Sunday, August 16, 2015


Hillary had a terrible week. Her email scandal, if it is indeed that, is dragging her numbers down to such an extent that the establishment is getting really worried about Bernie Sanders being the next President. She had a flame out on Twitter with yet another candidate who doesn't understand how the Internet works. How is it that a guy that looks like he doesn't even own a computer is more computer savvy than Clinton's interns? This explains why she has now gone with a Bernie-lite like approach with student loans (although Bernie's is far better) which is helping her outreach but is it too little too late? Let us see those runner ups on a slow news week.

10)Kelly Osbourne- I never liked her as I have a particular disdain for untalented hacks who get by solely because their parents are famous. What exactly has she done in her "career?" She put out one lackluster album, appeared on Fashion Police because of a blink and you'd miss it fashion career, and made a few quest appearances on shows outside her awful reality program. That's it. What makes her qualified to do anything? I was really unhappy with her after she quit Fashion Police over a very NON-racist comment her co-host Giuliana Rancic made about singer Zendaya's dredlocks. Now Kelly Osbourne got burned by that same PC bull during an appearance on the View this week where she accurately made the comment that if we get rid of all Latinos who will clean our toilets? Like it or not, that is an accurate statement. She didn't say ALL Latinos clean toilets, but if someone is, chances are they are Latino. Because of this, allegedly, Rosie Perez quit, although there is some doubt as to the veracity of this claim. Either way, Osbourne got it from all sides meaning one should be careful of the hand that feeds you if you bite it and boy did she bite it this week. Please, just go away Kelly.

9)Ikemefuna Enemkpali- Good Lord what a name. This guy could quite possibly be the stupidest man alive this week. Over a six hundred dollar debt, this third string linebacker for the Jets, broke the jaw  of their starting quarterback. He's out for most if not all of the season and Ike was fired. The messed up part is that the Bills picked him the next day. What does it take to get fired and stay fired in some professions in this country? Most of us can lose our jobs for being a minute late for work.

8)Alcee Hastings- Just to prove Democrats are not always the best candidate for the job I give you this loser from Florida. Seems one of the state Representatives not only won't vote for the Iran deal, he has also introduced a resolution authorizing war against Iran. WTF? Does this moron know that doing this will end in a nuclear war as every war game ever conducted has shown? Why is it, across the planet, some the stupidest people are in charge?

7)Ted Wells/ Roger Goodell- These two had really bad weeks. Brady got his day in court and the judge seemed less than enthusiastic with the NFL over all of this. People analyzing the proceedings say Goodell came across as petty and vindictive with little to no reason for his punishment and very little evidence of wrongdoing. Regardless of how this plays out, Goodell harmed his reputation with this. On top of all of that, Ted Wells is getting sued for his indictment of Richie Icognito, in last year's bulling scandal, who's attorney says both reports show a clear bias against the accused and was hardly impartial. Again, why do the dumbest people seem to be in charge of everything lately?

6)Ferguson- Black people rioted again in the town of Ferguson for no actual reason. Protests broke out over the one year anniversary of the death of Mike Brown, in which evidence seemed to clear Officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing, but by which the community doesn't believe it. Real progress has been made over the last year including the firing of a lot of community leaders, replaced by black people in their place, and cameras on every cop in town. Yet the protests want an end " to institutionalized racism," but with no clear demands how to accomplish such a lofty goal, meaning it's Occupy Wall Street all over again. You may have a point but you also have to have clear and reasonable demands and cannot, repeat, CANNOT, burn down your city every time something doesn't go your way.

5)Rick Perry- This might be the first casualty of the GOP presidential race as his numbers have dropped to less than 1% and is rapidly running out of money so fast he has stopped paying a lot of his support staff. And he is from Texas which is the money pipeline for Republicans. Ouch. To be fair, he never had a real chance as he never recovered from his attempt in 2012. Oops.

4)Rand Paul- The more I hear from this lunatic, the less I like him. The funny part is America agrees as his latest numbers from polls like Fox News have him falling to the bottom of the pack, joining a lot of others which I will get into later, at a whopping three percent. To quote Planes, Trains and Automobiles: "You're going the wrong way. You're going to kill someone." This week, he had the balls to say rich people are rich because they work harder than poor people. Almost everyone wealthy, and I mean really wealthy, inherited their money which required zero effort while the majority of us work sixty hour work weeks for crap pay. The left let into him and the right even held their nose up to that statement. Way to join Rick Perry through the exit door. Your advisers suck and had you run like Trump is, you could have been the front runner. Far right nonsense will get you nowhere fast except with a loud, vocal minority of your own party. It won't win you Presidential elections as the past thirty years have shown.

3)MSM- These dinosaurs are still saying Bernie and Trump can't win, even though both are rising in the polls, are attracting tens of thousands of supporters and are speaking a similar message to the disenfranchised crowd which is now a huge majority of America. It should be telling to the Republican party that Trump is definitively NOT anti-gay and I still believe giving lip service about being anti-abortion, and yet he continues to climb. Why? Because the average Republican doesn't care about either. They want jobs and a better economy to which 95% of the party has no clear ideas. At least with Trump, they have hope a business man might do better than the incompetent boobs they have been electing for decades now with nothing to show for it. And Bernie is gaining real momentum. He is ahead in NH by 6, 17 in MA and in the newest poll, over 50% now in Iowa. He has gotten so big even the MSM has had to cover him, usually prefaced with the "he can't win mantra." Some, like the newspaper The Guardian, downplayed a recent Sanders event in which they said over 15,000 people showed up. Other wrote 20,000. The official number was 28,000, a far cry from some publications. Why? The establishment doesn't want either and they will do anything to keep it Bush versus Hillary which at this stage of the game, seems very unlikely. Do better guys or sink further into irrelevance.

2)Republicans post debate- A few people like Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina did very well post debate. The rest, not so much. Bush and Walker have fallen to single digits, nine and six percent, showing that the debate did not do them any favors. Rubio has curiously fallen to four percent, meaning the GOP may be more ready for a black candidate than a Hispanic one. Lindsay Graham and Jim Gilmore have such low scores they do not even register. Chris Christie should start deciding what post political career he should have because not only is he not going to win the Presidency, he won't be governor past the next election either.

1)Hillary Clinton- Her numbers continue to fall as the most political savvy out there see her as a phony and a corporatist. She tried to emulate Bernie this week with some sort of free community college plan but is far weaker than the one Sanders offers who his has a way to pay for it through a Wall Street tax while Hillary has nothing. Then she tried to be cute with an emoji contest about student loans that, as anyone with a brain could have seen, ended up looking trivial and out of touch. She is still reeling from the email scandal with no resolution possibly until January which means not only will this haunt her through four debates but could tank her chances at the Iowa caucus. Even if she did nothing wrong, which is entirely feasible considering how many are still crying about Benghazi, this could kill her chances at getting the nomination. The party has moved further to the left. Fight against it at your own peril. So congratulations Hillary, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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