Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I have had it up to here (picture my hands above my head) with religious wingnuts worldwide. Here at home we have bigoted morons claiming solidarity with MLK over denying rights to an individual, or in other words, the exact opposite of Davis, Cruz, Huckabee and their ilk. MLK was intent on granting rights to black people not take them away. The level of stupidity I see on a daily basis in mind numbing.

Take this example of government in action. After three weeks, I finally got my insurance subsidies fixed. However, I won't see a check until next month meaning I am over a thousand dollars in the hole. Thanks guys. Even worse, I was given an appointment to talk to someone about this and received the letter four days AFTER the interview had been scheduled. The postmark said the letter was sent the day before, meaning there was zero chance I would get the letter in time. So I spent an hour on hold yesterday before they hung up on me and another forty minutes this morning all to answer two questions they already knew. This is your tax dollars in actions.

But I digress. Religious stupidity is gaining ground among some and it's nauseating. Davis was released from court yesterday to the thunderous applause of the dozen idiots who support her. Where's a suicide bomber when you want one? Her husband was decked out like some Green Acres reject, dirty overalls and all, as they rejoiced to "Eye of The Tiger," a song which the band Survivor did not give permission to use (meaning I guess God's law now trumps copyright law as well) and insinuated that they may sue. The morons keeps repeating that five justices cannot make law, with Michelle Bachmann joining the chorus now, completely unaware that that is exactly how a law gets made, yet these people were in office, lawyers or have been or currently are, running for President. Anyone thinking Huckabee would be a great leader needs to get a huge bottle of sleeping pills and have at it.

I would love to see her version of the Birmingham letters that she allegedly wrote in jail. I am sure they would be badly misspelled dribble that would praise Jesus while having no earthly idea who or what Jesus actually said or did. Funny things about Jesus is that he never said one word about gay people. However, he did explicitly condemn divorce and adultery which She Hag here (is it against your religion to own a comb?) is very guilty of having been divorced three times.

According to Church law, which she allegedly is so pious on, she is a heretic and should be excommunicated from the Church for not getting an annulment for any of her divorces. These are hard to get once, and no way would she get an annulment three times, so how is she so religious that she doesn't understand that regardless of her beliefs and she is going to hell for this sin? Gay people aside, this bitch is going to burn and her own religion states this. The nonsense that believing in Jesus absolves you of all sin (Baptist and born again claptrap) is dangerous, self serving and not in line with a single teaching of Christ. So explain to me again how gay people are the problem here?

I expect her to start denying gay marriage licenses the second she gets back. When she does, that judge is going to be PISSED and she will get an even longer stay behind bars. The funny part is her chances of being re-elected in 2016 are about nil, and will have to seek some religious moron to hire her because the rest of America is going to say "No Thank You."

Then there is Syrian Migrant Crisis which is eerily reminiscent of Jews circa 1938. They fled persecution from the Germans to get the cold shoulder from the rest of the world. But with social media we now see dead babies wash ashore and humanity takes hold. I am not so sure that is a great idea however.

Yes, the people deserve some respect and comfort and with Germany offering to take in millions, the rest of the EU isn't so quick to help and with good reason. This is going to alter the physical makeup of countries from Christian to Muslim and that is not necessarily a good thing for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is cost. How are you going to pay for all of these new people? And where are the jobs, which are already in decline, going to come from? On top of that, you are going to foster even greater hatred toward a group that is already not well liked throughout the EU. Countries like Holland, England and France have growing political parties that are extremely anti-Muslim and with good reason as Muslims want to establish their own culture that is at odds with the mainstream, just like Kim Davis and her group of schmucks. This has led to banning thing like minarets, the hijab and burkas, which I have no problem with. Your religion does NOT give you carte blanche to pick and choose which laws you want to follow. And these countries are NOT Muslim which means just like women cannot go with their head uncovered in some countries, you can't go to France and start dictating terms of accommodation either.

And then there is the distinct possibility that terrorist are using this mass migration to get into the EU and direct a new wave of terrorism. Pictures show some bad guys that may be with in the crowd and as no one has any idea, anonymity is a good smokescreen. What happens if some of these break from the crowd and start wrecking havoc? How soon before the public turns on all of them, including the innocent? The best idea is to establish camps, that may not be ideal but are still better than living in a war zone or letting people unchecked into Europe, and lead a campaign to annihilate radical Islam from the Earth which means siding with people like Assad, getting off of oil and putting the hammer down on countries like Iran and even allies, like Saudi Arabia, the leading export of terrorism on Earth with the Wahhabi sect they foster that causes so much damage worldwide. But first, we can wipe out ISIS which will require the will and the knowledge that innocent people will die as well. This nation and the world is filled with giant pussies however which makes this outcome in the never going to happen range. The alternative is to wait until one of these douchebags gets a hold of some weapon of mass destruction and we see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, which would be the end of the world when Israel unleashes their nuclear arsenal against whoever they please. It is not a matter of if but when. I have always known  since college that the most likely end of the world scenario that was most likely was Muslim extremists. Two, was economic collapse. I still feel pretty good about both of those.

ISIS has been caught selling antiquities they allegedly destroyed proving they are just as hypocritical as the rest of these asses. Christians are screaming bloody murder about gay people while they continue to have affairs, divorce and do other things that are against the biggest tenets of the Church. Why are religious people so awful for the most part? They do know Jesus was a socialist right? Until we get a handle on this and start pointing and laughing at the super religious for behaving like spoiled children nothing will get better. A good start would be fleeing the Huckabee or Cruz campaigns for more level waters. Grow a brain America and the rest of the world. We are getting way too stupid to live anymore. Trust me when I say, this will not end well for anyone if we continue down this course.

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