Sunday, July 31, 2011


The question now remains how far will the Democrats bend over to accommodate the out of control Republicans? Let's see the runner ups.

1)Universal Studios- Proving that MBAtards are ruining the entertainment industry, look no farther than Universal studios. In a rerun of what sunk Orion studios when they chose Mathew Modine's Cutthroat Island over Arnold Swarzennegger's crusade movie, Universal has bet the farm on a film destined to fail. Orion went bankrupt when Island tanked hard. So what did Universal turn down? How about a 150 million dollar H.P. Lovecraft movie with Tom Cruise and directed by Gullermo Del Toro? Nope. Then what about Ron Howard's ambitious Dark Tower film and TV series? That's dead too. So what did they pick? Battleship the Movie. That's right, the boardgame is now a craptastic film with Liam Nesson and Eric from True Blood. Plus lots and lots of not so special effects. Watch the trailer and cringe. This could be one of the biggest bombs of all times.

2)Police- It seems everyday, a new tape emerges showing some out of control cop beating, berating or just plain being an asshole to some innocent civilian. The latest comes from Canton, Ohio, where some scumbag cop threatens to shoot two civilians in separate stops for no apparent reason. This guy better be fired because sooner or later, he is going to kill someone. The site Copwatch wrote a great article saying that if a cop threatens your life for no reason, you have right to defend yourself. This may be one of the many reasons cop shootings are on the rise as people would rather protect their rights than be run roughshod over.

3)Dale Fout- This pussy was texting in a movie theater when a woman sitting behind him tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to stop. So what did the 250 pound idiot do to the 134 pound woman? He claimed he was "injured" and called the cops. She was ticketed for assault. I hope Dan Fout gets AIDS. Asshole.

4)Congress- These idiots are playing with fire. The democrats are taking it up the ass and asking for more, the republicans are titty twisting as far they can to get everything they can and the Tea Party still isn't happy. Will somebody please emulate Guy Fawkes already? Obama's an idiot whose chances of winning the next election are getting slimmer and slimmer because he won't stand up for anything. You know what happens to people like that? They get run over. STAND UP FOR THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS YOU SCHMUCK! The GOP is killing us and Tea Party is determined to end everything we have fought for. Remember what I've written in the past. Tea Party individuals are to be shunned. The GOP is close behind and so are Democrats. So what should we do? Get guns and lots of then because the only way you are going to protect your rights at this point us to fight of them. No government official is looking out for anyone but themselves and the uber-rich. F@#k them.

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