Monday, July 14, 2014


John Kerry was, without a doubt, the worst human I ever voted for president. I really didn't like him, and I absolutely hated John Edwards, whose history would prove me right about his phoniness. But the alternative was four more years of George Bush and, under those circumstances, anyone was better than that. But it didn't turn out that way, and it didn't need to be. Just like Al Gore before him when the Supreme Court gave W. the presidency (which was suspect in and or itself as several of the judges should have recused themselves as they had a vested interest in a Bush win), Kerry took the 2004 loss with no protest, again for "the good of the country."

Many don't know this because our MSM spent no time reporting on the fact that Ohio was stolen for Bush and several people went to jail over it. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio alone, 250,000 illegal votes were discovered, 100% of them for Bush. That alone was enough to tip the election for W., and after it was discovered, a few people went to jail because of it. Also, in that same county, 3% of votes were "lost," all of which were in black neighborhoods. It also didn't help that the owner of the electronic voting machines in Ohio promised Bush a win which isn't suspicious in the slightest. And then there were the exit polls, which in nine states were wildly different than the actual outcome, and all of which went to Bush. And what did John Kerry do about what appeared to be blatant voter fraud?

He quit. What a loser.

So now, Colonel Lurch is off to Afghanistan to investigate alleged voter fraud in the Afghani elections. Well, I guess he would be an expert wouldn't he? But if past actions are any indicator, Kerry will show up, talk for seventeen straight hours (my Lord, that man never seems to shut up and one of the worst traits for the highest ambassador in the country), find nothing wrong and go home. At least that seems to be his MO.

And now is trying to negotiate a peace deal between the Israelis and Hamas. The only problem with that is, the US has no vested interest here and no power to make any deal stick. Even worse, both sides have unequivocally said the same thing: BUTT OUT! I don't know how many times I have to say this but you cannot make peace with people who want you dead. The Palestinians have had ample time to ask for a peace deal and get almost everything they want. But as they seem bent on eliminating Israel, which is never going to happen, they are begging for genocide instead.

It didn't help that for some inane reason, Kerry thought he get the two sides to talk these past few years and spent 11 trips watching the whole thing fall apart because neither side was serious about negotiations at this point. You can't force people to stop killing one another unless other force is available and the US is fresh out of military solutions.

If you want the bloodshed to stop, first, Hamas has to stop firing rockets into Israel. Until that happens, there will be no peace. Period. Hamas killed the three teens that started all this and who seem to have been forgotten. Hamas is firing rockets from civilian locations into civilian locations. Israel is bending over backwards to keep casualties to a minimum. Who is really to blame here?

Yes, innocents are dying. That is what happens in war. In actuality, we have been so risk adverse to civilian casualties, we haven't really won a war since WW2. You cannot win a war, if the public is still fighting you. There was a good reason we saw neither the Germans nor the Japanese fight the occupations of Russian and US troops after the war. They had had enough. Until you make the public suffer a little too, the fight will go on. That's war, like it or not.

The sad part is that some are blaming Kerry for this latest spat and they are not entirely wrong. Kerry went in saying they were close to a breakthrough several times which was a total lie. In true idiot fashion, they left the tough questions like the right to return and the division of Jerusalem until the end when, ultimately, no one could agree on a path forward and talks ended. If you want make a deal, you have to start with the hard stuff first and work backward. Otherwise, the end result is always failure and with Kerry at the helm, that was a foregone conclusion.

Because of that, hostilities increased and now here we are, steps away from yet another Middle East war that would be far more frightening if Syria and Egypt weren't busy with their own thing. Only Lebanon and Iran pose any threat and even Iran has other fish to fry right now. Israel could knock out both Gaza and Lebanon and still be home for dinner.

The point of all of this is John Kerry should come home and help with the countless, and seemingly endless, problems we have here. His discussions with the GOP can't go any worse than with the Palestinians, who I fear are perhaps hours away from a serious butt kicking. Stop siding with terrorists, guys. The end result will be your destruction.

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