Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Two weeks after the Republican debate and near constant talk about Hillary's emails have taken their toll and a lot of people are reeling right off the page. Trump continues to rise and some pundits have seriously deluded themselves that he can win now. They seem to be forgetting that few Hispanics are going to vote for this guy, especially after his laughable immigration program was unveiled, which means he cannot win in a general election.

We get so caught up in national polls and popularity contests that we forget that the electoral college negates all of that and the race will come down to a handful of states which are Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. The rest are fairly solid one way or another and regardless who the candidate is, minus some earth shattering revelation weeks before the election for either side, those states are going red or blue 100% of the time. PA is a lost cause as they haven't gone red since Reagan and both Florida and Ohio lean blue, but if the election is close, could be stolen just like 2004 was. Either way, Hispanic votes may be the win or lose ratio for both and if the election isn't close, then it can't be stolen without a lot of red flags going up to an already distrustful public. If that's the case, the democrats will win again and by larger numbers than the pundits suggest.

Thus we have Trump's outrageous, impossible plan to fix the illegal immigration problem. He'd deport them all, build a huge wall, cut off payment to Mexico by illegals, stop corporations from hiring legal aliens over citizens and alter the Constitution to end anchor babies. The only thing I like in all of that is ending the hiring of legal aliens over citizens as I have seen that first hand and how it destroys the labor market and wages. Other than that, none of his ideas are feasable.

Better border security is always a good idea but we also can't have the Berlin wall there either with mine fields, guard dogs and machine guns. That is a public relations nightmare especially when video escapes of border guards gunning down children which would inevitably happen.

We can't deport 11 million people for lots of reason. One is price as they estimate it would cost $200 billion and I feel that it way lower than what it would actually cost as they would have to put all these people somewhere while they deport them and we do not have anywhere near that capacity, unless the rumored FEMA camps do exist in mass numbers which would require them to explain WHY they have all these camps they have denied as a conspiracy theory. Two is will as again video of children being torn away from their home will not make people happy with government and may incite riots from all sides.

Cutting off payments home, which total around $25 billion per year, would bankrupt Mexico and cause even more illegal immigration. Finally, changing the Constitution is not going to happen as three quarters of Congress and three fourths of state legislatures are not going to vote for this anytime soon so that is simply a pipe dream.

Like a lot of Republican ideas, this one sucks. Scott Walker unveiled his health care plan and, as an expert on this subject, I laughed out loud as to how stupid it was. His plan to give people blocks of money to pay for health care would be half of what is needed to buy insurance today, and does nothing to slow out of control drug costs which is the big reason prices are spiking right now, not Obamacare, which is getting the blame. His plan, like his candidacy, is terrible and explains why his numbers are going south quick.

Speaking of going down hard, joining Rick Perry on that slow slide to irrelevancy, two of the worst governors are falling on hard times. Mystery Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal hasn't been seen in so long his face should be on a milk carton. His time is just about done sources say as his money has dried up stat. Another unpopular governor, Chris Christie, is rumored to be thinking about quitting as early as the end of the month. His idiotic ideas have been ridiculed, and rightfully so and his poll numbers have plunged to below the margin or error so technically he could be at zero.

The guy doing the worst is stunningly no longer Jim "Who the hell is that?" Gilmore but possibly closeted gay candidate Lindsey Graham (if he's not gay I would be shocked) who now polls around .8%. Yuck. Herpes polls better.

The GOP is struggling, Trump is surging and may get the nomination. In a general election however, he is going to lose and lose badly to whoever runs against him.

Hillary is running terrible ads in NH right now which basically are sob story bull about her poor parents and upbringing. I DON'T CARE! What are you plans for anything because you have been infuriatingly vague about that. You know why Bernie is gaining on you? Because he's not running ads taking about his past but about our future. Learn from that or lose badly which appears to be where you may be headed.

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