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Sorry for the late posting but the Warmonger needs some time off too. Instead of obsessing over Orange Hitler and the Korean midget, I went to the zoo with my niece and nephew and yesterday I had to go shopping for a pair of headphones, my third pair this year. Why can no one make anything that doesn't break two seconds after you buy it anymore? I have a VCR that has to be over fifteen years old and it still works fine. Meanwhile, my discarded DVD players are piling up in the need to throw out pile.
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While I was out and about, Trump stomped his feet and crossed his arms, trying to look ever so serious as he threatened Korea with annihilation. Kim in turn threatened us right back, even bringing Guam into the action by saying he will hit them first, which also houses a huge military base for the US. China has told Korea if they attack first, China will be sitting this one out. However, if we attack first, they could get involved. This leaves us in quite a pickle because to be honest the best case scenario is a first strike attack that levels the entire nation to dust. Even this scenario is still going to kill hundreds of thousands who are not North Korean when their subs let loose a hellfire of missiles. It is also the only way in which hundreds of millions don't die so there is that.

I have been reading about/talking with military experts and when they tell me they are more scared than at any point since the Cuban Missile crisis and you can see why I am worried. Even worse, almost all of these so called experts say diplomacy is the only route, pathologically unaware that that avenue is in all likelihood, closed. So if diplomacy is dead, what are we left with? Nothing but bad decisions.
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This is a prime example of how a president from decades ago can do something that affects us today. We are still reeling from the disastrous presidencies of people like Wilson, Truman, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama and now Trump. All did somethings so monumentally stupid that we are now in the boat we are in. Most of them kicked the Korean War can down the road until we ran of it. Now we face WW3 and perhaps the end of everything. Thanks for those pacifistic ideas that not killing people is better than winning a war and now you see why ending a conflict once and for all instead of letting it drag on and on, a world wide specialty since WW2, is not a great idea.

There are NO rules in war, regardless of the bullshit we have been fed. It was those exact same rigidity to rules that led to the fall of the British Empire who could not adapt to new ways of warfare here in the colonies, thus why we won, Now we hamstrung ourselves with those same idiotic rules, now called the Geneva Convention, otherwise known as how to lose any war in ten easy steps. It is also telling that no one but Western countries even seem to follow this while the rest of the world ignores it with zero consequences. We fight every war with one hand tied behind our back and blindfolded while the enemy runs over us. Wiping a country from the Earth is not a war crime. It is how to ensure peace. If there is no enemy anymore, it makes it real hard for them to fight back, not to mention the psychological reason of seeing someone annihilate another tends to make people not want to fight you anymore. Look at conquerors like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. They took over half the planet and actually brought peace for hundreds of years to the region because no one wants to fight someone that will burn your village to the ground. In turn, these people actually did better than if they hadn't been conquered in the first place, benefiting from the empires whose wealth and security made their lives better.
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Now because we refused to take that into account we are still technically at war with North Korea, every president since Truman has ignored the threat, leading later generations to worry about it with greater and greater consequences. Now we face this fact: it is unlikely Kim will give up nukes, seeing what we did to Iraq and Libya. The US cannot and will not live with a nuclear armed Kim. Thus war is inevitable. And because of this, there are only a few scenarios which are likley to play out.

As China has told us what they would do, the best case scenario here would be a false flag operation. A North Korea missile could be fired from sea, at least that is what it would look like and have it hit downtown Seoul or Tokyo with a death toll in the tens of thousands. The US would respond with overwhelming force, blaming the North Koreans for starting the war and keeping China and WW3 at bay. If this happens, it is probably the only way to not end the planet. Will this happen? Possibly not as Trump is not the brightest bulb and he seems more like the hammer/nail kind of guy which if applied here could end us all. If we go for a first strike without provocation AND do the kind of idiotic attack they keep talking about (limited strikes), this world will burn and us with it.

The only option is all out war if we go that route. ANY attack, no matter how small will be dealt with as if their very survival is at stake. I keep reading from morons who are allegedly experts on this, harp over and over that a limited strike could work, somehow unaware that any attack will be seen as an existential threat and they will launch everything they have at everyone. There is no limited strike option here. Again, it is all or nothing. Diplomacy is their other go to, knowing full well that Bush fucked that up when North Korea made peace gestures which the administration fully ignored. Considering the Republicans have helped kill any peace deals with them, this is hardly surprising. Trump has an equal hard on for dumping the Iran deal, even though they have been in compliance with the treaty, but said he wants out as early as yesterday.

Then there is Kim's mental state. I keep hearing he is sane and stable from everyone. What gives anyone that idea? Do people think that all crazy people run down the street naked smearing peanut butter on themselves? Kim has all the hallmarks of a dangerously unstable personality that may not do so well with reason or not being self destructive. I've watched sane, smart people make the same dumb mistake over and over and cannot figure out why. It's because some people, deep down, want to fail and will do everything that they can to do just that, without even realizing it. Kim may think himself a god, has shown a desire and ability to kill family members for no apparent reason other than paranoia, and may accidentally start a war he cannot win. There are countless stories throughout history of people making such idiotic decisions that millions died because of it. As we have not one, but two idiots in charge of nukes and a powerful military, I cannot stress how screwed we really are.

Here at home, we have another form of stupidity and that is the rapidly devolving species known as Republicans. These assholes are setting the stage for a Civil War with their asinine anti-American desires front and center. A recent poll said that 52% of Republicans felt Trump should suspend the elections in 2020 if he feels like it, 56% if Congress approves of it to.The polls also said that around 47% believe he won the popular vote (he didn't) and 68% think millions of illegals voted. Hitler's big lie proves true once again. People need to fucking read a book once in a while.
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The fact of the matter is we have a public too dumb to know anything and a world ready for war. We are not prepared for the level of death and destruction coming our way. There are ways we could lower the death toll but chances are good they won't be used. So now we face the end of the world and WW3. I really would have liked to finish my next book. Maybe in my next life. Smoke em if you got em. The end appears soon. You voted for this America. So sit back and wait to glow in the dark. If nothing else, the Apocalypse will be televised. It will be the last thing most of us ever see.

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