Monday, August 3, 2015


James Holmes was found to be mentally competent to receive the death penalty today, after the jury spent all of two hours deliberating, most likely only taking that long to get a free lunch out of it. I admit I am torn on this one. Yes he was a giant dick for gunning down a bunch of innocent people, who's only bright spot was they didn't have to sit through a pretty awful Batman movie, but is it okay to execute someone even the court recognizes as mentally ill?

I have seen mental illness up close. Hell, I'm engaged to a person whose is literally certifiable. The funny part is I have also in the past dated women who suffered from manic depression and schizophrenia. Neither are alive today. One shot herself and the other OD'd. Apparently I have a type. I have also watched this country dismantle the mental health services so severely that even the rich can't find places to put their insane brood. Where once, way back in the 70's when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we had 4000 beds nationwide. Now with twice as many people we have 400. WTF?

There is no question Holmes is sick. But is it Constitutional to execute someone who is? Expect the courts to take this up next year as this case will go to them at some point. This could open up a whole can of worms as to is it legal to house the mentally ill in prisons like we do now? I think not actually but the courts may be deciding that sooner than later as well.

A far funnier news piece hit today when it came out that the Attorney General for Texas, Ken Paxton, was arrested today for several counts of fraud. Apparently he "forgot" to tell clients at his former law firm that the people he was steering business to gave him a commission for everyone he sent their way, a big no-no in this country.  He faces five to 99 years for each count of which there are several. The Tea Party idiot's mugshot show him smiling into the camera, like this all one big joke. Or maybe he knows that this will probably never go anywhere and the whole mess will get swept under the table as that is now the society in which we live.

Jimmy Carter, perhaps the finest ex-President ever (and one of the worst Presidents when it came to dealing with the Iranian hostage situation), gave an interview recently where he said what we all knew: the country is lost and the rich control us all.

He accurately stated that the consolidation of Big Media to only six outlets has stifled free speech and Citizen's United made bribery legal. Watch the news and see the narrative they are giving us: Bush and Clinton are next in line and we should all just get behind it. I have to give it to the Republicans who have looked at their field of candidates and have said to hell with most of the them. The reason Donald Trump is at the top is because, like it or not, he IS the best candidate they have on that side of the aisle. He is the only one to say he doesn't like the TPP, will protect Social Security and Medicare and has wisely kept his mouth shut about abortion and gay rights, which I hate to break it to the right, but he supports rights for both no matter what he may say. Like any good politician, he will lie to get elected. This may be one case where being a trained liar may work to all of our advantage.

As Trump rises in the polls, which is as high as 31% now in some polls, 14 other GOP candidates are descending on NH to attend a "meeting" with the Koch brothers. Trump has accurately called everyone who attended "puppets," and expect him to hammer that home on the debate on Thursday. Expect him to be far better, doing the smart thing of downplaying his success right now, than some blowhard with an unstable piece of dynamite. Trump is very smart in a lot of ways and Thursday he just might wipe some people off the map if he hits them where it hurts. A lot of these candidates are vulnerable. Christie has Bridgegate, Walker has Wisconsin's economy around his neck and Bush is well, a Bush. There is a lot of places to ruin someone here and Trump could have lots of bullets in his gun without ever reloading.

 Hillary Clinton is driving me nuts to the point where I just wish she would go away. In a recent interview she danced around the TPP and Keystone Pipeline questions AGAIN, which makes me mental everytime she does it. Her gaffes, like this, and lingreing questions about her emails are making democrats nervous as they start to beg others to run. I love Bernie Sanders, but even I realize that the powers that be are never going to let that happen. Because of lack of money, Sanders will most likely lose which is sad because I think he is our best hope to fix all that is wrong. But even he says it's a long shot because we would also have to vote out a majority of Congress and replace them with people like Sanders. I doubt enough  even exist to radically make a difference.

So what are we left with? As democrats sour on Clinton whose inevitability seems less and less likely with each passing day, two new possibilities have emerged. One is logical, and that is VP Joe Biden. Biden is a good man with a good track record. He also has a tendency to stick both feet in his mouth and get WAY too touchy feely with some of women constituents. The second is way out in left field and that is CEO Howard Schultz, owner of Starbucks. The 35th richest man in the country will take on one of the richest Republicans should a Trump/Schultz contest win the primaries. Oh God, the humanity.

This is what we have come down: billionaires competing for a job that pays less than they make in a day. Citizen's United has ruined us as our elections have become free for alls for the rich and the rest of us do NOT matter. How do you think that is going to play out down the road when Fascism roars it's ugly head and it is far too late to do anything about it.

We are rapidly reaching a time when scientific discoveries may end things like aging, need of a work force and a rapidly dwindling resource pile. If the rich have all the money, never die, have no need for us and we are taking away things like fresh air and food, how long before they just kill us? Just asking because that is exactly where we are headed.

No election has been more important than this one and if we don't make some drastic changes, we are all headed for oblivion. The Republicans have recognized that and are behind Trump more and more. Why then are blacks, unmarried women and Hispanics so behind Hillary? She will screw us over like the last few decades of Presidents have done. It's time for a change and right now, Bernie is our best, last hope. Don't squander that for some bitch with a chip on her shoulder just so you can say you voted for the first woman president. Vote smarter. The Republicans are.

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