Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Regular readers know that while I think cops have a tough job and not all are bad, there are way too many who shouldn't be on the force. The worst are those killing people and pets with little to no justification and then defending their actions. On the flip side, we are also seeing people giving cops lip when they really shouldn't, especially as doing so can be a death sentence if you come across the wrong officer.

The latest video shows a cop dragging a 17 year old black girl out of a classroom. On this one, I have mixed feelings. Yes, the actions seem a little harsh, but at the same time this is a girl who refused to do as she was told multiple times by two different people of authority. The teacher asked her to put her phone away which she flatly said no to. When she was asked to leave the classroom, she again said no way. The cop stationed in the school then arrived, asked her to leave and she ignored him too. So what exactly should a cop do at this time to a student begging to be dragged from the classroom? It's not like he can just give up and leave. And why are so many people giving the police attitude when the end result is going to be an arrest and a possible beating? Here is a time line of what this idiot girl did:

1.) Girl is disruptive in class. Teacher asks her to stop. Girl refuses.
2.) Teacher asks girl to leaves class. Girl refuses.
3.) Teacher calls down to the office, again asking girl to leave. Girl refuses.
4.) Office sends up “officer” who again asks girl to come with him. Girl refuses.
5.) Officer then tells girl that she needs to leave, or she will be forcefully removed. Girl refuses.
6.) Officer grabs girl to remove her from desk. She punches the officer and attempts to kick free, flipping her own desk.
7.) Officer drags her from the desk repeatedly asking her to put her hands behind her back. She continually refuses.

First off, race has nothing to do with this story. And secondly, I do not see anything inappropriate here. If she had done what she was told, this never would have happened. Acting like an idiot however will get you in trouble. Disrespect in never a good idea here.

Recently, this happened to a young white guy who was pulled over for a crappy reason (he flashed his brights at a cop who had his brights on), but then went on to refuse to give the cop his ID, get out of the car when asked and when pulled from the car, beat the cop up pretty good as hospital photos show. The cop used a taser first, and when that didn't work, shot him, which like the story above, got everyone's panties in a bunch as the kid died. If he had complied like he asked, he'd still be alive. The same goes for people like Sandra Bland and the girl in the classroom who wouldn't have been dragged away if they just done what they were told without the attitude.

Anyone pulled over should be polite, say no sir and yes sir and do whatever the officer asks within reason. Telling the cop to Fuck off is a sure fire way to get a ticket or worse. Why create a hassle when you don't need one? And contrary to popular belief, other races than just black are getting the same treatment.

But cops are not immune to stupidity. The NYPD wants the city to boycott Quentin Tarintino films from now on because he dared to join a protest against out of control cops beating the crap out of innocent people. There is such a thing as free speech guys. Look into it. Tarintino has every right to march for this and you guys have to accept the fact that there are too many videos lately of cops behaving badly, especially in NYC where shooting innocent bystanders has become a joke of sorts.

The worst excuse was made by several police leaders who blame modern music and cell phone videos for the rise in attacks against police. Blaming people taking videos for bad behavior by the police is a stretch, although some can be taken out of context, thus the need for cop cameras on everyone riding a beat (no one walks anymore which should be examined as a problem in and of itself and might explain why a lot of cops look like Homer Simpson). I will admit modern music is pretty crappy, overly sexually and violently explicit, but I grew up in the age of songs like "Cop Killer," so I doubt it has more than a passing effect. The videos, like the one of the girl being dragged away from her classroom though is a prime example of not showing the whole story as this girl was belligerent to a T, and I believe, deserved to be dragged from the room. If you are not going to follow the commands of your superiors, maybe you deserve a good beating. Today's kids are spoiled rotten, are super sensitive and seem to lack basic common sense. This does not bode well for our future.

Cops are people and will make stupid mistakes from time to time. The problem is they never seem to get any discipline for their actions by a police force determined to cover it up, making them no better than a whiny generation of entitled children. What we need is total transparency from a police force that a good portion of this country has given up on. We need people to not act like idiots around then, basically asking cops to please shoot them. And mostly, we need some form of civility back in a country that has none.

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