Monday, September 21, 2015


There has been some evidence that IQ's are dropping world wide for unknown reasons. I am not sure what the cause is, but evidence of it happening are all around us. The MSM is building up Fiorina, just to tear her down again. The Bills got caught cheating this week versus the Patriots and, of course, no one said anything about it because it didn't fit the narrative. A new poll has Hillary GAINING on Sanders nationally. WTF, people? And let us not forget that the GOP still has a zillion candidates all saying stupid things on a regular basis. Where can this end for us? Nowhere good.

Let's start with the Bills who kept playing a blaring train noise as the Patriot tried to move the ball, a clear violation of league rules. Once the play clock hits 20 seconds or the offense gets to the line of scrimmage, all loudspeaker music must end. Multiple times a train noise blared over the stadium when they shouldn't. Fans held signs that said CHEATERS which seems awfully ironic considering WHO was cheating this time. So let me get this straight, every time the Patriots win, they cheated and the other team can cheat too because, you know, it's the Patriots. Nevermind the fact that the idiotic Deflatgate scandal might as well as have been called Benghazi (or Ballghazi) for all the truth there was to the never-ending nonsense they were accused of. If anyone has hard proof of the Patriots actually cheating in this particular scandal, I'd love to see it because if all they had was the poorly investigated Wells Report, they have got nothing to prove any wrongdoing, yet they are being branded cheaters because the media told us they were.

The MSM lately has been embarrassing even for them. They continue to shill for Bush and Hillary, while tearing down Sanders and Trump at every chance. They declared Fiorina the winner of the debate even though she did worse than just about every other person in her command of "facts" which were nothing more than wrong headed talking points, many of which just made up. How do you win a debate, where facts do matter, by going all Dick Cheney on the panel? How do you not call her out repeatedly on her desire to start another cold war, her past which is checkered at best and her fanatsy video about Planned Parenthood? Why is the media so determined to get us the most establishment candidate they can? Yeah, that last one is no mystery when you realize that six companies control ALL media and they are all owned by billionaires and multi-national corporations.

The media needed no help in watching Trump and Carson say things so stupid you can hardly believe they are still in the race at all. Trump managed to insult Muslims, including American ones, the President, and any sense of decency when he failed to refute the most racist man alive at a recent rally. Carson stepped in it when he said on Meet The Press that no Muslim should ever be President. Good Lord, are these people that Muslim phobic?

Then there is Leslie Allen Merritt, a 21 year old utter moron recently arrested for a string of highway shootings on Interstate 10 in Arizona. His defense of his gun being in the pawn shop for the past two months would have been a great alibi had it been true but the police has footage of him pawning said gun the same day they arrested him, as he was under surveillance at the time. Ballistics link him and the gun to the shooting. Hope he likes prison, because he is being charged with 28 felonies, including several counts of terrorism. I am guessing, he is looking at a best case scenario of ten years in a Federal Prison, more if it goes to trial. Enjoy male on male rape, dumbass.

Clinton is gaining on Sanders for some inane reason, a stat I wonder if it is actually accurate and not some media driven fantasy. At a recent rally, Clinton couldn't fill up a classroom while Bernie is still attracting tens of thousands. But as Biden looks to be getting ready to enter, her days may be numbered at that point. If the media continues to keep begging us for a Clinton/Bush mash-up, maybe the first thing we should do when society collapses is destroy all the media outlets first, as they will be ultimately to blame. Or the politicians, your choice America, as they suck pretty bad too.

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