Sunday, August 23, 2015


Holy Crap this woman had a really bad time of it this week. Set aside the email scandal which is not going away any time soon and we also saw her campaign rather poorly, or as I would call it Martha Coakley style, while at the same time appearing bored with the whole process. If she is trying to lose support among just about everyone then she is doing a bang up job. It has gotten so bad that establishment Democrats are panicking that Bernie Sanders may get the nod and are begging Joe Biden to enter which would be the end for Hillary. Let's see those runner ups.

10)St. Louis Riots and the Police- What started as a cut and dried case has now boomeranged back upon the local police force who may have lied about the whole incident that led to new bouts of rioting. Mansur Bell-Bey, 18, was shot by police during a drug bust this week which led black people to riot even though Bell-Bay was said to be armed and shooting at them. Case closed right? Not so fast as the autopsy shows Bell-Bay was shot in the back. Now mind you that still doesn't absolve him from being shot legitimately, but as the cops are as trustworthy as Lex Luthor, no one believes them and with good reason. Why, pray tell are the local police NOT EQUIPPED WITH FUCKING CAMERAS BY NOW, IN ST. LOUIS OF ALL PLACES? This is getting ridiculous as body cameras should be on every cops body by now and those who scream about how to pay for it, it can come out of the salaries of the higher ups on local police forces who deserve some of the blame for this shit storm of continuous bad news, something that is making every cop out there, good or bad, far less safe. The police keep proving that they are not to be trusted and they keep reinforcing that among even in the whitest of communities. How long before people start fighting back in mass numbers? As for black people stop rioting every time something bad happens. You are ruining your own community and setting back black rights decades. Demand body cameras on all cops as a start for Black Lives Matter. Us white folks will back you on that.

9)Black Lives Matter- The way to win over people is through hearts and minds as well as laws. This group is failing on both fronts. They keep interrupting democrats, even though they are their best hope for regaining their communities, and pissing off non-black voters on the process. They refuse to have any concrete demands, like body cameras on all cops, and the ones they do have have are never going to happen. Here are the five they have on their site.  One, the arrest of Darren Wilson is NEVER going to happen as the EVIDENCE says there was no crime. Much like the idiotic refusal to believe that Trayvon Martin deserved to die, as the evidence showed there as well, this group seems focused on all the cases of black deaths that were NOT racist. Where is the demands for the arrest in Tamir Rice's death? Or a Federal case brought against the cop who killed Eric Gardner? And those are just two of the black people who WERE killed by rouge cops. Instead you focus on two deaths that most of America accepts as justifiable. Their second demand is an end to "systematic Racism" in the police force. That won't happen until the black community fixes their own areas first. The most dangerous places in America are all majority black. Why is that? I have white projects right down the street from me. You know what the crime rate is there? Zero. Third, they want an end to military style weapons for local police. I agree with that whole heartedly. They want the Justice Department to release the names of all cops that have killed black people over the last five years which I believe could be done themselves with this thing called newspapers. My blog alone records a lot of these. That demand just seems lazy. Lastly, they want a decrease in law enforcement spending and use that money to help inner city areas. That's not going to happen as the crime rate in these areas is astronomically high and every time anyone does anything good in these areas, some idiots come along and burns it to the ground. Nowhere on their site do I see demands for cameras on every cop, an end to the drug war, calls for INCREASED police patrols which may help stop crime or any other idea that might actually work. I am also getting increasingly pissed that these guys call out the cops for every perceived slight, meanwhile a nine year old girl dies in FERGUSON, MO and not one fucking peep from BLM. So she doesn't matter because some black criminal did it and not a white cop. Who's racist now mother fucker!? This senseless violence has to stop on all sides and until BLM starts acknowledging this, I will look at them as no better than the KKK or the New Black Panthers.

8)North Korea- These infants are the biggest pussies on the face of this Earth. Their tried and true strategy is to scream bloody murder anytime something happens that doesn't go their way, threaten nuclear annihilation and then do absolutely nothing, as always. This is getting old fast as it has been going on now for decades. Let this poor excuse for a country starve already. This week after they wounded two SK soldiers on the DMZ with landmines that were not supposed to be there, they had a fit when they retaliated with loudspeakers propaganda blasted across the border. All of this led to new rounds of talks which is how this goes every single time. You guys need a new playbook because I have seen this movie one too many times.

7)Iran- If the Iran deal falls apart, they may be more to blame than the Republican party. Allegedly, there is a part of the Iran deal that lets them self police themselves at one particular nuclear site. If true, that is not acceptable as corporations self policing do a shit job so what makes us think that Iran would be any better. However, there is some debate as to whether the whole thing is a fake meant to help kill the deal. Either way though, Iran is attacking Israel with Syrian proxies near the Golan Heights. Israel has struck back at Syrian targets for the first time in years. I would like to use this as a defense against that common refrain that Iran never attacks anybody. They may not be doing directly but they are using proxy armies to fight their battles which is no better.

