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Man there are some dumb people in this world. It was bad enough when I had to deal with the religious right and their continuous stream of nonsense but now the left has gone bonkers too with some of the stupidest decision making possible. Let's not forget the worthless Democratic party as well who seem utterly incapable of addressing the problems they have in ignoring their base while simultaneously putting out one stupid slogan after another. I used to be in advertising and marketing and even I cannot fathom who in the bloody hell is doing the messaging there. If they are a professional group, I would like to know who so I can tell other businesses to avoid them like the plague. The latest fiasco has them with some long winded slogan that I cannot even remember to put on this page. Better Jobs, Better Pizza, Better Message, or something like that. You know what I do remember? Make America Great Again. Trump may be a giant douchebag but at least he knows how to write a slogan. The democrats are peeing in the wind. Again.
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I also just read something so heinous that if I ever meet anyone doing this it will take every ounce of effort not to kill them where they stand. Apparently, the vaccine causes autism bullshit (there is still no solid scientific evidence for this) has led some utter morons to decide that maybe they shouldn't vaccinate their pets either. First off, no one has ever diagnosed autism in pets. And even if they did, how would you know? Pets NEED vaccines to stay alive, even more so than humans, and not vaccinating your pet is a)illegal, b)dangerous for you and your pet and c)proof that you shouldn't ever have pets OR kids. Anyone doing this should be beaten for a day and a half at least. If anyone is aware of this trend in someone you know, contact the authorities unless a rabies outbreak sounds like a good time for you.

The left is going off the deep end with safe spaces, trigger words and other bullshit that is helping to get people like Trump elected. Until we back off from snowflake behavior, we are never going to win at anything ever again. We already have enough loonies on the right, so we don't need help from the far left too.
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Meanwhile, Trump is swirling the drain according to new reports out today. A major leak of his conversations with both the Mexican and Australian Presidents right after Trump won the election came out today and we knew from sources way back when (which let's face it seems like a million years ago) that things didn't go well. Transcripts show it was actually much, much worse. Trump begged the Mexican President to stop saying Mexico wouldn't pay for the wall, all but stating the claim was a falsehood said to gain votes. Just like Hitler. The conversation with Australia went even worse, actually telling him his conversation with Putin went much better and this was the worst ones yet. Once again, there's that Putin love.There was some sort of row between the two leaders over taking in Syrian refugees which Trump did not want. To be honest, I agree with him. I feel bad for these people but we have our own problems. When this country is firing on at least four cylinders we can go back to helping the world. As we seem to be coasting with no brakes, we might want to focus on our people first. Tell countries like Saudi Arabia to take some or face the consequences.

Seymour Hersh, a respected journalist, is saying the whole Russian thing is a hoax, and I would accept that, except Trump and company have done everything to prove the opposite. Innocent people don't act they way they are. Trump has lied and lied and lied some more about every aspect about this. He lies even when you don't need to. This is making our allies very nervous and is causing the planet to destabilize. I told people in no uncertain terms that voting for Trump was voting to end the world. It appears I was right.

Russia, Iran and North Korea are all pissed at sanctions, all of which actually deserved them. North Korea is self explanatory, Russia interfered with out election regardless of what Hersh and other are saying (if there is proof that the CIA is behind this show me, if not shut up) and Iran is testing missiles they are supposed to not be doing according to UN laws passed years back. Trump is not helping any of this as he is being perceived as super weak, all by his own hand. Because he lacks even a modicum of intelligence, his blundering and bluster is going to start a war, one that hundreds of millions may die in. Nuke races in the East Asia area is being talked about due to lack of faith in the US now and if one wants to start a war that will end all of mankind, giving more nukes to people is a great way to start.

The only good news is that Trump's numbers are falling in exact accordance to when I predicted they would which was six months to a year on office if nothing got done. So far they have exceeded that by tenfold, having produced absolutely nothing for eight months of trying. Worse, word is Mueller's team is finding hard evidence of Trump collusion and that recommendations for obstruction seems highly likely. Chances are good most of the higher ups at the FBI, including former head Comey are all going to say Trump obstructed justice and will provide such proof of just that. It will be hard to argue when dozens of FBI agents and their superiors all say Trump tried to cover up his involvement in Russia hacking. Whether that will be proven has yet to be seen but as always it is the cover up that snags people more than the crime itself. If these rumors are true, Trump is fucked. His numbers are sinking fast, with some polls having him barely above 30% for now. If he looks like he will take down the entire GOP next year, which is when this investigation will most likely conclude, and impeachment becomes a real threat by politicians looking to save their own hide. The democrats have seen a flood of people wanting to run for office which means uncontested races anywhere may be a problem and may require them to spend a lot more money in places they normally wouldn't. A wave election in 2018 looks more and more likely, only to be stopped if the democrats can't get their act together.
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If they want to win, run on single payer and legal weed and watch the votes pour in. They will win huge and one of the reasons why Ted Cruz may be vulnerable by a candidate running on those exact positions. Trump is falling fast in Texas and tying Cruz to Trump, the Cruz health care amendment that would ended health care for all, and actually positions that people want and the new guy could win. I plan on donating money to him when I can.

Contrary to what people with their head in the sand think, Trump is a sinking ship. Only an idiot would get on board now. It is only a matter of time before he goes under. I just hope it happens before he takes us all with him.

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