Sunday, August 2, 2015


Wow there were a lot of douchebags out there this week, so many in fact that this week there will be 11 people on the list. I tried to cut it down more but these 11 were such idiots that they all had to be on here. No one was as hated on a global level more than Dr. Palmer, the dentist who killed an actual Lion King. He has since gone into hiding as his chances of coming out of this with just a slap on the wrist, like the last time he got caught poaching, are near nil and he is going to be very unpopular for some time. Hope you saved your money dick because your career and former life are over. Let's see those runner ups.

11)Paul Herbert- A quick tip for anyone scamming the government by collecting disability when you aren't actually disabled: Don't appear on TV for weeks on end doing hard labor that proves you aren't disabled. Well this schmuck from Wicked Tuna seemed to have missed that memo. Having appeared on the show since 2010, one has to wonder how inept the disability fraud department is. It's not like he was hiding it as his show went out to millions every week. Government inaction as always. The fifty year old from Gloucester, MA was indicted in Federal Court this week for collecting $44,000 over the same period time he was getting paid well for fishing tuna and appearing on a TV show every week. What a greedy douchebag. And all for a measly $44,000 over five years. Must be a Republican.

10) Perry Cohen, Austin Stephanos and their idiot families- This story made me madder than most. It was a tragedy that these two 14 year olds appear to have drowned off the coast of Florida this week. It was reckless and stupid to take a 19 foot fishing boat out into open waters but they were 14 years old for God's sake, so they get a little bit of slack. The parents however killed their children with their awesome ineptitude. For some inane reason they had neither a GPS on the boat to track where the boat was or an emergency beacon if something like this happened. It's not like they are poor, as Joe Namath lives near them, so money wasn't an issue. So let me get this straight, you trusted two 14 year old with zero supervision to always do the right thing and because of your super lax parenting styles they are now presumed dead. Way to go, guys. They are dead because you failed as parents. Live with that.
9)Dunkin Donuts CEO Nigel Travis- This elitist had the gall to say that raising the minimum wage to $15 in NYC was tantamount to treason and that people will get laid off and prices will rise. That may be true to a small extent but the price hikes will be minimal and job losses will be temporary as higher spending creates more jobs. We know this will happen as in places like Seattle, where the wage hike has already occurred, prices haven't skyrocketed, job losses have gone down and the city is growing at a faster pace than most. What is truly appalling is that fact that this ass makes something like $4500 an hour yet he expects the rest of us to starve. This is nothing new as the robber barons and the French aristocracy did the same thing around a hundred years ago. They both got into a lot of trouble for it, dying in some cases. Revolution is coming people like it or not. Let's try to make it as peaceful as possible by voting out all the Republicans come 2016. The Democrats may not be much better, but they won't intentionally drive the country back off a cliff again.

8)Bill Cosby- This freaking rapist just hired a new lawyer, a black woman at that, who is now trying to spin the close to 40 allegations against him as all lies, made up by people seeking money or fame or both. Nevermind the fact that almost none of these women have looked for anything but the truth and several are already rich and famous so why would they be lying exactly? Cosby is a serial rapist. Time to ignore his black ass until death finally comes for him, most likely to a much warmer climate where he is forced to watch Leonard Part 6 forever.

7)Mike Huckabee- Trying to be Trump-esque, this religious moron said the latest Iran deal was the worst thing ever and would be leading the Israelis right back into the ovens of Auschwitz. He actually said that. When pressed for an apology by the press, he refused saying he truly believed this nonsense. Everyone is vying for those ten spots as no one wants to be put at the children's table for the debate which will air at 5 PM on Fox Thursday, almost four hours before the big event. No one wants to be on the earlier one but at least six will be, most likely including Graham, Santorum, Fiorina, Jindal, Pataki and possibly Perry. These six, along with Mike Huckabee, are going to lose. As is whoever they nominate who may very well be Donald Trump.

6)Donald Trump/MSM- It wouldn't be a douchebag column without Trump's name on it. Buy we also have a tie with the MSM's coverage of what Trump said this week. Some muckraker found a blurb in Ivana Trump's book about their life together that inferred that Trump had raped her while married. Trump's laywer, and this is as tone deaf as it gets, said "by definition, you can't rape your spouse," which turned out to be untrue in all fifty states. But even with that stupid statement, it seems highly irresponsible to go with this story without first confirming it with the source, who denied any of it. This was all from a deposition during the Trump/Ivana divorce and trust me when I say that all sorts of falsehoods come out when you are pissed and hurt. None of this was news and again the MSM is to blame. It also didn't help that most stations are pushing Trump, Hillary and Bush ad naseum. Bernie Sanders is running too guys. How about a little press for him already? Stop forcing narratives down my throat.

