Friday, July 25, 2014


I have just about had it with the MSM lately. If you watched any network, Fox included, you'd think Israel was raping small children while defecating on a Bible. According to every newscast an "overwhelming" number of "civilians" in Gaza are being executed by Israel. The only problem is that it is completely untrue.

I spent the last few days searching for this before I came across an article sent to me by a Rabbi friend who actually lives in Israel. In it, it lists the names and ages of every verifiable victim and, as I predicted in an earlier post, 75% of the names are men between the ages of 18-35, or on other words, Hamas soldiers. Here is the chart below.

In these days I've heard many times people say that #Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilians - and especially women and children. So check this out. It is a graph of the number of #Palestinians killed since the beginning of the war in #Gaza. The overwhelming majority of casualties is among males within the age range of 18 and 38. Usually the same age range of #Hamas fighters and/or #terrorists.
But here is the best part. The data doesn't come from some pro-Israel website, organization, or news agency. It actually comes from a source that's far from friendly towards Israel: Al Jazeera.

And before I hear from some idiot that this is all Israeli propaganda, the information comes from Al-Jazeera. Here is the link:

So where in blazes does the MSM get off telling us the dead are innocent victims, instead of Hamas fighters which a majority, in not all, of the men in this category are a member of? Just because they don't wear uninforms does not make them innocent in all of this.

And then we have the UN, which is hardly pro-Israel at all anymore, which keep lying about Hamas fighters not using their "safe zones" as staging areas and weapon caches. Two schools bombed by Israel where found to contain stored weapons inside or rocket launchers destroyed outside the compound. The UN is either complacent in this lie or willfully stupid. And the American people are buying it.

And then there is the economy which is fading fast, not that the MSM would tell you that. This is from Investment watch about how bad the unnamed economists Wall Street and the government hire as mouthpieces really are.

So the truth is we are getting less and less while the rich get more and more. Want proof? United Airline is going to lay 650 people whose average salary was $50,000 and replaced with workers making 9-12 dollars and hour. Meanwhile the CEO doubled his salary to eight million. Does no one see a problem with that? This type of salary outsourcing has happened to me and almost every one I know. If it hasn't happened to you, chances are it will as this type of nonsense is growing. Most of this country makes less than $50,000 a year, and half make less than $25,000. This is unsustainable, as some companies and nations are starting to figure out. They have no solutions but they at least recognize the issue.

The end result is we have a media completely devoid of reality or truth telling on all levels. Swell.

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