Monday, September 14, 2015


Recent polls have Bernie Sanders twenty points over Hillary in NH and ten in Iowa (but still trailing in SC by double digits suggesting black people need to get their heads out of their ass), so let's look at the disaster unfolding known as Fall TV programming. This year looks like it has a couple of guaranteed hits, a few that could go either way and a lot that won't see Halloween. Who keeps making these shows? They do know there are more than three channels and other entertainment options right?

10)Blindspot- A great plot about a naked woman found in Times Square stuffed in a duffel bag covered in tattoos about future crimes has great promise, a good time slot after the Voice and the super hot Jamie Alexander as a lead will definitely have me tuned in. I just hope that it doesn't devolve quick like the Blacklist did last season. Once Tom came back into the picture on that show, it lost me.

9)Scream Queens- The creator of Glee and AHS looks to have struck gold again with this slasher show set among a soriority where the residents are getting offed one by one. Again, while I didn't watch Scream, I heard the ending and the killer reveal sucked. I can only hope this one does better. This one does has Jamie Lee Curtis and she rocks so there is that.

8)The Bastard Excutioner- They had me at Kurt Sutter's involvement and being on the FX channel.

7)Heroes- A show that as Sheldon Cooper said, "gradually got worse and worse until we were happy it finally got cancelled," is back and I have to admit looks better than it was. I am willing to give it another chance as they have assembled a lot of the cast back and the plot, again involving the end of the world, could work this time. They have had years to get it right.

6)Quantico- Another show that if they can sustain the premise of a terrorist mole within the ranks of new FBI agents, this could work. If it becomes too soapy, or runs off the rails like Homeland did, this will tank hard. For now I am willing to check it out and see for myself.

5)Agent X- TNT's new show starring Sharon Stone as the VP of the US who discovers that there is a hidden part of the Constitution that gives her the power to direct a covert operative to right the wrongs of the country in times of need. Sounds interesting.

4)Man in the High Castle- The second Dick novel to be turned TV show and this is a ground breaking one as it presents an alternative reality where Germany and Japan won the war and now control America. Streaming on Amazon, Sy-fy channel should be emabrassed they walked away from this.

3)Into the Badlands- On AMC this November, this show is out there. A futuristic take on China's fable book, Journey to the West (itself a great movie and nothing like the show), this is set decades in the future where a Buddhist monk undertakes a fantastic quest that will involve him beating the crap out of people who get in his way. If martial arts are your thing, do not miss this.

2)The Muppets- Easily one of the most anticipated show of the fall and the fact that only one show could beat this for top spot is stunning in and of itself. The previews are laugh out loud funny and should be a giant hit.

1)Ash VS the Evil Dead- This could be the greatest TV show in the history of TV if you are into this kind of thing. Going for old school schlock rather than CGI, Bruce Campbell is back as Ash, everyone's favorite Deadite killer for ten new episodes this Halloween. I will be watching this show many, many times, buying the DVD and watching that some more. I am literally giggling just thinking about new Evil Dead adventures.


10)Life In Pieces- Modern Family ripoff but has a huge lead for the first six weeks with still great Big Bang Theory. I still think this looks really derivative even with a stellar cast. Unsure how it will do.

9)Minority Report- One of two Phillip K. Dick series and one of two movie tie ins on TV this fall. I have heard the pilot is uber-boring, the lead uber-dull, and the time slot uber-lethal, opposite Scorpion, the Voice and DWTS, as well as Monday Night Football on cable. This won't last long and has a real shot at first reaped.

8)Supergirl- I have no problem with female super heroes and am looking forward to Wonder Woman even if I think Alexandria Daddio should have gotten the part. I am very leery of this after the first trailer was a carbon copy of a sketch Scarlett Johansson did of Black Widow on SNL. When you echo parody, you ask for trouble. I am also not a huge Superman/Supergirl fan and would rather watch Gotham opposite it. This one could go either way.

7)Limitless- Another TV tie in, this one has Bradley Cooper as a producer and occasional guest about a guy who takes a pill and becomes super smart. Unfortunately, this plot already failed once last year with Josh Holloway's Intelligence (which did indeed suck), and the lead is so badly written you almost want him to fail. Good luck with this.

6)Chicago Med- Who keeps watching these medical dramas? They never change. It's like watching old ER episodes on a never ending loop. The brutal time slot of Tuesday at nine will kill this show stat.

5)Code Black- See above. This one is also preachy as hell but in a better time slot. I still do not think it will last.

4)Rosewood- A medical examiner with a heart condition solves crimes and ZZZZ, sorry dozed off mid sentence. Fox is squandering their pre-Empire time slot in an already weak field. This one won't last long.

3)Truth be Told- When you start out your show with a joke about "white guilt being entertaining," you've not only lost me, I am rooting for you to fail. A sitcom without jokes, likable characters or anything resembling reality, this is NBC's ONLY new sitcom this year. What on God's green Earth did they turn down to okay this piece of garbage? This one may not last two episodes.

2)Dr. Ken- Ken Jeong is not a leading man. And this sitcom proves it. Opposite the above sitcom, Friday at 8:30 is where humor this fall goes to die. The fact he is playing yet another dimwitted dad makes me even angrier. When can we get the wife as the fool for once?

1)The Player- Considering How To Get Away With Murder and football are opposite this giant misfire with Wesley Snipes about people who bet on crime, they will be shooting snake eyes almost immediately. No way does this make past past Halloween, with low digit episodes airing before either moving to Saturday's or getting yanked all together. A must miss and most of you will.

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