Thursday, August 20, 2015


I am officially sick of the whole Hillary email thing. I hate the fact that this is the top story every day. I hate the fact that Hillary seems to be playing fast and loose, idiotically joking about it, which is making it worse. I hate the press for refusing to do their jobs and investigate this story better. And I am sick to death of the Republicans trying to milk this for all they can. Right now, this appears to be a demonstration about how dysfunctional our government is as no one investigating this seems to know what the word 'classified" means.

First off, how stupid is it to retroactively turn something classified? Once it's not classified, it might as well be a tweet because it is out there forever then. At least two of these allegedly classified emails everyone is screaming about were released by the State Department, to the PRESS, about the whole Benghazi nonsense. So since when did the local newscast get higher security clearance than the former First Lady?

A lot of this is inter-agency crap about differing levels of classification that each has. Anyone who knows anything about government, like me, knows that different agencies might as well be different countries as all have different operating systems with some not even compatible with one another requiring lots of extra work and money. But streamlining anything in government is akin to lifting the sun with your bare hands.

The problem with all of this is how Hillary is handling this which is par for the course as she seems incapable of handling scandal in the same way her husband did. He oozed charm while she just oozes. Much like her terrible "what difference does it make" comment on the Benghazi non-scandal, she is doing the exact same thing here, which is doing everything to make her look guilty even if she isn't. I don't know what the truth is but retroactive classification is a real thing and if that is the case then most of this case of nothing more than political hot air, albeit one sinking her campaign right now.

Meanwhile, other much bigger stories are happening. One of the biggest is yet another flare up on the North Korean border as they just launched a missile at the south in a tit for tat spat which started after two South Korean soldiers were killed and resulted in them activating loud speakers promoting propaganda for the first time in years. Kim Jung Un had a fit and now that area is inching closer to war. Now there is no need to panic form this yet as this happens with alarming regularity but the boy king is definitively unstable and who knows what kind of miscalculation he could make.

The Dow is down almost 300 points today as consumer buying craters, China continues to lose market value and the Fed hints at a interest hike next month. Anyone familiar with the market will notice an eerily similar downward trend that has been seen in 1929, 2000 and 2008. You all know what happened in those years. Retail spending hit an eight year low, looking very 2007 all of a sudden. Even the pundits from Bloomberg and CNBC are starting to signal the panic button that the good times may be just about over. Differing attitudes towards things like the death cross and Dow theory have lit up the economic sites, but it seems to be a good bet that we may see a major correction of out own, perhaps as soon as September, which historically is a very bad month for the Dow. Be warmed that if you have stock, be prepared to dump all of it should the market start sinking fast which it could at any minute now.

On top of all this, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has resigned today, calling for snap elections that could make him stronger if he wins, or send the country into a tail spin if he loses to someone who opposes the recent Greek bailout deal. This is not helping the world economic plan and again why the Chinese and Dow are both not doing well today.

Recent polls show Trump ahead of Hillary in some states like Florida and Ohio which also means less than nothing as attack ads and debates will shape those polls better when they happen and that's not until next year. We don't even know who the candidates will be, although Trump looks like he might make it while Hillary may not last the year. Will it be Bernie or Biden at that point? Who knows and that is why any poll you see should be taken with a grain of salt. What isn't in question is that Scott Walker is falling further and further down the hole as his idiotic ideas have not captured the GOP imagination. One poll today had him at 3%, tied with Chris Christie. Ouch. That does not bode well for the one time front runner. Even Fiorina looks to be out of luck on the next debate as her poll numbers, while better than before the debate, still won't crack three percent, leaving her on the lurch for the next debate. Christie polls slightly better but he may be out by next week so who knows.

The world is changing and no one is really paying attention. Are you?

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