Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hungarian police used tear gas and water cannons to fight back refugees gathered on the now sealed border as they shouted "Allah hu Akbar." The Hungarian President is calling it a huge crisis and rightfully says this could spell doom for the EU if they do not get a handle on it. He is not wrong.

Yes, it is horrible that women and children and being forced to endure horrific conditions to get away from war zones. However, recent studies show that 70% are able bodied men and a lot of the so called refugees aren't even from war torn areas but migrants looking for a better life anywhere else.We have the same problem on our border as people trying to get away from countries like Honduras and Guatemala are pouring across our border with more regularity than Mexicans.

What we have are poor, badly run countries fragmenting all at once and millions are trying to escape to anywhere else, even though due to rampant greed, stupidity and overpopulation problems, the so called rich countries are struggling right now too. So what do we do?

The answers are not pretty. You cannot move millions of people from different languages and cultures into new areas and expect everything to work out. It never works out like that. This is no different than what we see in nature when invasive species are introduced into non-native habitats. It changes the ecosystem, sometimes fatally. Adding millions of Muslims into non Muslim areas is a recipe for disaster and war. We are already seeing the rise of far right politicians here and abroad because of it.

Why do you think Donald Trump is doing so well? Because he has tapped into the fear (and not an irrational one by the way) that America is becoming TOO Hispanic. White people are reproducing far less and by 2050, they will be the minority in their own country. How might that affect everything including voting blocks and national sensibilities? The main reason Israel is so exclusive is that they fear what would happen with an Arab majority within their borders and as the last time that happened with the Germans, they got thrown into the ovens.

The same can be said for Europe. Merkel is proving to be an utter fool lately, after idiotically saying all are welcome in Germany and then was stunned when millions wanted in. This was far more than they could economically or socially withstand. Add to the fact that unlike here in the US, where many do indeed adapt to American life, Muslims in the EU are marginalized as well as refuse to assimilate, a recipe for disaster. Talk to the average person in England or Denmark and you will see a real vitriol toward Muslims in general. They HATE Muslims over there and not without good reason. Once they get to wherever they are, they attempt to establish their own identity within the borders rather than adapt to the norms of the culture. To quote Highlander: "There can be only one." Competing cultures will ultimately cannibalize each other with the superior technological one winning every time. This means doom for the Muslims who will not go down without a fight and, usually, a string of suicide bombings, which further antagonizes the general public. This cannot and will not end well.

One thing we have in common with refugees from poorer nations on our border is a similar culture and religion. This is not happening overseas. And while I feel bad for kids and women involved in this, I have zero respect for Syrian men fleeing their home.

I would never leave this country no matter the war zone it may become and I am hardly in the best of health. In a hypothetical example, what if Christian morons started attacking the government and killing anyone who didn't adapt to their ways. I would renounce that religion, burn every church down I could find and execute anyone who even had a Bible in their home. I would join forces with the government, or even develop a splinter group to fight for what is mine. I certainly wouldn't be running away like a giant pussy, yet that is exactly what we are seeing from healthy able bodied Syrian men and, as a result, get no sympathy for their plight. You chose to run away instead of fight and now you are screwed. Boo Hoo!

There are several solutions to this, none of them that will actually happen. We need to get off oil yesterday and we have the technology now to do just that. A combination of green energy and advances in things like synthetic oil could eliminate fossil fuels once and for all and then we go back to treating the Middle East like Rwanda circa mid-90's. We need to end the drug war which is causing such problems, worse than the drugs themselves by the way, which is funding a lot of corruption world wide. And biggest of all, some of these countries need to be invaded and controlled with an iron fist for generations as we prepare them for a democratic future, something a lot of these places are not ready for yet. But no way do we have the stomach for any of that, especially a world domination plan which is unfortunately our best and only hope. We should have taken over the world when we developed nuclear weapons, but that ship is long sailed.

Look what happened when we toppled or let go dictators in the past. From Tito to Saddam to Ghaddafi, chaos reigns afterward, worse than when they were in power. Millions die in the aftermath so how is that better than being led by a strongman who doesn't kill even a third the amount? Not everyone is ready to lead themselves, and while I would agree that no one wants a butcher as their leader, we also have to admit that the alternative is worse.

Maybe we should side with Assad and get rid of ISIS once and for all because let's face facts, they are far worse. As long as the Syrian crisis continues and other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq continue to deteriorate, this will just get worse and re-locating refugees is not a long term, workable solution. I would also like to point out that the EU has never offered to take any of out refugees on our border so why should we be getting theirs. Not that it matters as red tape will keep any refugees from getting here until 2017 at the earliest, not to mention push back from Congress and candidates like Trump.

This whole situation sucks. I wish the world was a better place but it isn't. And we can't help everyone, especially those who are unwilling to fight for themselves. We have our own problems as does the issues with the rapidly fragmenting EU and their open border status, an idea proving to be quite harmful to the status quo. Ultimately, this may to lead to war.

On a quick side note, some 15 year old retard was caught trying to plot to kill the Pope, a sure fire way for genocide. If any Muslim fuckwad kills the Pope, especially right now, millions, perhaps billions of Muslims, will die worldwide as they will make the Jews in Germany in 1944 look tame in comparison. This idea is pure suicide which will have the exact same effect that the death of Archduke Ferdinand did that started two world wars. One person then caused the death of over a hundred million people over the next forty years. If the Pope dies at the hands of a Muslim extremist, they amount of death and destruction that will rain down on the Muslim world will start a true apocalypse. Pray that never occurs for the sake of innocent Muslims everywhere.

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