5)Mathew Sanchez- This firefighter from Albuquerque got fired this week from his 911 job after he hung up on a dying man because he was upset over the caller's attitude. The man's friend was trying to help him after his was accidentally shot during a house party with obvious chaos involved. When he asked for the millionth time whether the victim was breathing, the caller got agitated answering the same question over and over. Sanchez had a snit fit over this and said "I am not dealing with this right now," and hung up to what I am sure was an open mouthed stare at the phone from the other side. The boy died soon after. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen and possible charges against Sanchez. Why is there an unemployment problem when so many assholes have jobs they obviously shouldn't?

4)Officer Ray Tensing- Speaking of assholes who shouldn't be working at their profession, the now fired, soon to be convicted felon, Ray Tensing, a Cincinnati campus cop, was caught on body camera executing an unarmed black man (REALLY?) and then trying to cover it up. This is getting old people. This dick wasn't even secretly filmed but was tripped up by his own body camera. How do you lie, with the help of fellow police, when the whole thing is on tape and you know it? That is some world class stupidity. At least he was fired right away AND arrested, unlike the Tamir Rice case which is still unresolved seven months after the killing occurred. Tensing made bail and is awaiting trial, to which his boss has publicly called him a true idiot and someone who should never have been a cop. Ouch! This guy is screwed.

3)Planned Parenthood videos- Yet another right wing hatchet job trying to demonize Planned Parenthood using heavily edited videos to champion their cause. I am sure if the entire video was released, we would see a far different narrative then the ones they are showing. It was this kind of yellow journalism that brought down ACORN, even though they were subsequently cleared of any wrong doing and the videos there shown were edited against them, just like PP. Even if PP was guilty of selling body parts, I don't care. The anti-abortion crowd is arguing it is far better to throw out useful items rather than use them for the betterment of mankind, as these could lead to cures for diabetes, Parkinson's and MS to name just a few. But we would rather chuck them instead and let the sick suffer as a result. Which is actually worse?

2)Roger Goodell- This dick just missed the top spot this week for stabbing a friend in the back, one of the worst things you can do to a person. After Bob Kraft reached what he thought was an agreement regarding Tom Brady by accepting a million dollar fine and the loss of 2 draft picks, Goodell upheld his ruling to the shock of many. Nevermind the fact that there is zero evidence that Brady did anything wrong, the court of public opinion is still calling him a cheat, regardless of the fact that there is no proof. NONE! Ohh, he destroyed his phone rather than give it to Goodell. The last thing you do in a witch hunt is give them any ammo to use against them. Brady could have had all sorts of things on his phone that he didn't want getting out and they wanted carde blanche with it. F that! No one in this country would willingly give their phone to their boss, for any reason, short of a court order. And Brady did the same. Until they show me hard proof he did anything wrong, I will defend him. Goodell, on the other hand, can suck it.

1)Dr. Walter Palmer- As of right now, Dr. Palmer is the most wanted man on the face of this Earth. You could go to the furthest, darkest part of the planet and no matter how isolated the people were there, they would still know who Dr. Palmer is. And they would hate him. After killing Cecil the Lion, a Zimbabwe treasure, especially for tourism which one of the poorest nations of Earth desperately needs, the government demanded his extradition to face charges of poaching. And while the US might fight a lot of extradition orders, this is almost certainly not one of them. He has been in hiding for some time and just recently contacted authorities who have been looking for him. Chances are good he will be heading back to Zimbabwe to face trial for this which means perhaps years in one of the worst prison systems on Earth. And he's white which is an unfortunate color to be in the very anti-white country. Think of a black man being sent to a KKK prison and you get the idea. It doesn't help that he has been sited for poaching before, paying a hefty fine, and has been successfully sued for sexual harassment by a former employee. This guy's life is OVER! So congratulations Dr. Palmer, you are really, really screwed and are indeed the douchebag of the week.

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  1. I love this!!! Very well written!!! Could not have said it better. They are all douchebags and Dr. Walter Palmer IS the biggest one.