Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Lots of news happening right now, none more front and center then the live on air shooting of a reporter, the person being interviewed and the cameraman by a former reporter at the same station. Even stranger, not only did the shooting get caught on the cameraman's camera but also was filmed by the shooter himself. Worse, he posted it before shooting himself, fatally.

Vester Flanagan,  a 41 year old reporter recently fired from station WDBJ in Virginia, which seemed to be par for the course as he was almost certainly mentally ill and full of pointless rage. He had to be forcibly removed from the building after losing it when he learned he was being fired for being "difficult." He had a long history of claiming racism when none existed and suing people over it. He held grudges against the two people he killed, the reporter for "racist" comments and the cameraman for reporting to HR after a single assignment with him. The latter I believe.

For those with strong stomachs, here is a link to the video the shooter took of him shooting three innocent people:

Is that we have come to? People now filming their own homicides? I guess it was only a matter of time but good Lord. At least this idiot is dead.

Of course, as the shooter was black and the victims white, All Lives Matter people were all over this and with good reason. Truth is, you are more likely to be a victim of crime by a black guy than any other race or sex. That is not racist but hard, cold facts. And a lot of black people are turning to videos to agree with it.

A lot of black people are getting mad at BLM for highlighting ONLY white on black crime which is in reality far less than black on white crime and astronomically lower than black on black crime. And people who live in these neighborhoods know it. White people aren't gunning down innocent children, they are doing it to themselves. And until that is addressed, life in the ghetto is going to get worse.

Meanwhile, the Dow is soaring today, as panic buying sets in. This is a bad sign as these kind of lopsided swings signify a real chance that the stock market may plunge huge next month. Don't believe me? Let's look at the past shall we. As of 3:23, the DOW is up 559 points. This is from Jim Quinn:

Six of the ten largest point gains in the history of the stock market occurred between September 2008 and March 2009. That’s right. During one of the greatest market collapses in history, the market soared by 5% to 11% in one day, six times. Here are the data points:

2008-10-13: +936.42

2008-10-28: +889.35
2008-11-13: +552.59
2009-03-23: +497.48
2008-11-21: +494.13
2008-09-30: +485.21

Do you think these factoids will be shared with the public today on the stock bubble networks? Not a chance.

Look familiar? This shows extreme volatility where panic buying and selling cause huge market swings until the bottom falls out. This is not a sign to sell stocks and invest in gold or other precious metals, but one should also be cautious and prepare to do just that if the market starts entering free fall territory.

Lastly, Chris Christie keeps proving why his numbers are sliding further and further south. Today, he proposed paying teachers minimum wage plus bonuses for every kid who does well, insuring our children will be taught by people who couldn't get a job a McDonald's. Fat Ass said that "teachers shouldn't be getting paid six figures to teach children," not realizing that few teachers make that and the average salary for a teacher in his own state is $37,000. I HATE Chris Christie and anyone who supports this tub of lard. His poll numbers suggest he is on life support and this idea won't win him many supporters who apparently are smarter than he is.

How bad is he doing? A SuperPac that was running anti-Christie ads disbanded this week after the head of the organization said the Governor was doing a far better job than they were by just speaking in public. Ouch. His latest poll numbers have him in 11th place and not gaining any ground. Hopefully, he'll take the hint and leave but considering how obese this loser is it doesn't seem as if he knows when to stop.

An Internet poll, while hardly scientific, had the top three candidates as Trump, Paul and Sanders and the bottom two Bush and Clinton. Color me not surprised. More on these two flaming out as their campaigns die a painful death. Neither are gaining support, more the opposite, as voters have had it with politics as usual. The revolution is upon us. Vote in the primaries to make sure of it and Sanders and Trump as the two best from either side and that shows how bad the GOP lost is if Trump is the best shot they have.

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