Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I've officially seen it all now. I have spent the last few days pouring over hundreds of articles, thousands of comments and reached a startling conclusion: you're pissed! Good. It means some of you out there are actually paying attention. Even the most crackpot lunatic from either side have started to see reason as the establishment desperately tries to keep their narrative going with lesser and lesser success.

A quick side note before I delve any further into the occurrences in GOP land and Ferguson and that is yesterday I spent most of the day warning people NOT to buy stocks as the stock market raced upward for terrible reasons.  Almost all of the large hedge fund managers were saying it was a dead cat bounce and anyone buying energy stocks, which experienced a one day rally as predicted, were going to get burned. Today's stock market plummeted as energy stocks dropped again as China devalued it's currency, another desperate attempt to save their failing economy. The fact that Caterpillar stocks went up as well, totally due to stock buybacks, shows how devoid the market is from reality. The point is I was right about the market yesterday and many are seeing a real possibility for a major downturn soon. The market for the last six weeks have eerily resembled the 2008 market right before the big crash. So be warned if you have stock to watch the market closely and sell if things start to look sketchy.

Back to the story at hand. This week saw the implosion of the establishment GOP and Black Lives Matter. These two represent the far right and far left and proof America has had it with both. Now to be fair, Black Lives Matter has a point while the establishment Republican party is just evil. But both have horribly misjudged their audience and as a result face extinction.

Let's start with Ferguson and Black Lives Matter. They both did not have a good week with even many a black person saying ENOUGH! Ferguson erupted again on the one year anniversary of Mike Brown for what can only be described as absolutely no good reason. Black Lives Matter was there along with their idiotic hijacking of a Bernie Sanders rally (Really? WTF? Did you have nothing better to do that day?), seriously damaging their creditability to Occupy Wall Street levels. What exactly are you guys protesting at this point because you message appears to be non-existent?

Occupy Wall Street fizzled because they had Zero concrete demands. The same can now be said for Black Lives Matter. All I heard from their spokespeople was the want as end to "institutionalized racism." Great. How? Just like the Republicans all I hear is silence when that comes up. Here's a list of some specific demands you should be making:

End the Drug War
Demand more policing of bad neighborhoods
Have every cop in the country wear a camera
Demand accountability for cops found being racist
End bad cop swaps from prescient to prescient, molester priest style.

These are just a few ideas but asking to end racism isn't going to happen unless you have ideas HOW to end racism. And let's be clear, black people have to take some responsibility for the epic crime rates in their community. What purpose was served by looting Ferguson again? How did that help you? The white man is not killing black people anywhere the numbers they do to each other. That has to stop.

The fact that blacks are being seen more and more as mindless savages is making already slightly racist white people much more racist. Oath Keepers, armed to the teeth, descended on parts of Ferguson which is SO provocative but at the same time understandable. I don't agree with it but I get why some of the less stable are going to start seeing black people as the enemy.

If the black community doesn't get a handle on the problem, they are facing a dim future and almost certainly walled off areas that might as well be a prison. Think Gaza for black people. If you don't think that can happen here guess again. I do not want to see that happen but even the most leftist person is starting to see real hate for Black Lives Matter for what is starting to appear to be more anti-white than anything.

Then we have the other side where Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh both went off on Fox News for the terrible debate. Those two being on the same page will never happen again so relish in it now. Fox News was seen across the board from non-MSM sources as being very biased against Trump and threw softballs at almost everyone else. They didn't ask one question on things even Republicans care about like jobs and the economy. NOT ONE! And people noticed.

Even after Trump insulted Megyn Kelly (and not all women as the press keeps trying to sell to us), his numbers went up. You know why? Because most people saw the debate and Frank Luntz's laughable focus group afterward as pure theater and not even real good theater either. It was so obvious to even the dumbest person that you have to wonder if the powers that be have gotten lazy. The other reason is that Trump, for all his faults, is still the GOP's best candidate. He is their best candidate because he has done what no one has done in that party for a long time: he's moved away from the far right and towards it at the same time. A real good politician knows he can't win an election unless he appears to be both moderate and extreme. Bill Clinton was the master of that. Trump is proving to be quite good at it as well.

Trump has latched on to the extremists of the party with his "build a wall" mantra. He latched on the a huge sum of the party that HATES trade agreements, something not one of his opponents agrees with. He's exposed the hypocrisy of being beholden on to corporate interests and big donors like the Koch brothers. He is uniting the party with a lot of ideas they like while Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Rick Perry are on life support. Perry looks to be stuff on a rock as he has run out of money to even pay his staff anymore. Paul and Christie moved WAY too far to the right to even be considered at this point and Perry was never going to recover from his run last time. Oops!

Trump is dangerous because he is both celebrity and truth teller to a certain extent. He may not have too many concrete ideas (although his idea to sell insurance across state lines is a good one), but he still towers above the rest of the pack who appear as children next to him.

The same goes for Hillary who may be in real trouble. Her numbers continue to shrink in NH and Iowa and Bernie Sanders is attracting crowds bigger than ALL of the other candidates combined! He got 28,000 in Portland, with 9000 outside who couldn't get in and 27,000 in LA with thousands more outside again. My sources tell me people are going to be shocked by how much Bernie Sanders is raking in from small donations only when it comes out in October. He may actually have a chance after all, especially after Hillary desperately tries to court democrats increasingly souring on her.

Bernie picked up his first endorsement from a national nursing union, which is telling as it is comprised of 90% women. Polls say that while Hillary has a commanding lead, many are still undecided and may flip if the debates go as badly for her as I think they will. Go Bernie. We need you bad.

If we could have a Trump/Sanders contest I will be the happiest man alive. If Sanders wins, we may actually get a better world. If Trump wins, who knows. I do know he'll be better than anyone else the GOP is trotting out. And that should tell you how far the GOP has fallen if that is the case.

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