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I keep hearing from my right wing acquaintances how Obama and the left are lying to us about climate change and it's all just some scam to wring more money out of the American people. Most recently, 15 "scientists" wrote a scathing review of the IPCC's latest info which the White House has touted as factual. Many are using this to hammer the left on "facts" that aren't. I myself destroyed the 15 idiots that wrote this latest bit of crappy science as they used random data to justify their position while ignoring real data that said the exact opposite of what they were proclaiming. They were either the worst scientists ever or being paid to obscure the truth. Either way, anyone listening to these fools are every bit as dumb as the morons who wrote it. But what about eight other signs the right keeps throwing in our face. Turns out, they are no better than this latest round of garbage. Let's look at it, one by one.

1# THE EARTH STOPPED WARMING IN 1998- This one is my favorite as it appears everywhere. It is also just like the hit piece on the IPCC. Instead of looking at the totality of the data, these num-nuts are cherry picking the data that best suits their needs. If I look at any respectable data, I can see with my own eyes that the number of hot days are increasing over the number of cold days. 1998 was also an anomaly year as one of the biggest El Nino's appeared that year, skewering the data. Several papers were published afterward that suggested global warming had stopped. However, top scientists looked at the data and found three massive flaws in their math, including changing a plus sign for a minus in one important equation, using means numbers to hide any influxes, and other questionable methods to change their data to fit their theory. Oceans absorb most of the heat anyway and their temperatures have been skyrocketing as seen in the graphs below:

Climate change chart - change in ocean heat content

The people who came up with the "no warming since 1987" theory, are doing the same type of misinformation the anti-IPCC guys are. It looks fine to the less intelligent out there, but those that know how to read these kinds of things know it to be the crap that it really is.

2#-THE IPCC PREDICTIONS ARE WRONG SO THEREFORE IT ISN'T HAPPENING.- People keep confusing weather with climate change which is why when ever it snows the climate change deniers show up in force, but when the asphalt is melting in Arizona, they seem to disappear again. Deniers are looking at short term periods and saying "See. See. The world only got .2 degrees warmer, not the .4 you predicted." Please. Long term studies have been much more accurate than that, as global warming predictions made when I was college (back in the stone age) have largely become true. Hurricanes are becoming less frequent, but more powerful. Ocean and surface temps are rising. Sea levels are also rising. It may not be the exact number they said back then, but it is fairly close.

3#-TEMPERATURE READINGS ARE UNRELIABLE- A 2009 study by Andrew Watts said that 90% of all temperature stations are built near places which would confuse the data, thus the numbers couldn't be trusted. That study by the way was paid for by the Koch Brothers and Exxon/Mobil so you know that it can't possibly be wrong (roll eyes and snort here). What this fails to take into account is that scientists take this data into measurements which is offset by satellites, ocean buoys and weather balloons, and other methods which are every bit as accurate. When we see that, temperatures, especially in the oceans are increasing at an exponential rate.

4#-3% OF SCIENSTS DISAGREE SO THERE IS NO CONSENSUS- Many here use the Galileo example, where science at the time was dead wrong and Galileo was right. The difference here is that Galileo had real proof where as climate deniers do not. Even less convincing for them is the fact that if you look as to who exactly belong to this 3%, no climate scientists worth his weight is involved, and is mostly filled with people whose field has little to nothing to do with climate change science. Would you ask your doctor about your taxes? Would you ask your lawyer about a hernia? Of course not. So why does the opinion of some mathematician from a third rate university matter then?

5# -THE SUN IS REPSONSIBLE FOR GLOBAL WARMING- This one is one of the stupidest ones as no scientist considered an expert in his field of studying the sun says this is happening. Also, if the sun was really warming the planet, the ENTIRE planet would be seeing uniform warming, which it isn't, strongly suggesting that the sun is not to blame.

6#-IN THE 1970'S, SCEINTISTS WERE WARNING US OF GLOBAL COOLING- No they weren't actually. This was a fringe theory thrown out there by magazines like Time trying to sell magazines. There was never any consensus on this, was considered stupid by top scientists and just this last month, the originator of this theory came forward to say he was wrong and provably so. Stop bringing this up, and take that idiotic UK Independent story about winters being a thing from the past in 2000 with you.

7#-THE EARTH HAS BEEN WARMED IN THE PAST SO WHY WORRY- Yes the Earth has been warmer in the past, but that predates mankind and spells disaster for any ecosystem when temperatures rise too fast, as they are now. The rise of temperatures in the Middle Ages is always brought out, not realizing that that spike was a local, random phenomenon, what we call weather, and was not uniform across the planet at that time. We know this from tree rings and ice cores, otherwise known as science.

8#- ANTARTCIA IS GROWING ICE- I hear this one on a daily basis. It's also false. Sea ice is growing this year due to incredibly cold temperatures, but land ice is disappearing quickly. Land ice is what will cause sea levels to rise as sea ice is already in the water. If you fill a glass with water and ice, the glass will not overspill. But add ice to an already full glass and watch it overflow. Land ice is disappearing at an unheard of rate and this could cause sea levels to rise by ten feet by the end of the century.

The point of all of this is to show that climate change denial is about as good as Holocaust denials or those that think Sandy Hook was a hoax by actors. Stop believing everything you read. Hell, don't believe any of this and look it up for yourself. The facts show that the world is getting warmer and our weather is getting more and more unpredictable. If I am right, we could save the planet. Even if I am wrong, which I highly doubt, the planet will be a better place. If the deniers are right, we still face massive problems from our oil addiction and are supporting terrorists by default. If they are wrong, this planet is over and we all die. Which is the smarter route to take?

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