Monday, August 17, 2015


Lately, there have been a lot of news following the shooting of unarmed black men across the nation and with good reason. Our police force cannot go one day without several new stories describing some douchebag thing some pig did to what is almost always a minority. As a result, the black community is screaming RACISM! at the top of their lungs and I, for one, can hardly blame them. The problem with this is is police brutality is not just a white on black crime no matter how the media attempts to spin it. People of all races and sexes are dying at the hands of cops and the sooner we get to realize that, then and only then, will change happen. I feel racism is not the main reason for a lot of these shootings. It's a fact that too many black men are seen as criminals, because let's also face facts, statistically, young black men find themselves in far greater trouble than all other races combined. When you keep arresting black guy after black guy, you are going to start seeing ALL black men as trouble. Just ask any Arab in the airport.

The real reason is there are far too many police that never should have been a cop in the first place. But due to tests that all but guarantee the best and brightest fail, and a desire to hire soldiers with little to no training in police tactics, has led to a thug force riddled with terrible police. And it has to stop because eventually the police are going to go way too far one day and pay a lethal price for their idiocy, causing the deaths of cops that are good at their job along with the bad ones. The black community has all but given up on the local police force and that is having devastating effects on their community, causing a huge spike in crime in places like Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago to name a few.

Here's the rub: the media is all but ignoring non-black deaths, most likely for the fear the establishment has for the above paragraph. What happens when everyone gives up on the police? Will anarchy over take us like the inner city is going through? Or, more likely, will we demand more from our police, including greater accountability, cameras on every cop and an end to the wall of silence the police have for each other?

Here is a case that has gotten zero national press and that is the assassination of Zac Hammond, a white 19 year old, during a minor drug bust by the police in, wait for it, South Carolina. Can we come to the conclusion that Southern police forces have not changed much since the days of In The Heat Of The Night? And if that is the case WHY?

Police say he was driving his car right at a police officer who then fired to "protect his life." That bit is getting old because the autopsy show he was shot in the back at close range twice over a small bit of pot. Nobody should die over that regardless of race, especially not for ten grams of weed and a mysterious white powdery substance that may have been planted.

The dashboard camera video has not been released, the officer not charged in this obvious murder and the MSM has said zilch about it. If Hammond was black you can bet this would have been wall to coverage with Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and everyone else wanting their five minutes of fame plastered all over the airwaves. Hammond is dead and no one cares and that is why I do NOT care for Black Lives Matter. Those lives do matter as much as anyone, but so did Zac Hammond who fell prey to the same nonsense that is killing the black community. Don't you think more people would pay attention if you broadened your horizons to include all races?

Witnesses are claiming that the drugs found may have been planted and that officers "high fived" the corpse after shooting him. EEWWW! Again, where is the outrage? I will give Black Lives Matter some credit for highlighting this on their Twitter feed, showing that some in that group see the bigger picture. But more has to be done because our populace is being overrun by thug cops with no regard for human life. Not all cops are bad, most I think do a fine job. But these rouges are destroying everyone's credibility and the longer you defend them from prosecution, the worse things will be for all down the road.

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