Thursday, December 8, 2011


This ass is heading us straight to WW3. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Newt Gingrich and his awful, awful supporters-Only the GOP could dredge the bottom of the barrel to come up with someone who makes me look longingly at Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann. The only two worse have already dropped out, Cain and Trump, mostly because they knew dick about how to run a government and somehow became dumber as the campaign continued. But Gingrich? REALLY? WHY? Did I miss the memo that time somehow changed and this bloated f$5cktard didn't destroy the country once already when he shut down the government TWICE and subjected us all to the now imprisoned Kenneth Starr and his Clinton sex capades witch hunt. This is the "intellectual" you want? Please? My dog is smarter than this ass. For anyone thinking of voting this moron into office, here's some things you better get used to should he win: the end of SS, Medicare, Medicade, Unemployment insurance, safe work laws, sick days, freedom of speech, most of the Constitution, and yes I'll say it, gun ownership. It's only a matter of time before the GOP turns on the NRA and start promoting gun confiscation as a way to protect us against those invisible terrorists. This guy will turn us into a prison nation. And some of you are voting for it.

2)Obama- Yes he's been absent for some time but no roars back to life with his reasoning for voting down the obnoxious "put everyone is prison" bill that just sailed through Congress. A big thumbs up to Jon Stewart for finally talking about it. The MSM is oddly silent about the biggest power grab in this nation's history. Obama has said he'll veto it, not because he disagrees that this bill ends forever the fourth amendment, but that it doesn't give the President absolute power to implement it. There is a document out, real or hoaxed is unknown, but it states that the FEMA camps are being stocked and manned soon. What does the government know that we don't? Should we be worried? If this bill is any indication, we should all be very worried. It would appear that soon the president can order the assissination or indefinite detention of ANYONE he designates as a terrorist. Don't think it could happen to you? Neither did the Jews circa 1938. We are losing our country. We can't let that happen.

3)TSA- Three separate older ladies say they were strip searched on the same day that the went through JFK. They didn't know one another, although two were on the same flight. The TSA said it never happened. What are you guys, Herman Cain? Three's a pattern numnuts. This has got to stop. First, there is no Dr. Evil terrorist group, just random morons trying to reach Allah that much quicker. How many huge terrorist attacks have their been in the last ten years in this country? Zero. Even the ones that tried to do something would have done little to no damage had their bombs even worked. We can't through our freedom away for such a paltry sum. There are other ways to prevent terrorism that don't require stripping grandma in the corner. There are no terrorists, at least not the kind of government keeps pretending exists. Enough fearmongering.

4)Congress- You guys just suck. I hope you all get cancer.

5)Eric Holder- This waste of space still has his job, just like the bankers and Congress and Pauly Shore. What do you need to do in government to get fired?

6)Putin- This guy is single handedly restarting the cold war. Just what we don't need. In a true bit of irony, we chastised the Russians for their less than fair elections and were shocked when he rebuffed us, claiming we were responsible for all the problems in the last election. We have enough to worry about without interfering with that dumbass. With war looming, and I do mean LOOMING, what the Russians do could be the difference between regional war and a world war. We are moving another air craft carrier into the Syrian region making three in the area and five deployed total world wide, a larger than usual number in a non war scenario. So thank a lot Putin, your warmongering has made you douchebag of the week.

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