6)Donald Trump and his immigration policy- I can describe his plan in one word: laughable. Not only would it be expensive (at least $300 billion) it's impractical and could even lead to a civil war. Deporting 11 million people is not possible as it would collapse our economy. Just ask Alabama or Georgia how that worked out for them when they "ended" illegal immigration. Oh that's right, their farming areas went bankrupt overnight as no one was willing to work for three dollars an hour. He wants to build the Berlin Wall across Mexico which would be a PR nightmare and would just change how people get here, most likely under it. He has thrown red meat to both the far right and moderates, which is why he is so far ahead in the polls right now.

5)Scott Walker's health care plan- One word description: Retarded. Walker released his plan to overhaul Obamacare that if actually implemented would bankrupt the system quick. He plans to give people a block of money which would in increase the older you got. The problem is the amount he is talking about would only pay for half a years payment for insurance across the board. The rest would be covered out of pocket which means many would not even bother as it would be too expensive to own health insurance at that point, and without a risk pool to dip into, the whole system would go belly up. This is why dumb ass is sinking fast in the polls, down to three percent in some. Go away douchebag. Anyone supporting this ass is way too stupid to ever vote again. Stay home and watch Real Housewives or jerk off to your Bible collection. Just stay away from the voting booths. Please.

4)The Economy- The Dow bit it this week, losing more in two days than at any point in American history. Let that sink in as to how screwed we might be. Chinese stock slides are being blamed but the real reason is that we have fixed nothing since the last crisis and the numbers show it. Retail stores are hemorrhaging customers who have run out of money, yet stock buybacks are keeping their profits up, but that can only go on for so long and we may have hit that wall this week. We have had out first correction since 2011 and the pain may not end. If history is any indication, the stock market may slide a little bit more this week, skyrocket upward for a few weeks and then crash to Earth taking a lot of investors with them. Some are saying a 5000 point Dow is not out of the cards, and if the derivative market tanks, perhaps even lower. Watch the market closely and prepare to sell if things look bad. Monday will tell us a lot.

3)Josh Duggar- The hypocritical ass got caught AGAIN doing something very NOT Christian when it came out that he had not one, but two, open accounts with hacked site Ashley Madison. He does know that the Bible is really explicit about adultery right? I am so sick of Christians who seem to constantly be screaming about abortion (which is not forbidden in the Bible anywhere) and gay people (which is mostly from Leviticus and the works of Paul) yet somehow miss the big picture like being nice to people, feeding the poor and NOT doing things like killing doctors or sleeping with their neighbors. You people should be reading that book a lot better than you have doing.

2)Jared Fogle- Subway's former spokesperson had a really bad week when he was arrested for not only possession of child porn but for underage sex, aka statutory rape, as well. He will be sentenced to five to twelve years, assuming the judge goes along with the plea deal which he doesn't have to, has lost his job with Subway forever and is going to get divorced and lose custody of his children. Hope it was worth it loser. Subway's slogan "eat fresh" takes on a whole new meaning now. Might I suggest "the only thing young and virgin here is our olive oil."

1)Hillary Clinton- They writing may be on the wall that she is sinking ship and I for one couldn't be happier. Never mind the constant GOP attacks, most of which are stupid and petty, she is doing all the damage to herself. Her email controversy is Swiftboating all over again as she has handled it so poorly from day one. However, unlike the John Kerry hits, she may have actually committed a crime here, one that has sent lesser people to jail and ended the careers of Sandy Berger and General Petreaus. In the midst of this she has joked about it, evaded questions and, even though Tom Brady was being racked across the coals for destroying his phone, which made him seem guilty even if he wasn't, she did the exact same thing with her server. Who exactly is advising her? She also this week failed miserably to turn a meeting with BLM into a campaign win instead coming across as cold and unfeeling, which makes me wonder why is the black community still so behind someone who will do NOTHING for you once in office, but Sanders continues to lag behind in the minority vote? The worst of this week wasn't reported on any newscast because it would seem like a hit piece. I spent the last week pouring over videos of Hillary in Iowa to confirm what I have heard from my sources within the government that tell me she is one mean son of a bitch. Apparently, according to what I have heard first hand, anyone who gets a secret service assignment with her sees it as a punishment as she is demanding and cruel. Just what I want in a President. So I went and looked at the videos from Iowa and damn if they don't seem right. She ignored the most gimme questions from the press like "Are Iowa apples better than NY?" She pretended not to hear it. She looked bored for a lot it and keep disengaging from voters as Bill Clinton kept shmoozing, which is why he won two times and she seems to be headed to the exit. She even hid from the public at one point behind a black curtain in a ballroom. I do not like this woman and it has nothing to do with her sex or her affiliation. It's her attitude which I see as phony, condescending and bitchy. I would have supported Liz Warren over her any day. So congratulations Hillary Clinton for proving my instincts right about you and that I want you nowhere near the high office of President. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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