Thursday, August 6, 2015


Tonight comes the first two Republican debates, with ten more to follow over the next few months. The kid's table is filled with people who have NO chance of ever becoming the nominee short of everyone else in the second debate dying or imploding with some sort of weird sex scandal. In short, it's not going to happen. Many have asked why they all weren't allowed in the nine o'clock debate, to which I answer, why were they were allowed to debate at all.

There are others running for President as well who are not as well known but statistically are equal to people like Rick Santorum, George Pataki or Jim Gilmore, who I still have no earthly idea who exactly he is. Why don't others like Skip Andrews, George Bailey (that is his real name by the way) or Michale Bicklemeyer get on the stage too? They are all declared candidates for the Republican nomination and have just as much chance as the seven losers at the five o'clock debate. Oh, but because they aren't famous to a certain extent, or have held some sort of office no matter how brief (Gilmore was a one term Virginia Governor about a hundred years ago), they get to spout their nonsense but the other dozen running get squat. Yeah, that's fair.

What Fox should have done is eliminate anyone under a certain percentage, using as many polls as possible, and narrow the field to the top eight. There is already some controversy as the polls Fox used seemed arbitrary, like not using a NBC/Marist poll for some reason that made no statistical sense. Much like the Democrats are also doing, the RNC is fixing the narrative so you get to watch only what they want you to. However, because Donald Trump is there, they have no control over someone they would really rather not have. But the polls are too strong to ignore even if this entry threatens the status quo as much as Bernie Sanders does for the left.

We are being told who to vote for with the powers that be desiring a Bush/Hillary narrative that 90% of America wants no part of. Unfortunately for those really running the show, both are flaming out hard this week. Jeb Bush stepped in it hard AGAIN, when he said defunding a half a billion dollars for women's health was a great idea. Needless to say, this did not go over well. Poll after poll say that this country is overwhelmingly pro-choice no matter how much the GOP says otherwise. Anti-abortion legislation has failed at the voting box in even the most conservative state which is why they have gone the other route and had Congress enact laws instead, bypassing the voter completely. This is the new norm by the way where things like background checks for guns or an end to patent trolls keeps dying in a government that really doesn't want to change either, no matter what they tell us publicly.

The democrats announced only four debates before the Iowa caucus and two after, as well as a ban from participating in any other "unsanctioned" debates, lest they be disbarred from attending the ones the DNC wants. This only helps Hillary and hurts every other candidate, not to mention the American people who should be allowed to see how the candidates inform us of their opinions in a public way. Again, Sanders, O'Malley are pissed, especially as for some inane reason the first DNC debate isn't until October. Why? The debates are the only way for us to see how bad Hillary is and how great Sanders is to a national audience, thus the reason why we and the democratic candidates that don't have a vagina are not happy with this.

Hillary has another problem with a criminal probe into her emails. Depending on what you listen to or read, conflicting reports are coming out from this. Some say she is under a criminal probe and other deny it. Here's the fact: Hillary is under a criminal probe from the FBI according to my FBI sources as ALL investigations by the FBI involve criminal intent as that's how they roll. The Inspector General who reviewed her emails found that out of forty he looked at, four contained classified information that was classified at the time, the exact opposite of what Hillary has said.

This same types of crimes cost Sandy Berger his job and law license and General Petraeus his job and his political future. How this might affect Hillary is unknown but could eventual derail her Presidental ambition. How funny would it be if she lost because of not foreseeing the issues with having a private email account.

So tomorrow I will review tonight's two debates which I plan on watching with a bowl of popcorn and a pillow to punch when someone says something so stupid I lose my temper which I expect to happen with alarming regularity. The election season officially starts tonight and I am looking more forward to this debate than any previous year because of one and only one reason: Donald Trump. I am curious to see what kind of bloodbath happens and I expect it to be that bad. Make sure you come back dear readers because my column tomorrow is going to be a real winner, unlike the morons I will be writing about.

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