Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have officially seen it all now. Yesterday, the Senate talked about Obama's submission of $3.7 billion dollars to step up border patrols, immigration holding facilities, and judges for speedier deportations. You would think the GOP would be all over this? If you thought that you are obviously not very bright and see things far rosier than they are. No, instead Boehner, Coburn and McCain acted as if the whole thing was Obama's fault and proceeded to drag their feet for an actual crisis.

These people are traitors to this country at this point and any idiot still voting Republican is just aiding the downward slide we are experiencing. Apparently, these three fools, along with the rest of the Republican Congress have no idea what they are doing because they seem to lack even basic knowledge of how our government works. One minute, Obama is weak feckless non-leader, the next, he is a tyrant world bent on subjecting this country. Here, they someone blame Obama for a problem they themselves created and only they have the power to fix.

In 2008, W. signed a bill that would make it more difficult to send children back from places that were not either Mexico or Canada. Supposedly, it was to help stop child-trafficking and prostitution, but that didn't seem to do dick to that issue so chalk up another winner for the worst President ever. Now, if Congress wanted to actually do something, they could repeal the law, which Obama has pledged to sign. Instead, we had Boehner refusing to bring up the money for a vote, while Coburn and McCain did the worst shuck and jive in the history of Congress.  Both blamed Obama for everything while simultaneously refusing to do anything about it. Talk about balls. The GOP is so intent and making Obama look bad, they are destroying the nation in the process. Is this really a party you ever want in power again for anything?

Let's look at a quick history of their "accomplishments" so far since 2008. They have tried to repeal Obamacare 50 times without any reasonable replacement. They have blocked 7 job bills while whining that theirs aren't getting the votes either, but that has more to do with the fact that their "job" bills are basically giving more money to rich people bills. Nevermind the fact that this is a proven failure, they still want to do it. Unbelievable.

They have blocked a total of 375 bills, a record by the way. Two of those were ones designed to protect Veterans which the GOP loves to send to war, but not so much when they get back. They have offered not one, NOT ONE, bill to help the economy in six years but blame Obama for everything. Then they sit home 239 days a year, getting paid for everyone of those days, while the rest of us struggle.

The GOP is dangerous, fascist, and evil. Anyone still voting for these morons is getting the country they deserve.

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