Sunday, August 9, 2015


I love how people say the debate asked "tough questions" to everyone, but it was clear from the get go that Fox News had it in for Trump. As for the others, most of the questions were fairly softball, incomplete or just plain butt kissing. Fox News lost a lot of respect from regular viewers and the fact that ordinary people are catching on to how rigged our election process gives me hope for the future. Trump may be a terrible candidate, but it says loads when we all see that the rest of the GOP hopefuls are worse. Let's see those runner ups for which there had to be 11 again this week.

11)Fantastic Four- I am a big fan of the Fantastic Four comics. The sad part is that the previous three films, one never released, were terrible. They failed to understand any of the characters and really screwed up Dr. Doom. Now comes a new one, with a questionable cast, an untested director and a studio known for royally fucking this franchise up. The latest is no exception. Dark, dull and possessing terrible effects, this latest entry cratered in the box office pulling in $26 million stateside and roughly $38 million overseas. Considering the budget was $120 million and will need to get back double that to break even, the prospect of a sequel to this bomb is unlikely. Thank God. The writing was on the wall when Marvel ended the Fantastic Four series, not wanting to give any extra ammo to this disaster.

10)Brent Farley- The world's dumbest bounty hunter really stepped in it this week when he attempted to arrest a fugitive in Oklahoma wanted on drug charges. What dumbass didn't know was the house he was at belonged to the local police chief. Guess who got arrested and isn't even a licensed bounty hunter?

9)Black Lives Matter- These idiots are really getting on my nerves. This week, two white teens were killed by police in questionable fashions. Where was the media on this? Busy covering another black teen killed by cops that's where. Now this black kid does deserve all the attention he gets because he was unarmed even if he was busy destroying a car dealership for some unknown reason. This is why All Lives Matter is more important that just Black Lives Matter. People of all races are being killed and this needs to be addressed. It's not all about race. To make matters worse some racist douchebags from the group stormed the stage during a Bernie Sanders rally, disrupting the whole thing and caused Bernie to leave without uttering a word. Shameful.

8)TPP- This week talks broke down in Hawaii, sending the TPP to it's grave for now. Canada didn't like some part that helped Mexico and not them, New Zealand didn't like something that helped Australia and no one liked the new drug prescription plan that would triple their health care costs. There is little chance this will be resurrected any time soon, especially during an election year so who ever the next President is will get a say in it's revival which means only Trump and all democrats other than Hillary have condemned this. Good. And people wonder why Trump is winning.

7)Paul LePage- One of the country's worst governors got smacked in the face so hard you would have thought he lost all of his teeth. After showing a complete lack of understand over how government works, Captain Dumbass let almost 70 new laws go into effect that he thought he was vetoing but in actuality was letting them become law. He tried to use a pocket veto to let them expire, unaware that only works if Congress is not in session, which it was. He vowed to veto them anyway. Too bad for him as the State Supreme Court upheld the new laws saying that the governor has no power to stop it and he should have known better. Ouch! Democrats passed a lot of laws this way that had no chance otherwise. Stephen King must be laughing his ass off over this as he HATES this guy.

6)Chuck Schumer- Not one of my favorite democrats by any means, this ass decided to side with the Jewish lobby in voting against the Iran deal, which is odd as this all but guarantees the possible annihilation of Israel should this deal fall through and war happen instead. This deal is the best, ONLY option we have. Stop pretending otherwise.
5)Caitlyn Jenner's show- After all of the fanfare, shock and novelty has worn down over Bruce Jenner becoming a woman, the public has said in one loud clear voice that this new show sucks. Ratings have nose dived since it's wan opening, with critics calling it epically dull because Jenner is kind of wet blanket and always has been. No one was watching the Kardashians for him and it shows.

4)Ken Paxton/Kathleen Kane- The AG of Texas was arrested this week on fraud charges and Kathleen Kane the AG of PA was also arrested for leaking info about a rival to the press. So a Tea Party idiot and a clueless Democrat show what most of us already know: both sides suck. Paxton is far worse trouble as he faces hundreds of years behind bars for what he did while Kane will most likely just lose her job. I think very little of either.

3)EPA- In the exact opposite of what the EPA is supposed to do, these idiots accidentally dug too far into an old mine and unleashed a torrent of waste water into a local river in Colorado, turning it a bright orange. Way to go guys. Locals are pissed, river guides are out work and the toxic mess is spreading further and further downstream. It is unknown when it will be fixed.

2)Jeb Bush- This idiot was lousy during the debates and pissed off more woman than Trump did (which was more about Megyn Kelly than women in general) by saying that $500 million was unnecessary for women's health costs. The GOP keeps trying to kill of Planned Parenthood with gotcha, heavily edited videos and ignoring the fact that only 3% of operations goes to abortion and the rest go to keeping poor women healthy. The GOP is not female friendly.

1)Fox News- Wow, did that debate suck. And not because the candidates are all barely contained parodies of themselves but for setting up Trump from the first question. All of Trump's questions were really hard hitting, with lot's of details, while the others got softball or incomplete questions. Why ask Walker about his horrible job creation numbers without providing a little more context as to how bad it is, not to mention his state's economy in the crapper? And did we really need Bush to answer about Iraq again? He's already messed that one up, so why give him a chance to recover unless that's what you wanted? And what was up with that focus group afterward which slammed Trump, contrary to every other poll taken? Even right wingers like, WND and Rush Limbaugh slammed Fox News for their handling of Trump and rightfully so. It was a clear hatchet job and may have inadvertently made him even stronger. I see no sign his comments about Kelly have hurt him at all, with many agreeing that she kind of sucked that night and was obviously biased. So congratulations Fox News, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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