking of stupid, for those not living in the Northeast, Market Basket is an excellent grocery store with fresh produce and low prices. When I worked near one, I used to shop there all the time. But then Arthur S. voted out current CEO, Arthur T., who is also his cousin,and all hell broke loose. Workers left the store, deliveries stopped, shelves are bare and boycotts are at 90%. In other words, the business is dying. Interviews with Arthur S. show what a giant douchebag this guy is, refusing questions from reporters, and ignoring a customer who showed up with a petition to re-instate his cousin, all caught on camera. This guy's greed and hubris is killing his business. This is kind of CEO's we have today, who are terrible at their jobs yet get paid millions. The rest of us should take examples from the Market Basket employees and begin nationwide strikes to demand better pay. The other result is keep quiet, do nothing, and wait to be fired and replaced by either a robot or a guy named Shetty who will work for half your salary. Wise up, people.

4)David Klemencic- This asshole extraordinaire was personally responsible for the dueling court ruling in Obamacare this week. One struck down subsidies, run by Republicans, another okayed it, run by Democrats, which is nothing new. All of this stems from a lawsuit brought about by this GOP stooge, who was pissed, PISSED, he would have to pay for insurance under Obamacare. And how much was the extravagant amount the evil government and President Blackie was forcing him to pay? $20 a year. That is not a misprint. That is the total amount. If subsidies get taken away from us, this dick is too blame. I for one will paying him a visit if that occurs as I will not survive long without Obamacare. Good luck David if this goes through, as I have feeling there will be an Airplane like line to slap you silly. You sir, suck balls.

5)Senator John Walsh- I am so sick of PTSD being trotted out for everything that goes wrong anymore. For anyone actually suffering from this very real affliction, I apologize for the rash of psychiatrists telling their patients they have it for reading bad online comments (true story), spoiled celebrities with a real mental illness of drug addiction using PTSD for cover and now this senator blaming PTSD for his scandal plagiarizing whole sections for his Master's thesis. You cheated, you got caught, and that's it. PTSD had nothing to do with this you lying sack of garbage.

6)United Airlines- A recent study said that US households saw their net worth drop from almost $90,000 in 2003 to just above $50,000 today, or a 36% drop. This is because, contrary to what the media and government keep telling us, salaries are dropping. I cannot tell you how many people I talk to every week that are unemployed, or looking for work, that cannot find a job that pays anything close to what they used to make. United airlines this week laid off 650 people, whose average salary was $50,000 a year, and replaced them with people making 9-12 dollars an hour instead. Meanwhile the CEO doubled his salary to eight million a year. Where are the guillotines when you need them? Start fighting back people because the rich are running over us. 85 people have half the money on the planet. Do you really think this is fair or sustainable? When the system crashes you will have no one but yourself to blame.

7)Babur Suleman and his son Haris- I hate people of any age doing stupid stuff for any reason. The biggest one is flying or sailing around the world in a single engine plane, balloon, jet pack, rowboat or whatever. It's been done, leave it that. How about we spend our time trying to map the ocean floor, which has been all but ignored or reaching space? Yes this was for charity but who cares. And every time some young moron, like Haris, or that 16 year old girl who had to be rescued doing a solo trip around the world in a sailboat, I want to slap their parents. Stop killing your kids over some outdated idea of circumnavigating the globe. If you want to go to China, buy a plane ticket like the rest of us.

8)John Boehner- This week, dumbass continued to blame the democrats for not passing any bills, willfully ignoring the fact that the GOP has stood on the throat of America for the past four years with nothing to show for it. They have no plan to fix anything short of screaming NO at the top of their lungs. The GOP has competing bills for border control, the VA and highway repair, all of which fall woefully short of the money actually needed to fix these issues. And in a true testament to how dickish the GOP really is, this week the House passed a bill that would greatly increase the earned income tax credit for those in the 1%, while eliminating it for everyone else. It is dead in the Senate, thank God. This is what you are voting for people. Wise up. Boehner should be out on his ear if his state had any brains, which apparently they do not. Fuck you, Ohio. Fuck you.

9)Palestinians, John Kerry and the UN- I don't know which is worse this week, the douchebags supporting terrorists, the UN proving to be run by anti-Semites, or Kerry's attempt at some sort of bad comedy routine. Pro-Hamas protestors in France were photographed giving Hitler salutes during said rally and then people question why Israel is fighting for their survival. The UN keeps giving out misinformation about the school bombing which, depending on which UN person you listen to, got no warning, a few hours warning, or three days. Which is it? John Kerry has to be mentioned for his laughable cease fire proposal which gave Hamas everything they wanted and Israel nothing. The unanimously turned it down. Hamas has been breaking the cease fire every time, yet Israel is to blame. Muslim extremists need to be treated like communism or Nazis. Until we do, this world will never see peace.

10)Putin- The Russian leader has been firing artillery across the border, making things worse. The EU approved tougher sanctions against Russia, leading to more wars of words and possibly, higher oil prices. The new sanctions prove Russia shot down MH17 as there is no way these guys would do anything without hard proof as they stand to lose their shirts if this goes south. Putin is a dick. If the State Dept. wasn't run by Lurch and his flying monkeys, the US would better understand this whole thing and there wouldn't be as many conspiracy theories. Sigh. As it is the State Dept. is incapable of telling the truth about anything it seems.

11)MSM- If you watched the news this week, you were lied to about 190,000,000 times. It's getting to a point where Jon Stewart has a better newscast than NBC lately. EVERY network keeps telling us that of the 700 killed in Gaza almost all were civilians, according to UN reports. The facts are, as reported by Al-Jazeera, that 75% are men between the ages of 18-35, or more likely, Hamas. The UN cannot be trusted to tell us the truth about this as they are caught lying on a daily basis. The media is lying, most likely because lazy hacks now run the news and are incapable of checking things like facts, which is why we have a news group in the first place. Nothing you read here is unchecked and if it is questionable, I say so. Time Magazine wrote an article about how the economy is actually improving and then used data that appears to have been made up because I could not only confirm what was said, I found evidence to refute it from unquestionable sources. It's like those unnamed economists that insist the country is getting better, but offer no real data and, lately, backtrack on previous statements after they are proven wrong time and time again. The MSM is lying to you and I can prove it. They are going to kill this country because a gullible public is buying it. So congratulations MSM, you are indeed douchebag of the week. 

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