Wednesday, September 2, 2015


What a mess this election is turning out to be. Trump has run amok throughout the Republican landscape as the 147 other candidates struggle for air time. Hillary continues to make a mess of what appears to be yet another non-scandal which should make even the most die-hard Clinton supporter question whether she has the ability to be President as she certainly has a rough time getting rid of the dumbest of scandals.

Email-gate continues to reign supreme but the more I look into it, the dumber it seems. So far not one of these alleged country killing emails seem to have been classified at the time, which begs the question who is classifying material after the fact? Hasn't that horse already left the stable if our idiotic government keeps classifying material even after giving it to the press? They do know these things live forever on line right? They do understand it is not 1950? The stupidly of all of this is mind boggling.

The real scandal here is how piss poorly Hillary is handling this. Joking about it was moronic, making it seem trivial (which it probably is), when a better politician (like her husband) would have spun it his direction by now. Her and her team have somehow made this worse, something Hillary does with regularity. Think her comments on "what difference does it make?" in her Benghazi witch hunt against her or her far worse "dead broke" comment which made her seem out of touch and uber-elitist. Ask Mitt Romney how a couple of ill timed words destroyed his candidacy.

Speaking of Mitt, some in the GOP are looking at him (and Joe Biden for the left) to challenge front runners Trump and Clinton because the establishment hates Trump and wonders if Hillary will self destruct like she did in 2008. I highly doubt that Romney will enter the race but I find it funny that even with a million candidates for GOP, they still all suck hard.

Trump continues to lead in national polls, with Carson and Bush 15 plus points behind. Walker continues to skid, Rubio is still getting no traction and Fiorina may make the big stage now that CNN has wisely altered the data for establishing who will be in the debates. The losers are the exact same people who appeared at the kid table debate with Christie and Paul fighting for relevance now as well, who will barely make the cut this time. People like Santorum, Pataki, Perry and Jindal are going to be watching from home as Gilmore and Graham struggle to reason their continuance as they fall to reach even one percent at this point. Neither is going to last much longer.

The latest Iowa polls have Trump up by 5, his closest race yet with Carson nipping at his heels. After that Cruz, Walker and Fiorina bunch up way behind. Bush comes in sixth and the rest of the pack falls off the map. This should be a warning call for establishment Republicans that the status quo is no longer viable.

In NH, Trump has a 16 point lead with his next closest opponent being John Kasich, followed by Bush, Fiorina and Walker. Carson comes in sixth here suggesting an up and down election cycle for second place. It still looks like Trump may win as no other candidate is getting any consolidation because, let's face facts, they are cannibalizing each other.

It is still way early and who knows what will happen over the coming months. But the facts remain that establishment candidates are getting the heave ho. Sanders continues to do well, leading in NH and only seven points down in one poll in Iowa. However, in South Carolina he is getting walloped down 56 points and behind Biden who hasn't even entered the race proving my point that this particular state may be the dumbest in the Union. Wise up dummies.

The GOP in South Carolina has Trump by over 20 points with Carson and Bush way behind, suggesting strongly the Republicans in this state are far smarter than the average democrat. Trump may be a monster in waiting, but he is a far cry better than the other 16 idiots running behind him, or in Chris Christie's case, oozing. Why are black people so enamored with Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders? Do they not see the irony in picking someone who is guaranteed to keep the status quo? If Black Lives Matter, why are you flushing any chance of reform right out the window? Hillary will change nothing. At that point if it is Hillary versus Trump, he may get my vote just in the off chance he might actually fix something as there is no way she does. That will be one lousy election and if idiots like the ones voting for Hillary in SC put us in that position, expect a civil war when everything comes crashing down around us and Hillary voters will be to blame.

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