Monday, July 7, 2014


We are rapidly becoming a nation of electronic obsessed boobs who can't see the forest for the trees. Our news media is wholly incapable anymore of reporting the truth to any degree of accuracy as the keep telling us how great the economy is when the real numbers suggest a doomsday scenario right around the corner. The worst part about that is they have the same access I do to actual numbers put out by legitimate sources which means they can't read or don't want to and few of us believe they could be that illiterate. Our government is broken as even the most common sense actions are failing, such as Congress' inability to pass the much needed Highway Bill (solely because Republicans keep adding in a provision to provide tax amnesty to corporations with overseas holdings for tax avoidance) or even discuss any form of border control, which I hate to break to the right wingers out there, is not solely President Blackenstein's fault, although to be fair, he is not blameless either. And all the while, the American people go about their business as if nothing is wrong. We are headed for a giant fall and even the richest elites out there are getting the message.

The Davos group recently met in Switzerland which is a gathering of the most powerful people on Earth to discuss how things are going and, most likely, world domination. This time though, they spent a good deal of time noticing the income inequality is out of control and if something isn't done soon, the whole world will end. And what did they decide was the best course of action? Nothing as far as I can tell because the only way to fix any of this is to give people a massive raise while taking billions from those same people at the Davos group. As they have no interest in that, chances are good that this whole house of cards we have built is going to come crashing down any day now. Nero is fiddling all over again.
Then you have people like Hillary Clinton doing what can only be described at this point as a weird performance art over how to not become President in ten easy steps. This past weekend, Lady Dumbass gave a speech to Big Agriculture, including the third most hated company in America, Monsanto, where she praised the use of GMO's. And while I am not against GMO's per say, as this kind of genetic alteration has been going on for centuries now, I am very against the tactics that this corporation uses to destroy their competition. But that aside, a lot of people are rightfully worried about GMO's because science has become so opinionated, it near impossible to know what is real and what isn't anymore. So why give yet another public speech that does nothing but tarnish your already super-rusty persona?

Things have gotten so bad that beltway insiders have reported that Obama has quietly reached out to Liz Warren and begged her to run over Hillary. According to these sources, Obama is worried that Hillary will be even further to the right than him and dismantle what few good things he has done, a telling prospect. Allegedly, he has pledged to back her over Hillary, which we must all hope and pray this story is true. Liz Warren would be very good for this country and I think could be the FDR we all need right now.

The border is in crisis mode right now with the government in complete inaction on it. Obama doesn't want to tick off Hispanics by mass deportations and the Republicans do not want to do anything that would actually constitute doing their jobs and thereby making Obama look good. As a result, the border is a flash point waiting to happen. People are rightfully pissed that illegals are streaming across the border and then being let go which is straining an already desperate situation.

Why Obama hasn't called the National Guard is a disgrace. And the GOP instead of pointing fingers at you know who, should get off the their lazy asses and start passing some form if immigration control. If they don't, someone is going to die and then all hell is going to break loose. Militias from several states with a shoot first mentality are going there instead and we all know that can't end well.

The Supreme Court ruling this past few weeks took all of a day before they started to unravel. The buffer zone that kept unruly assholes from screaming in young girls' faces is gone and those so called "peaceful talkers" are no where to be found. But dickwads calling teens baby killers inches from their faces are back, meaning, like the border, this is a flash point waiting to happen. Someone is going to get killed and that blood will lie on the entire Supreme Court. Likewise with their idiotic decision that corporations have religious rights have already led to four companies suing to offer NO birth control for their employees as they feel it is against their religious beliefs. So much for narrow rulings there Alito. What a fucking tool this douche is, along with the other eight wastes of space.

And, lastly, for all those morons screaming about how raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, new evidence suggests the opposite is true, as that's how economics works. When you give people more money, they spend it, which is what creates jobs. Giving money to rich people does nothing. This is from Robert Reich:

Republicans in Congress who oppose raising the nation’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 say it will kill jobs, but according to a new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research the thirteen states that raised their minimum wage in January – ten for the first time, the other three in line with previous laws raising it in steps – have seen higher employment growth than states that didn’t. Washington state has the highest minimum wage and had the biggest increase in small business jobs; its job growth has remained above average since it first raised its wage above the federal minimum. Also topping the job-growth list are Massachusetts, which raised its wage to $11 by 2017; Vermont, which increased its wage to $10.50; and Hawaii, Maryland, and Connecticut, which enacted the $10.10 minimum proposed at the federal level by Democrats. Cities that have raised their wages are showing better than average job growth, too. None of this means raising the minimum creates more jobs, but it does undermine naysayers who say it kills jobs. Yet congressional Republicans in remain adamant. Could it be they’re not really concerned about job losses, and more concerned about something else? And if so, what?
And here is Reich again in the latest job report, which is so misleading it could be called fiction:
The big story on jobs (hardly mentioned in today’s job report for June) is America is in the midst of a massive shift to part-time work. Part-time jobs accounted for 2/3 of all new jobs in June. Most people don’t want part-time work; they need a full-time job. But corporations are shifting to part-time work because it allows them to (1) avoid paying overtime, (2) avoid paying health insurance (evidence suggests Obamacare’s employer mandate, although delayed, is adding to the part-time shift), (3) more cheaply respond to ups and downs in customer demand, and (4) keep workers obedient and docile (and punish anyone trying to unionize) because workers need whatever hours they can get. So when you hear that the U.S. economy is creating lots of new jobs (288,000 jobs in June), be skeptical. Most are part-time.
Where is that on the media? And the Dow jumped up this past Thursday, over this job report, which suggests an epic collapse rather than good news, but as no one pays any attention to anything anymore, it's good times forever. Just like 1929.

We had better start demanding more from our government and soon because as the Davos group rightfully noticed, we are living on borrowed time. And as long as some of you are buying into the whole GOP is good thing or that corporatist Democrats like Hillary will save us, we deserve everything we get.

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