Wednesday, October 14, 2015


If you read the columns in most major publications, Hillary was the clear winner. If you watched the debate however, you realize that Bernie walked away with it. Below is a condensed version of everything that happened.

Hillary- I want to be President.

Bernie- I want to save America.

O'Malley- Aren't we behaving civilly?

Webb- I once killed a man with a spoon.

Chaffee- Has anyone seen my barbershop quarter?

Hillary- I am against everything I was once for or vice versa and will most likely flip flop back once I become your God, I mean leader.

Bernie- Wall Street is sucking this country dry.

O'Malley- Baltimore is better than it was once right?

Webb- Elect me President and I destroy our enemies, our friends and probably everyone else.

Chaffee- When I vote, I have no idea what I am doing.

Hillary- It's my turn already to be President. Come on guys, this country really needs a woman president and by that I mean me.

Bernie- I will legalize weed, tax the rich, protect gun rights and do other common sense things.

Webb- This is the Republican debate right?

O'Malley- I am just glad I am not Webb or Chaffee.

Chaffee- Can I get a ride home? My car is in the shop.

That was in essence the entire debate. I will give it to Anderson Cooper for finally being the grown-up in the room and conducting an actual debate. That makes this the first debate in decades that actually accomplished this. And while some people bitched and moaned about the fact that Sanders took no pot shots as Hillary, he made his case without stooping to Republican whining and complaining that made the Republican debates interesting and factually void.

The clear winner was Bernie Sanders whose numbers I expect to see grow, particularly among young voters who, God help us all, are the only hope we have for 2016. If they show to vote, Bernie wins and maybe re-capture the House and Senate. As House Republicans still have plenty of time to shoot themselves in the foot with a government shutdown looming again and soon, this could have major repercussions for them in the next election. It should have last time but the Democrats gave up before even running and ran campaigns designed to lose. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is an embarrassment to the DNC and should have been fired for her disastrous leadership which led to their crushing defeat in 2014.

Hillary lost a lot of voters, echoed on comment sections, focus groups and young people when she came out against legal weed, keeping the Patriot Act, waffling on Wall Street reforms and her terrible answer on the Keystone Pipeline which was basically John Kerry-ish in saying she had no opinion on it until she did. This did not go over well with many and may cost her a lot down the road.

Many are going after Sanders on his pro-gun stance, somehow unaware that this a subject that will not play out well with anyone who is not way to the left on the subject. It cost Al Gore the election. It could cost Hillary the same.

Over twenty polls had Bernie as the clear winner. Most of the MSM proclaimed Hillary the clear winner. Yeah, no conflict of interest there. The MSM has been pushing for Hillary and Bush since day one, a match-up only they seem to want. Stop shilling guys. We're not that stupid.

Webb and Chaffee are all done. Webb did well with right wingers and Chaffee did well with no one. Webb seemed to lose his mind about China at one point even though the questions was about Syria and Chaffee fumbled hard when he said he voted to end Glass Steagal because he had no idea what was going on. These were very bad answers. These two need to quit stat.

O'Malley did okay, although he is unlikely to see much growth from this. Bernie should see his poll numbers grow and Hillary may falter a little, regardless of how the MSM media spins it. The biggest loser by far was Joe Biden who is all done now. By not being on the stage he has marginalized himself, most likely right out of contention. There is not going to be a lot of wiggle room between the two contenders Hillary and Bernie at this point and even less money to grab. His chances are over it would seem baring some miracle of God, like Hillary being indicted for something and lighting striking Bernie. Like O'Malley, he waited too long and now has little chance to win.

The big winners last night were the American people who may have seen a somewhat dull debate, but one filled with actual issues, real solutions and people who would be better Presidents than 99% of the Republican party. We will have to see how this all shakes up but I expect Sanders numbers to rise to become a real threat to Hillary. The media can tell us how wonderful she is all they want. Bernie is the real thing. Vote Sanders in 2015. It is your only choice.

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