Sunday, September 20, 2015


Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said that Republicans were supporting the right people when for some inane reason, people think looking forceful and autocratic is a good response to having terrible ideas. Trump may be an idiot, but he is head and shoulders smarter than Carly Fiorina, the worst person running for President by far. This will be yet another flavor of the week that the GOP did in 2012 before settling on Romney. It is not impossible that Bush could still be their nominee, even if he had a really bad week after his crap performance at the debate. Let's see those runner ups in a super crowded week.

10)Kim Jung Un- Baby had another temper tantrum this week and threatened the world again with nuclear weapons. Sure am glad George W. Bush kept us safe from North Korea getting nukes, oh wait, that's right, he did nothing and let them get nukes in 2006. This has led Japan to revoke their peaceful status and are rebuilding their army, a fact that should be getting Un's attention because the Japanese are an evil, vengeful people in certain circumstances and I would know as I am marrying one. In all honesty, I love the Japanese people and culture, but let's face facts, they are a group of vicious bastards in times of war. The funny part is that the reason for this change is because of idiots like Un, which he then has a fit about. Sounds like he might just be a Republican.

9)Angela Merkel- This witch is proving to be very bad at her job. Her and her cabinet have all but stood on the neck of Greece demanding payment, when they in the past under the exact same circumstances, pleaded poverty and got away with paying back nothing. Now, they have reversed an earlier statement of a free for all for refugees when hundreds of thousands, and millions more on the way, have gathered on the borders of various countries, much to their dismay. This is becoming less a refugee issue and more an invasion of people escaping poverty and religious rule, something that will change the makeup of Europe forever and not for the better. This kind of thing leads to the rise of far right politicians, think Hitler and Mussolini, and lots of atrocities and war. Competing cultures do not mix well, with one always absorbing the other, as history proves. The problem is the one that is being destroyed has a tendency to fight back with less than stellar results. This won't end well as long as we fail to address militant extremism and world poverty in a realistic way.

8)The NRA- This week during the debate's commercial break, the NRA inexplicably ran an attack ad against Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of NYC about his anti gun issues and soft drink war. The odd part is that Bloomberg isn't running for anything right now, so why bother? Does the NRA have that much money to waste? I guess with no issues front and center for them to bitch about, they go after who's closest. This is why I HATE the NRA, and I am huge second amendment supporter. These douchenozzels need to shut the hell up.

7)The WSJ- I loathe the WSJ and the NYT because instead of reporting the news, they create it. They both helped sell us on the war in Iraq, even though there was ample evidence that what W. was telling us was crap. They continue to rally for people like Fiorina and against Trump, but the worst is their non-coverage of Bernie Sanders. He rarely appears in either paper even though he is the current front runner in several early states. Now, far worse, the WSJ ran a hit piece versus Sanders this past week that was so inaccurate, Carly Fiorina should have said it during the debate. In it, they claimed that Sanders plan would cost $15 trillion over ten years. What they failed to tell you was the person who's study they used to get that number wrote the WSJ and told them they were misrepresenting his work. We will spend $15 trillion over ten years regardless over who is president and that Sanders plan would actually save us $5 trillion of that number he wrote. Funny how that important piece of information didn't make into the article. The author of this article should be fired as well as the editor who approved it. If you are going to shill for the establishment, you can fuck off already. We are being manipulated who to vote for and papers like this are front and center. Cancel your subscription to this rag if you haven't already.

6)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- If the adage of incompetence rising to the top is true, than this bitch is proof of that. Quite possibly that dumbest human in politics (let that one sink in for a moment), she has done more damage to the Democratic party over the past few years than anyone else, and that includes Hillary. Having been head of the DNC since 2011, this makes her responsible for the terrible run they had in 2014, running candidates so bad I wouldn't have voted for them in a million years and failing to capitalize on Republican missteps at all. Now, her incompetence is pissing off her entire party as her attempt to anoint close friend Hillary Clinton is blowing up in her face. Everyone and their brother wants more debates, especially since she has given the GOP all the news and the democrats none for idiotically waiting until October for the first one to occur. She was booed off the stage this week in NH by people who want more debates, especially as Bernie Sanders is surging and should do very well in the debates. This is why people hate politicians and we need a better person as head of the DNC. As Liz Warren isn't running for president call her. She at least has a brain in her head.

