Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have been saying for months now that one miscalculation from any group and the whole world could go boom. With the kidnapping and deaths of three Israeli teens and the retaliatory killing of a Palestinian teen has lit this tinderbox ablaze again. We can only hope that cooler heads prevail and these attacks stop, but in today's ultra-violent mentality that may not be possible anymore.

People are pissed, and rightfully so. Religion has led us down a dark path, all religions by the way, not just the Muslims, and it has to end. If it doesn't, the world will. There is no other way at this point. I believe in God, just not the one all major religions seem to worship, who from all appearances, seems to be a schizophrenic, jealous douchebag who's demise has been a long time coming. There is a reason we don't still worship Zeus and Apollo. We grew up, got wise and shed away our security blanket. It's time to drag the rest of the population into the light of reason because otherwise, we can kiss our collective asses goodbye.

Israel is talking about a major offensive, as Hamas will never be a partner for peace as long as they consider Israel a target for destruction. You cannot make peace with people who want you dead. And that fact may lead to the next major war of us versus the Muslims. I am not advocating this, nor even want it. But current situations are leading to a troubling truth: Can we live in peace with the Muslim people or is it going to be all or nothing? If it's the later, a billion people are going to die in the next war, most of them from the Middle East. It's not to late to end this cycle of violence, but people are going to have to man up and face them. It's time for mankind to stand up and say in one loud voice: "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore." And some of you, myself included, may die because of this stance. The alternate is to stay quiet, do nothing, and watch the world end. Your choice world.

The entire Middle East is spinning out of control, and the rest of the world is right behind it. This country is facing a Depression the likes of which we have never seen and may in fact be unrecoverable. A recent article from the AP said that business leaders are in a tizzy over Republican stonewalling on the Transportation bill, which much like the government shut down, could cost them hundreds of millions and tens of thousand of jobs. This is leading many to speculate that 2014 may lead to a windfall for democrats as Big Business flees the GOP to a party that may cost them more in taxes down the road, but won't kill their profits to zero like the Tea Party crazies are demanding by, ironically, trying to save corporations trillions in taxes. The problem is, that bill has no chance of passing and is just delaying the inevitable. In the meantime, business stands to lose a lot because of this bill stalling and democrats couldn't be happier because of it.

Free speech is under attack by the PC police who lost control of an already dicey situation. I understand when you use racial or anti-gay speech, censuring is going to happen, but we have swung the pendulum so far the other way than any comment not liked by the powers that be will get you fired now. Think Sandy Hook was a hoax? Well you may be an idiot but you are entitled to your opinion. But this has led to two firings so far. Atheist? Fired. Global Warming denier? Fired. This is too much. And it is getting worse.

This week, Sirius radio, already struggling in a rapidly changing field, fired Anthony Cumia, of the popular Opie and Anthony show was fired this week for tweeting about an encounter he had with a young black woman who violently attacked him. Yes, he was the victim, never said anything really racist like "Nigger" or the equivalent, but did call her a cunt and a "savage violent animal preying on white people," which is true. Black on white violence is ten times higher than the reverse, although the MSM only reports the minority white on black violence that rarely happens. Black people can be every bit as racist as white people. Deal with it.

The problem now is, tens of thousands have cancelled their subscription, their stock fell 2% the other day, and boycotts of major advertisers are occurring, including GM and McDonalds. Sirius stands to lose $3 million from this fiasco, and even worse, Anthony has all but spit on a return. What Opie will do is anyone's guess, but I doubt his show will continue much longer. Anthony is now going to do a paid podcast which will probably sell quite well. Sirius meanwhile better hope Howard Stern doesn't retire anytime soon because that will be the end of Sirius radio.

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