Sunday, August 30, 2015


The on-air shooter was a black racist (which do exist MTV) who was most certainly a mental case and exactly the kind of person who should have been locked up years ago. But because our mental health system is one of the worst on the planet, we have unchecked whack jobs walking among us and killing people with alarming regularity. We keep hearing how guns are the problem, conveniently ignoring the knives, hammers, baseball bats and other weapons that the mentally ill are also using to kill us with. The problem isn't guns. It's guns falling into the hands of people who shouldn't have them and on this the NRA is fully at fault. It's also psychotics being let to roam free without even the most rudimentary of supervision. Let's see those runner ups.

10)The "inevitable" candidates- I truly thought we were going to get Bush/Hillary with little chance of anyone else. But with the stellar rises of Trump and Sanders, that's not so sure anymore. Trump and Sanders are attracting tens of thousands while Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton struggle to fill a ballroom. A recent poll in Iowa has Sanders now only 7 points behind Hillary and he still leads by the same amount in NH. Worse for Hillary, the three words people identify her most with are dishonest, liar and untrustworthy. Ouch! Jeb Bush had three top advisers fired (or perhaps quit depending on who's telling the story) because his fundraising is dropping fast as his post debate performance, along with falling star Scott Walker, sucked. Bush is anywhere from second to sixth and Walker is seventh, behind such people as Cruz, Carson and Huckabee. Good Christ! Trump looks like he may get the nomination while the battle for the Democrats continues as minorities still support Hillary. Why guys? Do you like living in poverty because she will change nothing on that front? Wise up, stupids.

9)MA Health- I have a love hate relationship with this government group. I love them because without them I wouldn't have health care and would have been dead long before writing this column. I hate them because they seem to be staffed with the dumbest human beings on the face of the Earth. Twice, they have cancelled my insurance for no reason and, even though they were at fault, I had to spend weeks fixing it. Now, my subsidy check stopped being submitted into my bank account because I changed insurance groups and didn't tell them. Nevermind the fact, I have done this in the past with no problem. This time, some douche at the department decided to fuck me and never bothered to even inform me there WAS a problem into the money stopped. Thank God I had enough to cover expenses for the month because otherwise I would have been so screwed. Hopefully, I will have this all taken care of this week and won't have to worry about it anymore. Until they do it again that is.

8)Sigma Nu at Old Dominion- You have to wonder how some morons even get into college. This frat was suspended this week after hanging banners from their balcony that even the most brain damaged should have seen as trouble. They read things like "daughter drop off," Go ahead and drop Mom off, too," and "Rowdy and Fun. Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time." WTF? I know for a fact that every single college student has to sit through a sex embarrassment seminar before even getting on campus which these losers must have slept through. They do know college rape humor is NOT funny, especially in the hyper-sensitive times we live in and is 100% prevalent on college campus' nationwide? These guys will be lucky to not get expelled.

7)Dancing With Stars- I fucking HATE this show. Washed up C-list celebratards compete by dancing badly to some of the whitest versions of music ever heard. I'd rather go to a One Direction concert than sit through one minute of this. However, this week, they hit a new low when it was announced that confessed racist, Paula Deen,will be on. Can we let this waste of space go already? She is phony beyond words, we are talking Hillary Clinton/Dollar Creflo phony, and a certified racist. Take aside her trial, her attitude caught on tape and her admittance of holding parties with racist themes, should be enough to banish her from the airwaves forever. But nope, like Frankenstein, she keeps coming back. Boycott this show with this bitch on it. Me and my fiancee stopped watching the Chew when they kept having her on. As for DWTS, I never watched it anyway. Join me on that.

6)Pokemon Terrorist Attack- Proving my point that there are way too many psychos walking the planet, two utter idiots, Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, were arrested in Boston this week after making on-line threats to attack the Pokemon Convention at the Hynes Center. They showed pictures of their guns on Facebook, threatened to kill certain people, and brought along a small arsenal in the trunk of their car. Needless to say, they are in real trouble as bragging about something before you do it is a surefire way to get arrested stat.

5)Jared Fogel- And the hits keep on coming for beleaguered former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogel who is facing real prison time for statutory rape and kiddie porn and is also facing a bitter divorce and the loss of most of his money, just got hit with another blast that could get him an even longer sentence. Turns out his "charity," like most charities, was a complete fraud. Allegedly set up to help kids fight childhood obesity, forensic accountants discovered 60% was going to the head of the charity, now in jail on possession of kiddie porn as well, and another 28% unaccounted for. So a whopping 12% of the funds they raised went to people who need and the rest went elsewhere. How much you want to bet they tie that missing 28% to Jared? Rot in hell, douchebag.

4)Chris Christie- Fat Bastard keeps dropping in the polls as his ideas go splat seconds after exiting his mouth. His latest bon mot said that he wanted to pay teachers minimum wage plus "bonuses,"because they are way overpaid. Right. The average salary for a teacher in NJ is $37,000 and you want to pay them less? He does know there is a nationwide teacher shortage because of things like this right? And he's running for President? I'd rather see President Trump, President Cruz or President Carson rather than this dick.

3)Donald Trump- This guy is sucking all the oxygen out of the GOP race which is getting the establishment rightfully scared. However, even I was disturbed by how he treated a Univision reporter, throwing him out of a press conference because he refused to tell us how he would deport 11 million people. His attitude was a little racist, yet recent polls show Hispanics not exactly up in arms about it. This guy really is teflon.

2)Ashley Madison- This website is stuff on a rock after revelations about how much a con job this site was came out everywhere. Turns out, having a website devoted to secrecy which then loses those secrets, is not a viable business model. Even worse, people looking through the treasure trove of data discovered that 99% of the woman on the site were fake. Of 37 million subscribers, only 1200 women could be verified as real. OMG, that is funny. Ashley Madison was making up fake women to entice men to join, known as a honey pot, when in reality it was more fantasy than reality that anything was ever going to happen. The CEO stepped down this week with no successor named, signaling that this site is DOA. Good!

1)Vester Flangan- This ass is comprised of every trait I hate in humans. Racist toward white people and hyper-sensitive, combined with an explosive temper, made this guy exactly the kind of guy who should have been committed years ago, and the warning signs were all there, just like every other shooter of the last few decades. He got fired regularly for being a dick and a dangerous one at that. If this occurred back in the 70's, he would have been involuntarily committed and maybe gotten the help he needed (although more likely would have been warehoused and drugged within an inch of his life, thus the reason we have no mental health system anymore). Instead, this loon shot and killed two innocent people. I notice BLM characteristically silent because white live don't matter to those racists. All Lives matter, black, white and all in between. We're stronger together than apart so stop self segregating. The media of course blamed guns for the matter, ignoring the fact that every single shooter over the last few decades should have been in a mental home, like James Holmes and Adam Lanza, but lack of space and money prevented either from getting the help they needed until it was far too late. And how come Dylann Roof shoots black people and he's a dangerous racist while Flanagan is explained away as guns being the culprit and his racism ignored? MTV has been airing this video explaining why black people cannot be racist, which is stupid beyond words. I have black friends and let me tell you they see black racism every day and they are not happy about it. It exists. Deal with it. So congratulations Vester Flanagan, I am glad you died and I hope it is very, very warm where you are. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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