Wednesday, July 16, 2014


If the news were any darker, it would be a black hole. It has surpassed tragedy to become a twisted parody of itself that is actually funny. I laugh harder at the news than most sitcoms these days as I cannot believe the amount of nonsense being thrown at us, which it seems a lot of you out there are buying into it. Readers of this site are more like me I suspect and see the fallacy that has now become our government, our corporations, our media, and everyone else. Three groups right now are doing their best to end the world and should be singled out for their dangerous stupidity.

Let us start with the news everyone knows, everyone expects, which is the semi-annual Palestinian/Israeli war which starts every couple years, a bunch of people die, nothing is resolved and the whole thing is repeated ad nauseam. This time is no different, except that it really is. Everyone sees this as the same old/same old, but the circumstances have changed and Hamas is in a bad spot right now, even if no one else sees it.

Hamas has unwisely turned down a peace plan because they started this whole thing, and now in exchange for them stopping it, they want something in return. Who would possibly do that? Oh that's right Obama. And Reagan. And Bush, both of them. What the hell is wrong with this country? What part of you never negotiate with terrorists except under extreme circumstances do they not get? Israel is not stupid enough to fall for this, unless the West starts leaning on them to, which is entirely possible. But I don't think Netanyahu will simply because the odds are in his favor now. Syria is busy with their own civil war. Jordan and Egypt are out of any sort of military action, as Jordan broke ties with that whole debacle after they got tricked into entering the Six Days War, sending only token troops for the Yom Kippur War to save face with the Arab world. In the Six Day War, Jordan got to the battlefield to find, not a defeated Israeli army as they had been told, but a destroyed Egyptian army and a pissed off bunch of Jews. Egypt is at war with the Muslim Brotherhood and have shut out Hamas by closing their borders, which is one of the demands Hamas has made to Israel, like they have any power over another country.

The end result of Hamas demanding the release of their people captured by Israel and the opening of the Egyptian border is an overplaying of their hand and will now result in the deaths of hundreds, perhaps even thousands of their own people. Worse, people now see Hamas as the aggressor who slapped away a peace plan, which is the millionth time they have done such a thing with little consequences. But the law of unintended consequences may have finally caught up to them and they may pay a lethal price. If Israel invades, and chances are very good at this point that they will, a lot of Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians and children, are going to die and it will be all Hamas' fault. Remember that when they keep bringing up the unequal death toll as to who is really responsible for their demise.

Then we have the anti-abortionists who, like or not, are advocating the extinction of mankind. Fighting against contraception and abortion is one of the most evil things that can be preached and for some inane reason, the most religious are the morons screaming the loudest about it. Do the want to the world to end so badly? There are way too many people on the planet and we are doing literally nothing to stop it. Hell, we have fertility clinics which should be outlawed tomorrow. How come people aren't picketing churches for their asinine belief in overpopulation that will kill us all? Why aren't screaming idiots outside fertility clinics shoving pictures of starving children and a dying environment to people who want a litter if kids all at once? Why is that so acceptable?

By the way, just flipping through the Bible the other day I came across a passage in Exodus 21:22 which states unequivocally that a fetus is not a person. Here is the closest passage I could find online to mine that is a direct translation from the Greek and Aramaic:

 If men quarrel, and one strike a woman with child, and she miscarry indeed, but live herself: he shall be answerable for so much damage as the woman's husband shall require, and as arbiters shall award.

In other words, the fetus is PROPERTY, not a separate entity according to the same book which states several times that life begins at breath. So how does the Catholic Church explain this problem away? Simple, they changes the wording. Here's how many Bibles have that same passage:

If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows.

Notice how fetus becomes premature birth, even though that is not what the original Dead Sea Scroll said. They changed the tense, which they do A LOT in the Bible, so that dead baby become premie baby. But that is nor the original intent and all of these mouth breathers screaming about abortion don't seem to realize that their own religion is wrong on the subject.

Megyn Kelly tried to refute Jon Stewart and others like him, me included albeit nor directly, by suggesting the Hobby Lobby was well within their rights to deny coverage of things they felt were abortion. Only their aren't. And when Kelly tried to reverse that as well she basically proved her own ignorance but not understanding what the legal definition of abortion is, which is NOT caused by any of the four items Hobby Lobby didn't want to provide. She brought up the FDA's report and then misread what was right in front of her, misleading people into believing her nonsense. This is why people are so stupid lately. For the love of God, walk away from Fox news already.

And then there is the BRICS, the unholy alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, who have decided to form their own version of the World Bank and the IMF to rival US and EU influence. There is a distinct possibility that these countries could be the next world power and drive the dollar our of existence which we are doing to ourselves. China is buying up our homes, destabilizing our housing market. They are subsidizing their work force to undercut foreign competitors, which is destroying the economic base of this country through simple greed. China is poised to become the next world power and soon, possibly by the end of the year. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by failing to do anything that would create jobs, fix anything or even accomplish the smallest feat lately, which is why I laugh so hard at the news. It's better than crying.



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