Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is the most fucked up election campaign I have ever seen. Trump continues to dominate in the latest polls, which in any other time would have been beyond odd, his opponents keep shooting at themselves with wild abandon and no one seems to notice that 99% of the people in Congress and running for President seem to be mentally challenged. What the hell is going on?
Fresh of his epic gaffe, Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from contention for the Speaker position, leaving the post wide open. This leaves no clear front runner, not to mention few who will have the clout to get 218 votes. Sorry Jason Chaffetz but that means you get to sit your idiot ass back down. No way does he get the necessary votes nor does Daniel Webster, another long shot, unless the devil somehow gets involved and by that I mean Dick Cheney.

On top of this uncertainty, the debt ceiling looms again as, like the budget, we get short term fixes and kick the can down the road mentality. After November 5th, we will default on our loans and will run out of money to pay Social Security, our troops and all Federal workers. This will affect over half of the country, during an election cycle, for which the Republicans will be blamed, perhaps violently at. Then on Dec 11th, the budget talks happen again, which this time may result in a government shutdown (perhaps either from a continuing crisis from the November 5th fiasco in waiting or from a second shutdown entirely) and the cessation of food stamps right near the holidays, as well as those same people from above not getting paid.

So how do our Republican candidates feel about this? Some like Ted Cruz are all for this, blissfully unaware that his life may rest in the balance if an angry mob decides to go after him like the French did with their executives talking about layoffs. Imagine how mad people who can't afford food are going to be. This is a riot waiting to happen and how revolutions start. They are playing with fire, almost literally.
Ben Carson said he would not sign a budget that wasn't balanced, somehow unaware, like most Republicans, that the debt ceiling is to pay for debt already incurred, mostly from Bush era tax cuts and an unpaid for war. But to them it that danged Obama's fault, which it really wasn't. There are a lot of things I do NOT like about Obama lately, like the fascist TPP takeover, but the reason we are so far in debt has everything to do with crap economic policies the Republicans keep doing and failing at. Every single time they block any meaningful legislation, as they just did to another good jobs program just this week. The GOP is corporate greed personified and some of you idiots out there need to see that. Not that most democrats are much better mind you.

Take Hillary this week. After considerable thought and research, and in no way indicative of the polls of Bernie Sanders, Clinton reversed herself this week and came out against the TPP. Boy, just like her fucking husband who once said pot should be legal, it's too bad she was never in a position of power to do anything about it, which she of course was, and helped steer this crap bill forward 45 times. But now the polls say people HATE the TPP on both sides of the aisle (which is why Trump has been smart in opposing it), so Captain Flip-Floppy strikes again just like her position on gay marriage and the Keystone Pipeline. This is the exact reason I loathe this woman. She has no real positions on anything other than what the polls tell her to think. And if she gets into office, I expect her to be just like Obama and watch those campaign promise based on smoke and fog wisp away. It doesn't help the Biden is also a TPP supporter, which is hardly a surprise. Bernie, however, has always been against this for solid reasons which is why for the democrats he is the only choice we should be making for our next President. At least he preaches the same dogma for decades, has ideas that could actually work and isn't either a corporate monster or a soulless politician.

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