Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The political world was shocked yesterday when somehow, someway, Eric Cantor, one of the most powerful members of Congress was roundly defeated by his Tea Party opponent. Cantor was widely expected to win over his much less funded opponent, David Brat, by 11 points. It wasn't even close. Ouch! Why was this?

First and foremost, even though no media outlet is saying this, Cantor was Jewish. True, no one is saying that's why they voted against him, but these are the same people fighting tooth and nail versus Obama and it's not just cause he is a Democrat if you get my drift. The Republican party is increasingly being run by racists and if you can't see that writing on the wall, you are looking at the wrong wall.

Take the two Tea Party morons who shot two cops in Nevada this week, who again are being claimed to be part of some government conspiracy to devalue the Tea Party, a fact they are completely capable of doing on their own. I have heard rumors that the "Don't tread on me flag," never existed and these guys were not even at the Bundy ranch. Unfortunately for these idiots, who never let a tragedy go by before screaming CONSPIRACY at their top of their lungs, are fouled up by facts that have them on tape on NBC at the ranch and confirmation they were asked to leave by Cliven Bundy's son, as well as pictures of the flag and swastika the two draped the dead cops in, which I admit is at least a sign of some flare.

But these two idiots were also white supremacists who believed in a coming race war while also feeling the government was out to get them. Paranoid much? I know the government may come for me one day, but shooting innocent people, even the police, is not the way to go. This column is. The fact remains that these two are NOT anomalies within the party, but are in fact the driving force behind the extreme right, one that is actively fighting for a fascist state, even if they don't know it. Does anyone really believe Hitler came into power saying he would kill Jews and destroy the world? Of course not. He played against their fears of immigrants, like Jews, the government, who at the time were indeed destroying the economy with terrible ideas, and homosexuals, who were supposedly destroying their way of life. Does any of that sound awfully familiar because it is the basic GOP platform right now. And some of you are dumb enough out there to keep voting for this.

If these people that we see at Republican demonstrations with their badly spelled signs are still talking about Benghazi and the IRS and a dozen other things that are code for "WE HATE HAVING A BLACK PRESIDENT," what hope does the party have? None. And that should make the democrats very, very happy.

Another cause for his loss was his stance on immigration which is both being overplayed and under-reported, an oxymoron if I ever saw one. We do have an unreasonable idea of immigration in this country, that if stopped with current conditions, would triple food prices overnight. This is because the plantation owners and their slaves, oops, I mean, "job creators," and "low, low wage employees," would fall apart like Alabama and Georgia did when the tried to outlaw illegal immigration. Instead of raising salaries to attract new workers, they just declared bankruptcy and let the food rot where it lie. This is the antithesis of free market and disproves everything the GOP is supposedly working for. If illegal immigrants stop picking our food, we starve. Fun.

On the flip side, due to an incredible bit of hitting the wall of unintended consequences, Obama's version of the DREAM act amnesty is spreading across Central America and, as a direct result, tens of thousands of children are heading across the border with the knowledge that if they get here, they can stay. The sad part is they are right. Many are being turned loose at bus stops in Arizona, something that is not making Jan Brewer very happy. This is a humanitarian crisis, and the fact that the US economy looks to be going under any day now, this may be even worse down the road. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and this is definitely one of them.

This face is resonating with many Republicans right now and both TV pundits like Laura Ingraham and websites like Drudge Report have been selling these stories to the hilt. Cantor tried to talk out of both sides of his mouth and got run over like any politician these days who refuses to take a stand. Ask Obama how that is turning out for him? Oh that's right, his numbers are still in the low forties, which on a quick side note, has been crowing today that these numbers are his worst yet. Actually, the President hit 38% in 2011 so, no he isn't at his lowest numbers yet. Way to check your facts morons. But as for Cantor, sometimes standing in the middle of the road gets you plastered by a semi.

Polls has Cantor ahead, but as I have discovered for some time now, there are no real polls for House races like this ever. This time was no different with only two polls, one showing Cantor ahead by ten points and a second, run by a right wing organization whose numbers were just as bad for Romney, had Cantor up by forty points. Once again, the GOP got caught flat footed by relying on numbers that were pure fantasy. If you don't have accurate polls, you cannot correctly gauge what to do next. It is the number one reason Romney lost in 2012 and it appear as if the GOP is all set to try it again in 2014. Wow.

This is from Time magazine and shows what the GOP is really thinking:

“My understanding from talking to people down in Richmond was that the real issues seem to be that he wasn’t strongly enough anti-immigration reform, that he voted to end the government shutdown and he voted to raise the debt ceiling,” Bobbie Kilberg, who heads the Northern Virginia Technology Council and held a May fundraiser for Cantor, told TIME. “And you know, at some point in time, these people need to understand you just simply have to govern. These people need to understand that we need immigration reform. And these people need to understand that Eric Cantor was a conservative on all those issues. He was a mainstream conservative."

Read that first part again. The Republican party felt Eric Cantor wasn't far enough to the right on immigration, voted to end the government shutdown that was destroying the economy by the way, and voted to raise the debt ceiling, which if we hadn't, there wouldn't be a country left. In other words, the current Tea Party ideal is to destroy the US and everyone in it. That may not be what they really want, but is certainly what they are voting for. The Tea Party are anarchists posing as right wing loons. They've moved so far to the right, they become lefties. That's funny.

This loss all but ends any form of immigration reform which this country desperately needs. Instead, we have illegals pouring across our borders, with no place to put them, which is odd as we gave KBR $500 million dollars to build these alleged death camps, oops, I mean, Illegal Relocation Centers, and have seen pictures of a few of them that seem to actually exist. So why are we not using them? Or do they really not exist and that begs the question, what happened to the half a billion we gave to KBR? The government can't have it both ways. If they do exist, why not use them and if they don't where is our money we gave them?

This race may be more competitive now, and hopefully a democrat will win, who is coincidently a Professor at the same college as the GOP winner, Brat. We can only hope that Brat will say or do something so stupid he will Todd Akin himself out of the job. And I love the fact that I can use that jerks name as an adjective now. Stop voting for the extreme right unless you really want to see how bad things can get. Does no one remember what happened the last time the GOP controlled everything? The entire country sank into near oblivion. Vote Republican in 2014 and you can rinse and repeat 2008 all over again.

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