Sunday, September 13, 2015


You know you've scrapped bottom when even fellow Republicans are looking at you and shaking their heads in shame. Overall, anyone not named Trump or Carson had a bad week. The rest of the pack is showing real weakness, especially Scott Walker whose campaign is on life support now and at least five others whose departure is imminent. But between Ted Cruz's utter lack of knowledge about just about anything, Sarah Palin proving once again she is the dumbest human on the planet and Mike Huckabee's spoken desire to turn this country into a theocracy, we had some real winners. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Jeff Smisek- The former head of United was forced to step down this week after allegation of bribery concerning Newark airport, and wait for it, the Chris Christie administration surfaced and looks bad for all involved. David Samson, head of the Port Authority, has been linked to a scandal involving money in exchange for more flights to Colombia, SC, where Samson had a summer home. While Christie most likely had nothing to do with this, combined with Bridgegate, which the last debate ignored completely for some reason, shows what kind of people he hires. If CNN does NOT ask Christie about this during the debate you have my permission to stand outside CNN and scream obscenities at anyone who works there. As expected so far no charges have been filed because the rich have one set of laws and the rest of us another.

9)Ken Lee Sheka- This is the first of two stories this week about the worst cops in the country, a depressingly repeating category and the reason why trust for the boys in blue is at historic lows. While at a Texas convention, in a room filled with police officers, Officer Dumbass started groping a waitress very inappropriately. When she told him to stop, he pulled out his gun and fired it at the wall. Instead of being fired on the spot, he faces "disciplinary action." Right, that's appropriate. This protection of lunatic cops is why people HATE the cops lately and stunts like this are not helping. At least he is facing charges for firing a gun illegally which again is for some reason not grounds for termination.

8)NYPD- These guys had another awful week. Proving once again that the NYPD are the worst shots in the country, while getting into a gunfight with a legitimate scumbag, police fired 84 shots and missed with 83 of them. Wow, I am willing to bet that a person with Parkinson's could do better than that. Then there is an even worse PR disaster when some gung ho cop tackled a black guy who turned out to be former tennis pro, James Blake, all of which was caught on tape. This is from the WSJ:

James Frascatore, 38, a four-year veteran of the NYPD—is seen kneeling on top of Mr. Blake, who appears not to be resisting arrest, as he cuffs Mr. Blake’s hands behind his back during a botched credit card fraud sting. The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau interviewed Mr. Blake Thursday night, and the investigation is ongoing, said department spokesman Stephen Davis. The officer was placed on modified duty.

The video shows Frascatore tackle Blake with no provocation or reason. Blake has gotten apologies from the police commissioner and Mayor but feels that is not enough and he is right. The fact that the cop in question is currently facing two similar charges of excessive force, maybe it is time to let him go already. He is not a good cop and we have video proof of it. What more do you want?

7)Kim Davis- We should take bets to see how long it is before this waste of space goes back to jail for interfering with her duties as a town clerk. She wasn't out of jail for two seconds, with Farmer Joe standing beside her looking like some Hee Haw reject, before she planned to use the courts again to get her way. Christ she is like Congress and Obamacare. Give it up already. You lost.

6)ESPN and Mike Tomlin- The Patriots walloped the Steelers this week, out playing them at every level. HA! So how did Mike Tomlin react to getting his ass kicked? Accusing the Pats of cheating of course. During the game, they had problems with the headsets on both sides and had them turned off so no one got an advantage. As the Pats have no access to the headsets before the game, or the network that controls them, and got no advantage over this, how is that cheating? ESPN not to be outdone, dug up some highly questionable accusations about Spygate, a scandal settled way back in 2007. They allege that Patriots stole team playbooks from locker rooms and offered absolutely no proof of said allegations. We get it. You don't like the Patriots. Suck it ESPN and Mike Tomlin for sour grapes. Pats back in the Super Bowl is what I expect.

5)Syrian Refugees- This manufactured crisis has gotten all sort of sympathy from bleeding heart liberals who only see compassion and not the bigger picture. Yes, it is horrible that people live in warlike conditions, but I hate to break it to Americans, we are to blame as much as Muslim extremists are. Because we refuse to get off of oil, something that is entirely possible in this day and age, we fund war and death and won't make a single sacrifice in it's place. And simply relocating endless waves of refugees is a recipe for disaster as they can change the ethnic make up of a country to a radically different one and lead to the rise of far right, Hitler like, dictators. Oh and that dead child that drowned that everyone went boo hoo about turns out to be not some refugee after all but the son of coyote for regularly took him on smuggling missions. What a dad. Germany is having second thoughts about taking in millions and with good reason. This sounds bad, but we need to support Assad and these refugees should be fighting at home for their land rather than cowardly running away, something Muslim nations have done throughout history. Assad is better than ISIS period. Pick a side guys because if ISIS wins, they stand at Israel's door.

4)Rick Perry- The first to see the writing on the wall, and predicted here as being the first to drop out when he stopped paying his staff, Perry has quit the race leaving a scant 16 other candidates to choose from. CNN has a junior debate that is using questionable data to include who they want as most of the people there do NOT have 1% support, so Jindal, Pataki, Santorum and Graham shouldn't be there any more than Gilmore, who was uninvited, should be. None of them are over 1%. At least Perry can watch this travesty at home.

3)Sarah Palin- This week she told the country to speak American, which doesn't exist, and for Native Americans to go back to Nativia, which also doesn't exist. She does know we can hear her right? This person came within one breath of being the second most powerful person on Earth and she doesn't understand basic facts about anything. She also came out against people spitting on Kim Davis and the Iran deal because, you know, 'Merica. What a true idiot.

2)Republicans- They had another spectacular week which involved defunding Planned Parenthood, and a government shutdown if necessary because that worked out so well for them last time as well as yet another legal challenge versus Obamacare, this time having to do with a profit sharing deal with insurance companies. The funny part is that this is exactly why Trump is ahead and Boehner's job is in jeopardy because Republicans to their credit are tired of the status quo. They want jobs and a better economy and so far the GOP has done exactly zero on that department since gaining power. They haven't even tried. If they keep this up they may have spectacular losses in 2016.

1)Mike Huckabee- I cannot believe how many establishment Republicans were horrified by this obvious campaign stunt that blew up in his face. Ted Cruz should be glad he was regulated to the side lines for this because this did not work like he planned. Huckabee showed he had no idea how our legal system works, debated on the legality of the Dred Scot appeal as well as the 13th and 14th amendment and then went on to stay we should be ignoring all laws that God tells us to, otherwise known as Sharia law and theocratic rule. Hate to break it to him but that is never going to happen here and this latest push for "Christian rights" is nothing more than a smokescreen for bigotry. It also has no hope in the courts which have shut that idea down harshly time and time again and with good reason as it would cause chaos. But this douche can't see that yet wants to be our President? Anyone supporting this ass is too stupid to vote so just don't and go back to playing with your own poo or finger painting or whatever child like thing you are doing today. His numbers this week slid hard because of this and he faces a Rick Perry exit sooner than later. Good. So congratulations Mike Huckabee you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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