Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Congress may have done something not only smart but productive, assuming the retards on the right don't sink it along with their chances of winning ever again. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have hopefully secured enough votes for an epic budget deal along with a debt ceiling hike that will take the issue off the table until the next President has to worry about it.
The deal is actually quite good. It fixes the social security disability fund that was going to run out of money next year. It gives more money to the military. It ends the chances of defaulting on the debt. In other words, it has something for everyone. Unless of course you are an idiot like Rand Paul who is threatening to filibuster the thing because I guess he is looking forward to multiple assassination attempts when an angry mob storms Congress when food stamps and Social security come to a grinding halt right before Christmas. Yeah, that'll get you elected.

Here's the thing some on the right, like Boehner are talking about: if this doesn't pass and things go belly up, the GOP will be held responsible and they will lose the House, Senate and Presidency, perhaps forever. That is also assuming they survive long enough when people can't afford rent or food and show up in Washington in droves to explain with bullets how pissed they are. This is exactly how revolutions start when millions reach their breaking point and some on the GOP side are flirting with extinction, mostly their own. Hopefully, this will pass, because the alternative is one on which Republicans join the dinosaurs both literally and figuratively.

Meanwhile, the establishment continues to throw wrenches at Trump and highlighting questionable polls that show him losing to Carson. They first harpooned him for daring to suggest that George W. Bush was president during 9/11. Contrary to the MSM, he never said Bush was responsible. Now mind you the evidence suggest he was either in on it or stupendously incompetent, the latter certainly a real possibility considering how stupid a man he really is, but Trump never said anything other than he didn't keep us safe that day, which is unquestionably true.

Now they are saying he "insulted" Carson's religion when in reality he said he didn't know anything about his religion. I listened to the quote over and over, as the MSM keeps replaying in it, and even my mother who is a die hard democrat is coming to his defense on this. I have years of religious studies in my past and even I have little knowledge as to what a Seventh Day Adventists believes. Looking it up, my opinion of Carson changes little and hardly for the better. They are no better or worse than most, although at least it's not Baptist claptrap about how their belief in Jesus is getting them into heaven regardless of behavior. That is evil and total nonsense. Trump merely said he didn't know about the religion, not that he didn't think it was a good religion.

And then there is one poll, conducted by CBS that put Carson ahead of Trump nationally. Considering only 526 people were polled, this is either an obvious fake or a fluke but looking at his polls in most states, Trump is way ahead in all of them except Iowa. Hillary is also way ahead there and even the most jaded pundit will tell you means nothing. Iowa is all about organized turnout which is why poll leaders like Michelle Bachmann last time around actually finished fifth not first as several polls told us. This means that Trump and Sanders could still win if they have buses of supporters showing up for a caucus, which is run different than every other state. Polls matter little if you have the right organizers and support which show up instead of those that sit home instead. Iowa polls must be looked different than any others. Trump is still way ahead of the pack, regardless of what the media is telling you and Sanders may also be doing better than we are being told.

Tonight, Bush, Fiorina and the bottom rung candidates need to make a big splash or face elimination. Christie and Paul are hanging on by a thread and both may implode by 10 tonight. Fiorina is hemorrhaging all the support she got last time, down into low single digits again after people looked into her past and threw her away like the rotten fish that she is. Bush is desperate, running out of cash and even his biggest supporters are losing patience. Tonight's debate should be interesting. More on that tomorrow.

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