Thursday, October 22, 2015


It's Groundhog Day as the Republicans are going over the same old hat that the previous 17 investigations did. To quote Hillary "At this point, what difference does it make?" Four people died and the who is more important than the why, something no one seems to be talking about, especially the Republicans. This is pure theater and the equivalent of bad community ones at that. Let's see those runner ups in this abbreviated week.

10)Stephen Harper- The PM of Canada for the last ten years lost in a landslide to the liberal party and a 43 year old ex-drug addict and son of long time PM Pierre Trudeau. He looks more male model than politician but truth be told he has to be better than the idiot Harper whose policies have dragged Canada down. Canada, like Mexico, are now eyeing pot legalization, while this country drags it's feet. The UN recently cancelled a drug summit in which Richard Branson was to present his findings that drug decriminalization is the best way forward which rumor has the US squashed. Canada will progress further left with most likely far more positive results, hopefully some of which Idiot America will see works and vote for someone like Bernie Sanders. Bye Harper, you won't be missed.

9)Jeb Bush- After spending a small fortune in NH with continuous ads, which I fast forward though with gay abandon, Jeb Bush has increased his lead by zero percentage points in the state. Thankfully Carly Fiorina's numbers have also started to drop as the more people look into her past the less they like her. But Jeb is doing himself, and the party, no favors by trying to argue that Bush was NOT president during 9/11 and took office somehow the next day. Trump has brought this up to which Jeb demanded an apology even as they both take swipes at Hillary and Obama for Benghazi that was far less severe and even less predictable. I read the memo that Bush got in August of 2001 and it specifically said Osama Bin Laden was going to attack places like the World Trade Center. Not only did he do nothing to stop the attack, the measures he took actually made things worse. Fuck off, Jeb, to you and your entire family. Even the Republicans do not want you as President and who can blame them.

8)Star Wars bigots- Being the sci-fi nerd I am, I can hardly wait for the new Star Wars movie. I grew up with the original three and vomited through the next three. Now that hack extraordinaire George Lucas is out of the picture (he is a terrible director/writer and a brilliant producer) and JJ Abrams at the helm, it is going to be awesome. Some out there after seeing the trailers have posted racist comments about the black storm-trooper and some idiocy about the film promoting white genocide. I must have missed that cut because I don't see any of that. Just because clones were used before as storm-troopers doesn't mean they continued with that after the fall of the Empire. I told you, I am a geek. As for the whole genocide thing, that's just stupid. I saw a guy buy a hundred and forty dollars in Star Wars tickets went I went to see the Martian (A must see) and don't blame him one bit. This movie is going to make more money than any picture in history.

7)Jim Webb- The first democrat to drop out, Webb complained about everything from the last debate, including why he didn't get more air time. To be honest, he shouldn't have been included at all as his poll numbers were terrible. Human bobble head, Lincoln Chaffee will be joining him soon. Webb announced he may seek an independent bid, which after I stopped laughing, realized that he would suck more GOP votes than democrat so I whole heartedly endourse this idea. Please run. Please.

6)Ahmed Mohamed- The boy who "made" a clock has decided that American schools are not good enough for him so he has decided to move to Qatar and get a full scholarship from them instead. Because nothing says success like a degree from Qatar University. Let me get this straight, you took apart a clock, put it back together without the casing, got in trouble, had scholarship offers from the best schools on Earth like Cal-Tec and MIT and you decided Qatar was the way to go? This family is either stupid or religiously delusional. No matter how bad this country is, a degree from MIT is a sure fire way to career success. Qatar is not.

5)Wealth therapists- Some psychiatrists are now becoming wealth therapists because apparently having tons of money is "traumatic." If they hate it so much, give it to me and trust me I won't have these issues. While it is true that having money makes you suspicious of everyone around you as you wonder do they like me or my money, that is a minor concern than say having no money and no food to eat. Some have compared their "plight" to black people and struggles in the inner city which is racist and stupid all at the same time. Rich people suck.

4)Glen Allen High school- In what can only be described as rampant stupidity, during a recent football game the most racist song imaginable was played over the loudspeakers to a Virginia school that is predominately black. Even stranger was the fact that the student who played the song was black. Are black people actually listening to songs that degrades them? WTF? The song contained lyrics saying black people are lazy and steal everything not nailed down, using the word nigger over and over, to the tune of Duck Tails. And a black person was listening to it on his I-pod which he accidentally downloaded into the PA system. I don't know where to begin with that. Then just yesterday, they had a bomb threat, which as always the 14 year old student was arrested two second later. NO bomb was found. This school has issues.

3)Tony Torrez- This piece of shit better like prison because he is actions all be guaranteed a life in hell for they rest of his sorry existence. After driving like a moron on a New Mexico highway he cut off a car who probably gave him the finger and said some choice words. His response was to get out his gun, fire it into the car next to him, killing an innocent four year old girl. This 32 year old dick should be executed by fire ants on his crotch for his idiocy but as NM has no death penalty he can look forward to life in prison in the worst prison imaginable, with people who HATE child killers. To be honest, that is infinitely worse. Hot in hell scumbag.

2)Syrian Refugees- Speaking of hell, you have to both feel bad and not for the refugees escaping war torn areas. The kids, women and elderly I feel for. The men can go fuck themselves for running away like the pussies they are. Many are complaining about the fact that life sucks out of Syria too. Welcome to the real world idiots. The grass is greener only for the rich while the rest of us starve. The refugees have been leaving a trail of garbage behind, even in places they have been given to live. Rapes by these foreigners have also increased and covered up by a complicit media. Worst of all, far right groups are increasing in popularity again, like Trump and his tirades against illegal immigrants. All of this is what Hitler, Mussolini and others have done. The rise of another anti-christ is not so far fetched as Merkel's number fall, attacks on refugees and the public continue and this could boil over fast.

1)Republicans and Benghazi- So what have we learned that is new and not some rehash from the previous zillion investigations you ask? Nothing, except that this has been a partisan attack from several sources. Two congressmen and a former staffer have all alleged this was a witch hunt from day one, which it is. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND NEITHER DOES MOST OF AMERICA. And how come no one is talking about the fact that Republicans cut funding for security for embassies which directly led to tragedies like this? Even if the Obama administration spun the news their way, everyone in Washington does this including Republicans. And why does Bush get a pass for the far worse 9/11 and Obama and Hillary are the devil for four dead? This is a GOP only thing and even most of them think this is idiotic. Trey Gowdy has been every bit as embarrassing as Darryl Issa was when he ran the committee. Even worse, he accidentally outed a spy which is far worse than the whole Benghazi "scandal." There is nothing here except a lame attempt to hurt Hillary. I while I may not like her at all, she has more support here because this is idiocy. The fact that we have spent so much time and money on this while the country continues to fall apart says a lot about what the Republicans will be like if they ever gain true power again. Somehow we have forgotten that the last time they did, they ran this country into the ground and now want a second chance? Forget about that. Barring a miracle if Millennials show up in droves to vote for Bernie in the primaries, Hillary will be our next president. And she will remember all who slammed her for partisan reasons. So congratulations Republicans and Trey Gowdy you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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