Sunday, July 13, 2014


There was really no question this week who the winner was going to be so let's see those runner ups. If the column seems shorter than usual it is because I accidently erased almost the entire thing due to the fucking touchpad which keeps accidently erasing my work. Fuck the asshole who invented this worthless piece of shit.

1)The dick who invented the touchpad- Whoever he might be, because it is impossible to turn off completely for some reason thus leading to accidental erasing of my work, I hope he gets ass cancer. I loathe the touchpad.

2)Hillary Clinton- This gas bag just won't shut up. God help us if she becomes the nominee. In order to justify her hundred million in the bank, she said this week she would be donating her recent speaking fee to charity. Her charity of course. I have done countless stories about how a lot of charities spend less than 10% of the raised money on their said cause and use their rest for personal use. Hers may be no different. Either way, I want Liz Warren to run, not her.

3)The Supreme Court- In less than 24 hours after two rulings, everything that was meant to protect people went belly up, as many had predicted, me included. The buffer zone around abortion clinics did not produce the "peaceful approachment" the entire court had suggested, but instead has led to screamers inches from workers and patients faces. Someone is going to get shot and the blood will be wholly on the entire Supreme Court's head. Then less than 24 hours after the Court ruled that corporations are people with religious rights, a dozen companies filed suit to end ALL birth control because they didn't want to pay for it, I mean "religious beliefs." These morons are killing us.

4)Government and weed- If anyone wants to see how government can screw things up royally, look no further than weed legalization. The brainpowers in Washington state didn't hire enough growers due to nothing more than rank incompetence and greed. The end result is weed selling for $700 an ounce which must have the local dealers squealing in glee as they can undercut the price by 50%. It's like no one who runs a business or is in office has any idea how an economy works. RI legalized medical marijuana six years ago and still have nothing. MA has ZERO pot for medicine shops in either Boston or Worcester. I want to slap people sometimes for their rank stupidity. What part of this could save our economy by providing good jobs and much needs tax revenue are they not getting?

5)Michelle Leonhart- Speaking of stupid people, this head of the DEA may just take the cake. She publically admonished Obama when he said weed was less dangerous than alcohol, then proceeded to put out every single bit of reefer madness-like nonsense she could find. When she said publically there was "no evidence that weed has medicinal value," means she either can't read or is bought and paid for by corporations that do not want legal weed, like tobacco, beer and, especially, Big Pharma. I can give her hundreds of peer reviewed studies that decimate her objections. Lately, she is floundering with people that would normally support her. At a recent conference of national Sheriffs, she was booed off the stage when asked about pot, to which she replied absolute nonsense, that even cops didn't buy it. She got a standing ovation when she left, simply for leaving. 42,500 signed a petition afterward demanding her resignation. Ouch. Even worse, the DEA confiscated 250 pounds of hemp seed from a Kentucky business, leading Mitch McConnell to rebuke her on the Congress floor. So cops and Republicans think she is an idiot; yet another leftover from the Bush administration that is screwing us long after he has left office.

6)Sirius radio- This week the struggling paid radio format may have been dealt a death blow when they fired popular radio host Anthony Cumia, of the Opie and Anthony show, for a tweet about being attacked by a black woman. Nevermind the fact that nothing he said was racist or on the air, they got their panties in a bunch before anyone said boo about it, and fired him. The end result was a drop in their stock of 2% the next day, the cancellation on 16,000 subscribers (at a cost of $3 million dollars) and a boycott of Sirius advertisers that almost 70,000 signed in support and may have led to the Dow dropping on Monday. Cumia has vowed never to return and will instead do a paid for podcast, the new age of radio. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot guys. You better hope Howard Stern doesn't retire any time soon, like 2015 when his contract expires. If he does, you're eight track tapes.

7)Sarah Palin- This waste of space recently blamed Obama for the border crisis, conveniently ignoring the fact that almost all of this lies at the feet of Bush and the current GOP congress. But the piece de resistance is her call for Obama's impeachment over this and declaring that any Republican that doesn't advocate this will not get her support in 2016. Yeah, that'll work. If I were running on the GOP ticket, I would want her and the other crazies from the right far, far from me. This woman is stupid. Face it right wingers.

8)Britany Spears- This woman is incredibly hot. It is the ONLY reason she ever got signed because she can't sing, dance or act. A new leaked video of her in the recording studio, minus auto-tune, demonstrated how off-key she is. Horrific as a matter of fact. Studio heads came to her defense, saying she was "warming up," but the damage had already been done. This is one act that needs to go away and she can take Justin Bieber with her.

9)Ronald Lee Haskell- This fat Louis CK look alike douchebag shot his estranged wife's sister and her entire family in Texas this week. His fifteen year old niece survived being shot and helped identify Haskell before he could kill anymore family members. The problem here is how did this fat fuck get a gun in the first place? He had a history of violence, restraining orders and other factor that should have made him ineligible. But thanks to places like Texas and the NRA, loopholes exist to further allow numnuts to get their hands on things they shouldn't. I am not for a lot of gun control but keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill shouldn't be controversial.

10)Hamas- I am sick and tired about hearing about the Israeli "occupation," and those poor Palestinians. Yes, Israel has stepped up attacks on Hamas, and with good reason, and most of the land gains are done for security reasons. But, let's be fair and acknowledge that in previous peace deals, most of that would have been given back. But every single peace deal has been scuttled by the Muslims not budging an inch on any of their demands. Yassir Arafat was given 90% of what he wanted and he still turned it down. It's like dealing with the GOP. Unless they get everything, they won't be happy and they are willing to demonize the other side as unwilling to negotiate. Hamas killed three innocent teens, which everyone seems to have forgotten, which led to all of this. Hamas is firing rockets from public places, so civilian casualties are a certainty, into public places across the  border (a double war crime as well), while the Israelis have done everything to alleviate civilian deaths, yet they are somehow still the bad guys. Hamas is a terrorist organization people. They are not our friends. Israel is. Stop aiding and abetting the enemy. If the Palestinians really want peace, elect people who are for peace. Only then, will the blood shed stop.

11)John Boehner and the GOP- I have seen it all now. This week, Tom Coburn, John McCain and John Boehner made complete asses of themselves that no reasonable person could stomach. All three had the gaul to make Obama the only person to blame for the border crisis, even though he has publically done everything a President can do to fix things only to have the GOP throw it back into his face. The only thing they can ask is why he hasn't put out the National Guard, which was done for purely political purposes, but that's it. He asked Congress for more money for judges, facilities and border guards. Boehner refused to bring it up for a vote, even though there are more than enough votes to pass it. WHAT A DICK! And then to stand up in front of the American people and blame Obama for everything is just too much. Obama has said he cannot deport these kids back due to a law Bush signed in 2008, which the GOP happily supported. Obama has said he will repeal the law if it ever gets to his desk but Congress, specifically the House, has done nothing so far. Yet it is all Obama's fault. Coburn, during hearings, actually asked why the president wasn't doing anything and then complained about the bill in front of him daring to ask money to fix it. So you want the problem fixed but want to spend nothing on it? That epitomes the GOP in a nutshell right now. So congratulation John Boehner and the rest of the GOP for the buffoons they are. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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  1. The GOP would rather see the US go down in flames than do anything the president suggests. They're idiots. Racist idiots.