Sunday, October 18, 2015


It has been a less than stellar week for MSM and the obvious propaganda they are spreading, effectively it would seem. This means that a sizable portion of this society is brain dead, gullible and easy manipulated and they are not just Republicans or the overly religious. The left has their fair share of idiots as well. There are columns starting to appear that say what this one has for years: we are living on borrowed time and society's decline appears to inevitable. It's when not if. Let's see those runner ups this week.
11)Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee- Time to go home guys. It's over. Webb is running for the wrong party and Chaffee has $30,000 raised so far. The next debate will most likely not have these two.

10)Abby Lee Miller- I HATE most reality shows. Deadliest Catch is the only show of this type that I enjoy with pretty much everything else unwatchable drek. Dance Moms, which I only know exist thank to Joel McHale and the Soup, seems a cruel show involving my most hated of people on them: children. I feel this is so exploitative and damaging to the youngest population and cannot watch under any circumstances, especially when the host is a bully. Karma was reared it's ugly head when this demon of a human was indicted for fraud for the audacity to declare bankruptcy even thought she was getting millions from the show. She is accused of hiding $755,000 in profits and making false claims about her income. She is actually facing 5 years in prison for this and huge fines. She got caught when a bankruptcy judge started watching her shows and became suspicious that she could possibly be that broke. Who would have thought that the fact her TV show is beamed into millions of homes world wide would be her downfall? Oh that's right, everyone. She even wrote emails telling others how to hide their money like her and thus keeping her out of jail. What a bitch. I sincerly hope she goes to prison where bigger, nastier women can bully her.

9)Playboy- It was revealed this week that Playboy would stop having nude women in their magazine. And they just went bankrupt. Yes, naked women are all over the net but it's not the same. Once upon a time this was a great magazine with hot woman and great articles. Now the women are always plastic and shaved and not as pretty. The articles have likewise slid into irrelevancy. I have been getting the magazine for years, mostly for investment purposes as mint condition old Playboys are worth good money, but as their worth will plummet with the new pics, I will be cancelling once and for all when it runs out. Considering magazines like Maxim and Stuff have tried the same kind of crap with less than successful results, Playboy may be dead in the water sooner than later.

8)Milford, CT- I my past days as a traveling salesman, I went to Milford, CT a lot. A middle class neighborhood, it's where I had my first hot Krispy Cream doughnut, before they got taken out by Dunkin Donuts and some questionable business moves. When I talk about stupidity infecting people, this story is pretty out there. A long time Milford tradition is for the elementary school kids to dress in costume and walk around the neighborhood in a parade. For bullshit PC reasons, the principal of the school cancelled it because it was unfair to other students who don't practice Halloween. Captain Buzzkill was forced to reverse this after dozens of angry parents voiced their opinions. Since when did we become having to accept rule by the minority? And who doesn't celebrate Halloween? Those that don't can stay home and let the rest of us have our fun. Nobody is forcing you to behave like douchebags for God's sake and your kids are suffering due to rampant idiocy. It's stories like this that spell the end of society.

7)Wayne Simmons- Yet another idiot who doesn't seem to understand that Televisions broadcast to a a wide audience, this schmuck was arrested this week for lying about being an ex-CIA agent, a Federal crime. He has been on Fox numerous times, since 2002, claiming to be an expert on terrorism, was a key speaker at a Benghazi conference (shocker), and is also being indicted for a real estate scam as well. Way to vet your so called experts, Fox, thus the reason the MSM is the douchebag of the week.

6)Chris Christie/Jeb Bush- Two candidates having less than stellar weeks, the writing may be on the wall that both are about to implode. Christie is losing more and more ground and not helped by the fact that his latest budget is going to send people on assistance programs out of their homes, as soon as this Monday so if you see someone in a wheelchair and an oxygen tank by the side of the road blame Fatboy for that. He is polling at around 5% in his home state, and in seventh place behind just about anyone who could actually win. His state is in shambles and he has only himself to blame. Due to his low poll numbers, there is a very good chance he won't make the qualifications for the next debate. Jeb Bush meanwhile continues to struggle and signs have appeared that may signal his imminent end. He is not raising money nearly as well as he was to such an extent he has had to pull back his advertising as well as not paying some staffers. This was the same with Walker and Perry before they exited. He continuous gaffe machine was not helped when he argued about his brother being President during 9/11, as if that was ever in doubt. The both of them may be stuff on a rock by the next debate.

5)Jerry Brown/Hillary Clinton- In response to the rash of shootings we have had lately, Jerry Brown added more gun free zones, which never work at all. Hillary has actually talked about gun confiscation, which is the one topic that could end her bid for the Presidency. Why do liberals talk about anti-gun nonsense, which a majority of this country is not for, the same way conservatives talk about gay people and abortion? These are not winning topics and so far, Bernie Sanders has had the best responses about gun control as background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of mental people is probably a good idea.

4)Joe Biden- Either run for President or don't, but this waiting game is getting old. It may be too late as ramping up the money needed to run may be going to Hillary and Bernie instead. Shit or get off the pot Joe. Some of us have to use the bathroom too.

3)Palestinians- These past few weeks, the Palestinians have decided the best way to get their point across to begin stabbing innocent people. Even the most sympathetic to their plight is saying this is a bad idea. Even worse, the leader of Fatah, Abbas, has been spreading false rumors all week, including one I bought. I wrote earlier this week that Israelis let a 13 year old boy die after a stabbing attack in which he was run over and shot. Turns out he is recovering at a local hospital which news media was only too happy to show. If you guys want peace, recognize Israel, give up the right to return in exchange for land, and watch your fortunes soar. Or keep this up and face genocide. Your call.

2)Trey Gowdy and Benghazi- I cannot believe we are still talking about Benghazi. I found it hysterical this week when Fox News went after Trump for having the audacity to claim Bush was president during 9/11 followed by Jeb Bush demanding an apology, as if that was insult, and then the very next story was all about Benghazi, not seeing the irony of it all, as they went on to blame Obama and Hillary. Over the past few weeks we had not one, but two, Republicans tell us the committee is partisan to attack Hillary. A former staffer sued after being fired for not being partisan enough toward Hillary and the committee leader, Howdy Doody look alike, Trey Gowdy may be facing criminal charges because of this. Benghazi is nothing. Hillary's emails are nothing. Can we please focus on things that matter?

1)MSM- The news media has had a very bad week. Fox News got caught with a fraud whose been an "expert" for them for 13 years and never knew it. They have been hyping Benghazi on repeat while going after Trump for daring to remember history accurately. CBS refused to air commercials for the upcoming movie Truth, in which Dan Rather sticks it to the network for their many, many falsehoods, leading up to his dismissal over allegedly fraudulent documents that may have partially correct (classic disinformation move). All the pundits proclaimed Hillary the winner so often, they seem to have changed the poll numbers for those who didn't actually watch it and now believe she did indeed win, which no one who saw it believes. The media is now pure propaganda and they are turning our brain dead society into mindless automatons. Take what CNN did this week. Jeb Bush got caught using a plant at recent Trump rally, pretending to be a liberal with a question, when in reality, Lauren Bachelder, a paid Bush staffer, was there to sabotage the front runner. CNN ran with it, doing no research into the woman's past and going with a "Trump hates women"story instead. Talk about either lazy reporting or Jeb Bush support. Either way it looks real bad. The media is lying to you with greater and greater regularity. Question everything you hear from them because congratulations MSM, you are indeed douche bag of the week.

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