Thursday, September 17, 2015


That was WAY too much GOP debate nonsense last night. First we had two hours of the junior table where Lindsay Graham did the best, Pataki did okay while Jindal and Santorum should just go home already. Why is Bobby Jindal still running and who exactly is supporting this reject from Slumdog Millionaire? Everything he said last night was asinine, wrong or both. It was truly sad and quite pathetic coming from a guy running the worst run state in the country. It is impossible to run on a record that sucks.

Which is where Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee found themselves. And, in what can only be described as an epic failure, Scott Walker, who bombed so hard the FBI is going to have to talk to him about it to make sure he is not a threat to society. Good Christ, not one poll taken afterward had him anywhere above second to last. Yuck!

The polls say Trump won overwhelmingly and as someone who was watched these debates for years, I agree. He wasn't outdone by his colleagues, slammed all of them so hard medical care might have been needed afterward, and told the truth about their records. Carly Fiorina had a good night if you think the most unqualified person running for President on either side of the aisle is electable and Trump reminded us about that, something CNN failed to follow up on. She really was picked as one of the worst CEO's in American history and through incredible ineptitude, ran HP into the ground, as well as firing 30,000 people while padding her own pockets. But the right loved her, as they are want to do with people who have no business in the office (George W. Bush comes to mind) and she scored well.

Others who had a good night, according to the polls, were Rand Paul and Marco Rubio who had some good answers. I actually thought Ben Carson had some excellent, thoughtful moments which may be why the GOP electorate thumbed their nose at him in the polls. So much for a black Republican I guess for president. Shocker.

The real tragedies were Bush who may have sank his chances by idiotically changing his position on Kim Davis to please the religious nutbags but who do not speak for a majority of the base anymore. His numbers sank hard last night, more energy or not as his last name is a sinking stone. He was fairly dreadful overall and for some inane reason, kept bringing up his family who are as popular as the Manson family overall. All in all, he finished near the bottom of every poll taken and with good reason.

The two that sucked hard were without a doubt Huckabee and Walker. Huckabee's support for Kim Davis have sent his approval rating into the toilet even among Christians who realize that one cannot decide which laws to follow and which to not, lest chaos ensue. He didn't do himself any favors last night. Scott Walker, who looks like he escaped as a drunk extra from a silent movie in the 1920's, stumbled hard, especially after getting bitch slapped by Trump who reminded the audience that his policies had run Wisconsin into the ground. Both were dead last and a few polls had them at zero. They are well done, burnt even at this point. Time to give it up guys. It's over.

Here's some poll results from

Donald Trump has trumped his other 10 Republican presidential candidates in every poll taken just hours after the close of the 2nd debate.

In a poll taken in Fox 5 in San Diego, out of a large sample of over 16 thousand, Trump got 46% of the vote to second place Carly Fiorina with 22%.

Marco Rubio placed third in the debate with only 9%. Ben Carson and Rand Paul placed 4th and 5th and with 6%, Rand Paul.

Now, to keep this in context, a thousand respondents in a political poll is considered a lot of people, However, although online polls provide a much bigger sample, they are sometimes skewed to a certain audience.

In the massive Drudge Report poll of nearly 500,000 votes by 7am this morning, Trump got a whopping 60% of the vote, with Fiorina trailing in 2nd place with 17%, Ted Cruz in 3rd with 5%, Rubio 4th with 5% and Rand Paul edging out Ben Carson, both with 4%.

In a smaller, but more nuanced poll taken by TheStreet,com out of 5,000 respondents, on the question of who won the debate, Trump got 52% of the vote, Fiorina came in with 20%, Rubio came in 3rd with 7%, Ben Carson 4th with 5%, and Jeb Bush 5th, also with 5%.

However, on the question of who would you like to see win the GOP nomination, Trump widened his lead significantly with 54% and Fiorina, though still coming in second, dropped to 10%, Carson was 3rd with 8%, and Rudio forth, also with 8%.

But when the question was posed as who do you think WILL win the GOP Nomination, Trump’s lead jumped up to 59%, with Jeb Bush jumping up to 15%, with Fiorina dropping to 3rd at 7%.
So, no matter how you slice the early results, Donald Trump despite his lack of details on issues, is completely crushing the rest of the field.

The reason? I firmly believe that the American people has figured out that Congressional votes are being bought and sold to the highest bidder and they are tired of it.

Trump’s greatest asset is not his comprehensive knowledge on issues, but the fact that he is not taking any the big money and so therefore the vast majority trusts him figures he’ll bring in the top experts to provide the details.

So what did the MSM do? Ignore all of that of course. CNN said Fiorina was the clear winner, and while she did do well, Trump annihilated her with actual facts. Christie had some good moments and some terrible ones so I do not expect a big jump from him while the MSM of course gushed all over him.

The absolute worst AGAIN was Frank Luntz who somehow finds either the dumbest people on Earth for his focus group or the whole thing is a farce and it is staged to try to skewer the results. He asked twelve people what they thought of Scott Walker and they all had nothing but positive things to say. Meanwhile, the polls have him dead last in most of them. There is no way a dozen polls are wrong and these twelve morons are right. Luntz is either a shill or terrible at his job. It's your choice as to which is which but he has proven to be really bad at this.

Fact checking Trump did try to get a casino built in Florida, Bush's economic record had more to do with national trends and less to do with his policies and Chris Christie lied again about when he was named prosecutor not to mention he has pledged to end medical pot while stymieing the rollout every chance he gets. For him to say he has compassion for sick people is flat out wrong. The Planned Parenthood videos are edited beyond belief and I found it hilarious that Huckabee wants to find cures for things like cancer and Alzheimer's but doesn't want to use stem cells, the best hope for a cure, to do that. What a tool.

The debate itself was way too long with too many candidates that we do not need to hear from. For the next debate how about making a three percent rule and anyone less than that gets to sit home. With that, Walker, Huckabee, Christie, Kasich and perhaps even Bush can watch it from home like the rest of us. This way, we get a shorter debate, longer answers from people who might actually win and a reprieve from the nonsense from fringe candidates who are stuff on a rock. Trump might very well be the nominee at this point from a country sick of bought and paid for candidates whose names are synonymous with Walker, Bush and Christie. The polls say they certainly are.

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