Monday, August 31, 2015


This country is becoming dangerously unhinged and it's not just the Republicans. The far left is following the steps of the Tea Party and radical leftism is growing in ways that are every bit as dangerous as the equally fascist right. From the growth of Black Lives Matter that is leading to innocent people, almost always white, getting beaten and killed, as well as cop deaths for no reason other than their uniform, to school lunches being served under the guide of "healthy," but aren't, to words such as "male" and "female" being from barred from classes. This has to stop. This country is tearing itself apart and I fear that very soon it will rip apart forever. We are becoming dangerously divided, to the point now where we are literally killing one another. This can't end well.

The most serious was the shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth in Harris County Texas as he was filling up his car. The suspect, Shannon J. Miles, was caught soon after with no obvious motive other than a black guy shot a white cop for racial reason. A special shout out to the PC news for continuing to describe this ass as "dark skinned," rather than black or even African American. I have Hispanic friends that could be described the same even thought they are NOT black. Have we become so super sensitive to race that we can no longer accurately describe someone? This is not how to run a newsroom!

Regular readers know I am no fan of the police having had less than stellar dealings with some over the years. However, I am also NOT for shooting random police just doing their job. BLM has to take some responsibility for this as their hate speech against the cops (and not without some reason) has led this loser to do the unthinkable. Now mind you had there been a nationwide push to get EVERY cop a camera, things like this might not be happening, or had BLM championed this worthy cause, things might be getting better. But instead the cops fight against cameras in their best interest and BLM continues to fight for the arrest of a man cleared by the courts and black superiority. We need and deserve better.

As do our kids. There is nationwide shortage going on right now over teachers and that has to do with horrific work conditions, lousy pay and physical dangers brought about by out of control students. No one in their right mind would ask for this. I recently talked with a teacher friend of mine who has been doing this for twenty years and she says she is burnt out and may make this her last year. She says the pay never goes up, her benefits and pension keeps shrinking, and the kids are monsters. One story I heard from a friend was of a teacher who was reprimanded for telling a student to shut up in class. When students have all the authority you know you have crossed through the looking glass.

In some states, reprimanding black people in school is frowned upon because of idiotic things like "micro-aggressions" and has led to a complete destruction of authority in which the kids know they can get away with anything, including beating teachers, and nothing will be done. What exactly does that teach our youth other than a complete lack of respect and sure fire way to prison?

Here's a link to a picture gallery of school lunches nationwide, unfairly being blamed on Michelle Obama, aka Obama and Obamacare rising costs:

Those are some sad lunches. The problem with the article isn't the terrible food our kids are being served, it's the fact that Michelle Obama is getting blamed for it. In not one picture do I see salad or vegetables of any sort, except for some green beans which appear to also be the only thing I would eat in any of the pictures. The facts are, school budgets have been cut by Republicans nationwide, causing schools to get creative with their food program. Think the Simpson's Lunch lady opening a box of cafeteria food in one episode that was labeled "Grade F meat, may contain circus animals."

Douchebags like Sam Brownback, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal, two of which are actually running for president, have decreased funding for their schools for a combined amount that is over $200 million. Yeah, Obama is the problem here and his wife. Dicks!

It also doesn't help, that in something I am willing to bet few of you know, but we are literally serving out kids prison food. The same company that feeds a lot of our nations prisons also feed our kids all the way through college. I had the privilege of eating said food for years as my high school and first college I went to, along with a visit to friends at Syracuse University which used the same company way back when, and let me tell you the food was as close to inedible as it could be. I brown bagged it 99% of the time to keep from becoming anorexic.

It's is frightening to see that due to budget cuts, the food has gotten worse. Our kids deserve better.

Lastly, Our colleges have devolved from guardians of free speech to totalitarian dictatorships where the wrong word can cause you to flunk out. Washington College made headlines when it came out that certain teachers had banned words such as "illegal alien," "homosexual," and anything describing gender or race. Guilty parties would be subject to failing said classes. If I were a student, I would get a lawyer and sue the university stat because that kind of "do as I say" bull shouldn't fly anywhere in this country. Imagine a business trying this? They'd get sued so fast so why not colleges where students should have a free say in words that are NOT offensive to anybody but the hyper-sensitive?

Some are teaching about the mythical " white privilege" that only exist in militant black fantasy. I am white and let me tell you I have gotten ZERO help in my life from any institution or government program because of my race. On the other hand, I have witnessed first hand, minorities get all sots of privileges that white people cannot get such as scholarships, jobs and even higher salaries solely because they were a minority and usually a woman as well (two for one in quota speak). Why don't we talk about Black, Asian or Hispanic privilege because that also exists in far greater numbers than the trickles 99% of us white people get? It is true that if you are rich and white, the world is your oyster, but for the majority of us, we get nothing for being white so stop pretending that's true.

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