Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I swear we are getting dumber and dumber. This week has been no exception with Jeb getting caught red handed with a plant, Playboy deciding they no longer want a magazine and Joe Biden pissing us all off with his "will he or won't he" decision making that is making those of us who write about politics mental. Is common sense dead because it certainly looks that way?

Let's start with Playboy who have announced they will no longer have fully naked women in their magazine. Yeah, that will increase circulation. They are doing this to increase distribution as more people will now carry it. However, from reading the comments about this on the Internet, the actually response seems to be "Blow me!" Many people are not happy with this, especially as the magazine has been on a downward slide for some time now. I have been getting the magazine for some time and have noticed that like Maxim, which I also got rid of last year, the quality of both the women in the pictures and the stories that are being written are not that great. I get better info and hotter women off the Internet so why bother with a dying rag. I, like many, will not be renewing my subscription when it comes up for renewal next year. This may be the death knell of a once groundbreaking magazine.

Tonight's debate, which I will write about in great detail tomorrow, will be missing Joe Biden as he can't seem to commit one way or another. Now word comes that he may wait until late November to announce. That's great, if you want lose badly. To be honest, it is already probably too late to mount much of a campaign, as the amount of money he will need to raise will be piddly compared to that of Sanders and Hillary. This is horrific news for the democrats who seem to want to lose by nominating Hillary, a candidate that may not be able to win a general election. Her persona is toxic and way too many people see her accurately as a flip flopping corporatist who will continue the same policies that every President since 1980 has championed. Obama told us one thing and did another the minute he got into office. Who honestly thinks Hillary will be any different? I can tell you this, if Trump becomes the nominee, and Hillary is gets the other nod, I am not voting for her. However, just about any other match-up will force me to vote for that demon even if I am unsure anyone else will follow my lead. A recent Fox news poll ( I know to take that with a grain of salt) said she loses versus just about any Republican front runner. I find it impossible that Fiorina would win but considering how dumb this world has become, I also can't rule it out. That witch is still the worst person running ever. If we get Hillary versus Fiorina, I may have to leave the country and perhaps the planet.

Jeb Bush got caught red handed using a plant against Trump at a recent rally. Lauren Bachelder recently asked Trump about his stance on abortion and women's pay. He responded that he believes women should get paid the same as men and he is pro-life. CNN immediately ran with this story, forgetting that as a "news" orginization, maybe they should have looked deeper into Bachelder's background instead of instantly going off about a war on women.

Turns out Bachelder is no liberal wallflower, but a paid staffer of Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and works on Jeb Bush's campaign for President. Dumbass tried to scrub her Internet profile, not knowing that nothing can be gotten rid of on the Internet. It's like herpes, once you have it, you have it forever. So all that crap about her body and equal pay was nothing more than a sham that CNN got snagged promoting falsely. Considering tonight's debate is on CNN and Anderson Cooper is a Hillary shill, I expect more of the same. I remember how Fox tried to get rid of Trump and ask softball questions to the rest, with less than stellar results. CNN better remember we are all not stupid. Just most of us I guess.

Meanwhile, Republicans have no replacement for John Boehner, as the idiot Freedom Caucus wants  a shift of power to deregulate the Speaker position, giving the minority even more power. Just what we need is a Parliamentary system where a renegade few can throw wrenches into everything. That will solve everything, said no one. Paul Ryan hasn't even said anything close to a yes and he is already being thrown under the bus. This job is a loser for anyone who wants to see their career end. If Republicans cannot decide among themselves, what hope do they have to fix this country?

Lastly, we found out that the Malaysian aircraft shot down over Ukraine was shot indeed shot down by a Russian missile in rebel controlled territory, effectively negating the nonsense conspiracy theories about the Ukrainians shooting it down to frame the rebels. There are way too many idiot conspiracies, like Sandy Hook didn't happen, we never went to the moon or 9/11 used holograms. We are becoming dumber and dumber and the fact that Hillary still leads the democrats or that Fiorina and Carson are still near the top of the pact prove this axiom. God help us if the American people don't wise up stat.

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