Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Joe Biden has finally thrown in the towel, correctly realizing that his time to announce his presidency has come and gone. There was no way he could mount a serious campaign, meaning as much as I would love to see Bernie Sanders in office, the sad reality is that odds are stacked in Hillary's favor not only being the nominee, but our eventual president. Yuck!

Jim Webb could have used a dose of that reality when he suspended his democratic bid but strongly suggested that an independent run was not out of the question. Considering he is polling at about 1%, nobody cares. Oddly enough, he is more likely to siphon votes away from moderate Republicans that any Democrats so go ahead and run you lunatic.

Recent polls have Trump way ahead, Clinton rising depending on the poll and most of the others dead on arrival. The biggest falls have been from one time sure thing Jeb Bush who seems stuck in neutral, Chris Christie who's numbers are plummeting, and, thank God, Carla Fiorina who has fallen back into single digits because she is quite simply the worst person running for president. Apparently, the more people found about this psycho, the more they disliked her. Good.

Barring some miracle, Hillary will be our next president it appears. Whee.

On the gun front, there is some serious data coming out that strongly suggests that while I still support having no gun bans, including everything up to bazookas, perhaps some people who have guns shouldn't, and perhaps wouldn't if we had some common sense gun laws. This week, a man in Florida went on trial for a road rage incident in which an unarmed guy was shot. What a pussy. Worse, in New Mexico, a four year old was shot in another case of road rage. When they find they suspect, he should be given the death penalty and not in a hundred years but two seconds after the guilty verdict is read. Thus the problem with our gun laws: they are way too lax when it comes to punishment.

Take this stat which I find horrifying in its own right: every week a toddler shoots or is shot by an unlocked away gun. This year there have been 43 cases of such incidents which is far too many. If you have children and keep your gun in an unlocked area, you should go to prison for being an idiot. In this state of MA, and only this state, it is law that all guns be kept locked away, something I have no problem with, especially if they have children. I have lots of friends with guns and kids and they are all responsible enough to do just that. Not one of them has ever had an accidental shooting.

This is from

The most recent fatal toddler shooting appears to have occurred in August, when police say a 21-month-old toddler in the St. Louis area found a handgun at his grandmother's house and accidentally shot himself in the torso. The child was taken by his mother to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A week earlier, police in Alabama said a 2-year-old accidentally shot his father in the head and killed him after the boy's mother had left work. She returned home and discovered her husband dead in their Hoover, Ala., apartment.

“‘Horrible tragedy’ is as close as I can come to putting words to it,” Hoover Police Capt. Gregg Rector told the Washington Post. “You think you’ve seen everything in this line of work and then something like this happens.”

But cases like it are not uncommon, the Post found. There were at least 12 cases in which a toddler shot someone else this year, the Post found, including two that resulted in death. In April, police in Cleveland said a 3-year-old boy shot his 1-year-old brother in the head and killed him.

None of that should have ever happened. When did we become such a stupid people. Democrats for some inane reason think Hillary won't be just further continuations of policies that haven't worked for decades. Minorities, who may be the dumbest humans on Earth at this point, are flocking to Hillary who has all be assured that the drug war will continue thus keeping large populations of Hispanic and black people on jail. Who votes to keep themselves in prison? Meanwhile, Sanders has promised to actually stop locking away these same people and they thumb their nose at him. You guys are going to be mighty unhappy come 2017 and the status quo continues.

But there is the possibility of a seismic change in 2016 should Republicans ever go through with their threat to shut down the government, a prospect the Democrats are only too happy to exploit. Paul Ryan has said he will run for speaker if he gets total support. Harry Reid said he'd love for Ryan to be Speaker, which of course may damn his chances. It also isn't helped by the fact that the Freedom Caucus is still trying to figure out a way to power even though they are a minority in their own party suggesting strongly they don't know how to count. They certainly do not know how to govern.
Should the government shut down, right before Christmas, and things like Social Security and food stamps stop at the same time, you can bet money on riots, intense anger towards Republicans and, most likely, assassination attempts at those that caused it. When people lose the ability to eat or pay rent, right before the Holidays which will impact Christmas spending as well, everyone is going to lose their minds. Retailers will have a fit when they lose billions in much needed revenue. Banks will have a fit as stocks implode. America will starve. And everyone will remember that come 2016 which could lead to a mass exodus of Republican donors and votes. It would be the worst outcome the GOP could do, as they could lose in the strongest regions. Go ahead Republicans, shut the government down. But prepare to get bullet proof vests and extra security when a well armed, full of rage and not very bright public blames you for the economy sinking into the Earth.

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