5)MSM- Wow do I hate the MSM this week. Watching the pundits talk about the debate afterward you would have thought Carly Fiorina walked on water or something. They said zero about the fact that everything she said was ridiculous, stupid or both. They also failed to mention she was one of the worst CEO's ever. They also called Trump terrible, which he wasn't, and inexplicably failed to notice that Chris Christie lied through his teeth again about when he was a prosecutor and his stance on pot. The worst was once again Frank Luntz, who is either the worst pollster ever or he is rigging his results. In a recent forum after the debate he asked twelve people in the front row their opinion about former front runner Scott Walker. They used words like "presidential," "better than last time," and, hilariously, "intelligent." Every single poll taken after the debate said things like "sucked," "horrific," and "not even if Clinton was his opponent." There is no way, statistically speaking, that 12 people could be that far off the mark unless they are beyond stupid or told what to say. Considering what the WSJ and NYT have been doing, what do you think is the more likely answer? The media is telling you who to vote for, now shilling for Fiorina, until they can rip her apart Walker style, Clinton, even though her numbers are dropping, and Bush, who is flailing like a dying swan. Sites like this give you real news. How sad is that? CNN gets a special FU for failing to ask candidates important questions again that have been all but missing for the last two debates and the latest ran for 127 hours. How about questions about jobs, the economy, climate change, the failed drug war (which they briefly touched on) and less about code names (all of which were stupid) and who to put on the 10 dollar bill, which most failed at answering either, with only Rand Paul naming an actual historical figure. Can we please cut the next debate down to a reasonable number and leave people like Jindal and Santorum at home.

4)Donald Trump- It was bound to happen eventually and this week it did: the Trumpster actually said nothing and it hurt it more than his usual brand of dipshittery. The debate didn't hurt him, but his past birther crap caught up with him and man did it hurt his numbers. During a rally, some person with single digit IQ levels insulted Muslims, the President and common sense in one spectacularly stupid question. Trump mumbled some non-sequitur, but failed to chide the guy for rampant stupidity by reminding that Muslims vote too in this country, they are NOT all trying to kill us, the President is not Muslim nor foreign born, and there are NO training camps in Mexico. Here's the question:

"We have a problem in this country, it's called Muslims. We know our current president is one, you know he's not even an American," an unidentified man told Trump at the real estate magnate's campaign stop late Thursday in Rochester, New Hampshire.
Trump chuckled and interrupted him to say, "We need this question. This is the first question."
"Anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us," the man resumed. "That's my question: When can we get rid of them?

Trump said he would look into it. Really? That is NOT the correct response and if you watch audience reaction to this, a lot of them look horrified. He dropped eight points since and may have fatally damaged any chance of winning in a general election as he now looks insane. This was really, really stupid on his part.

3)Jeb Bush- Only three people did worse than Trump this week and Jeb was one of them. He defense of Kim Davis, only popular with the super religious, came off as flip floppy, his debate performance was weak again and, without a doubt, said the stupidest thing of any candidate during the debate when he unwisely said "My brother George kept us safe." For a party that relishes in 9/11, they sure seem to forget that they were in power when it happened. They were warned in August about it and did nothing. At the very least, rank incompetence let it happen and at worst they helped it along for financial gain. He also got us involved in a war that we should never have gotten into, using fake information to do it, committed war crimes so serious he cannot travel abroad for fear of being arrested and ran the economy into a ditch. Yeah, he kept us safe. Keep telling yourself that as your numbers continue to plummet. And putting Margret Thatcher on the 10 was the dumbest thing anyone said all night to a pointless question. At least pick an American.

2)Scott Walker- No one did worse this week than this dork. His debate performance was awful, unless you were in Luntz's focus group watching a completely different debate. Before the debate, he was hovering around 5%. A recent CNN poll has him DEAD LAST. That's right, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki and Lindsay Graham are all above him now with only Jim Gilmore possibly behind him. His numbers are so low they barely register. He is a terrible governor and the American people have no told this one time front runner PASS very, very loudly. Time to quit guy and go back to suck on some Wisconsin cheese.

1)Carly Fiorina- The latest flavor of the week, proclaimed winner by the MSM and people who don't know how government works, Fiorina has now rocketed to second place where she will stand until the next debate when she flounders, which at this point is inevitable. She has the worst record of anyone running for President. She ran HP into the ground with one bad idea after another. She sold banned equipment to Iran which kind of belittles her attacks on the nation she once did illegal business with. She LIED about the Planned Parenthood video which does NOT exist. And she wants to start another cold war and possible nuclear war with Russia. What's not to like right? She doesn't seem to understand that everything she proposes will cost us trillions in money we don't have, which will be even less after she given huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations while killing the middle class. She CANNOT be even a consideration at this point for a country falling apart and this awful human will not help. Her ideas suck and provably so. So congratulations Carly Fiorina, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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