Monday, May 12, 2014


There is a lot of nonsense going on right now, which you can take your pick from the media, the Internet or the government. All seem to be promoting things that are completely untrue and it is this level of misinformation that is killing this planet. We are rapidly becoming a people who trust nothing nor each other and that is a recipe for disaster, Without trust, we have nothing and that is rapidly where we are devolving to.

Let's start with the Nigerian girls who conspiracy theories are becoming abundant on sites like What Really Happened, which is a great place for alt-news, but the Rivero's see conspiracy in EVERYTHING, even when there are much more logical explanations. Their denial of the Holocaust and Climate Disruption (the new moniker apparently as it sounds much scarier) are even more troubling as Jews died in mass numbers and provably so and Climate Disruption is an established fact with 97% of all peer reviewed science saying it is. But I digress.

There are two new "scandals" involving the Nigerian kidnap victims. One, government officials claimed the victims had all been released last week, which obviously wasn't true and, most likely, a government trying to spin the info their way, woefully unaware that because of the Internet we can check these so called facts. As a result, the tin foil hats have proclaimed this whole thing is some sort of Obama inspired fantasy so he can realize his dream of re-colonizing Africa and attack Nigeria with armed forces. Right. Or is it more likely, the corrupt Nigerian government just lied about the girls and tried to cover the whole thing up, no matter how ineptly. Your call.

Second, a picture has surfaced, seen below that supposedly shows a Nigerian girl with tag lines such a "bring our girls back." Unfortunately, the picture is not that of a Nigerian girl but one from Guinea-Bissau  and taken in 2011. Unlike the Fox News pics showing Tibetans rather than Koreans mourning the ferry disaster, does it really matter where this picture was taken? This picture is meant to inspire emotion, not a factual composition, and appears to be in context to what the articles are talking about.
So what if she's not from Nigeria, it still doesn't change the fact that a dangerous group of morons have kidnapped teen girls for slavery.
An image showing Jenabu Balde, of Guinea-Bissau, taken in 2000 by photographer Amy Vitale.

However, there is a huge problem with this, that many seem to be overlooking though and that is one of copyright infringement. The photographer gave no permission for this to be used and that is a serious problem in today's internet connected world. But the fact that this photo is being used to promote the cause of getting back kidnap victims is far less serious than the theft of said photo which everyone seems to be glossing over. Just saying.

And then there is the economy with which the Dow is soaring to record highs again today. Why? I have no earthly idea as all signs point to an economic doomsday which we may not survive. Banks worldwide are still talking about buy-ins that would allow banks to raid personal accounts during a downturn. Anyone who has watched South Park or played the video game knows how this will turn out. It will be the ultimate finger to the eye and one I hope everyone will flee banks en masse should this come to play as your money would be safer in your mattress than the bank.

Regular readers know that I have been saying the birth/death model of job creations, the one used by the government to estimate how many jobs have been created each month, is woefully out of date. The formula they use hasn't changed in decades, even though the economic landscape has. More businesses die each year than are started, a combination of no one having money to start a business which has become unaffordable for most and a crushing burden of over-regulations that only affect the little guy. Businesses have put these regulations in to crush them as they can easily absorb costs that a start-up can't.

With Net Neutrality on the line, over 100 companies, including Google and Netflix, have petitioned the FCC to keep the rules as is, because Netflix has already seen Verizon blackmail them into paying higher costs for faster internet service which they are passing on to new subscribers and the rest of us in 2016. This will destroy our economy as the Internet will become too expensive for people already under crushing debt.

This chart below shows how self-employment is being decimated due to lack of funds, tighter lending laws for banks and terrible regulations that only affect the small business. Notice the severe decline since 2006. As small businesses are the engine that runs this country, we are rapidly running out of gas.


Now this does not mean Big Business is doing much better. Their options of paying people nothing is coming back to haunt them as their sale number continue to plummet. Office Depot is closing 400 stores due to poor sales. Not much need for office supplies when 90 million people are out of work. Incidentally, when this was announced, their stock rose 20%. So the company is failing, the economy does not appear to be getting better and their response is to buy more stock? We are headed for a big fall.

Here a breakdown of what people are making on average in this country right now:

Bottom 25%: $4,600
From 25% to 50%: $21,700
From 50% to 75%: $78,900
From 75% to 90%: $242,800
Top 10%: $1,606,600

Notice that 50% of us make almost nothing. That is not a sustainable number. It is this reason why we have become a two tiered economy. The rich are buying like there is no tomorrow. The rest of exist as if there is no tomorrow. We have no money which explains why million dollar homes are going like hotcakes, while the smaller market has ground to a halt.

If we do not start demanding our politicians to start fixing this, especially the clueless GOP who are still fixating on Benghazi which is long past its sell date, this country is going to come to crashing end by this fall. The numbers say disaster is right around the corner and all we care about are pointless fixations on illegal photos rather than the rise of this evil form of Islam (which Liberals are loathe to confront short of boycotting hotels and TV shows), and false claims of welfare abuse from the right while corporations steal from us blind. We have precious little time left. Do not waste it on garbage like Benghazi.

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