Thursday, May 15, 2014


People are finally starting to wise up to the writing on the wall, with even the most loony tunes Tea Party supporter starting to realize that government in general is controlled by corporate interests. Obama, a train wreck of president as well as being the least truthful president to ever sit in office, for some inane reason this week, let 36,007 illegal aliens go this week who also happened to be violent, convicted criminals. Funny how that didn't seem to make the news anywhere, but you read it here that Obama let tens of thousands murders and rapists loose for no good reason. Wow.

Further complicating any support the democrats could get is the FCC, who voted 3-2 along party lines (liberal majority) to rewrite Internet rules that will officially put the last nail in democracy and our economy. Netflix is already being blackmailed into paying higher rates and you can be sure that will be passed on to us, the consumer, which it is through higher rates, coming to all of us by 2016. Comcast is talking about data caps that would severely curtail watching broadband over the internet as the average user would fly by their cap in the first few weeks of a month of they watch a lot of streaming video. This will raise prices steeply. Does anyone remember that huge raise we got this year because between this, rising gas prices, and rising food process, the average consumer is going to get walloped?

Over 100 companies have said they hate the new rules which are being almost entirely written by conglomerates like Verizon and AT&T, which is not surprising as current FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is a former executive with these companies. Corporations run the show now and we are merely spectators. Worse, it is because of this corporate influence that our police force has become militarized and the common people now cower in fear over their brutality.

The FBI has been shown to be nothing more than a thug brigade who will hire anyone apparently, no matter how much baggage their have before hand. New evidence done by the Boston Globe shed serious doubt onto how the FBI handled the shooting of boxer, Chechen immigrant Ibragim Todashev last year. The unidentified FBI agent (which should not been allowed in the first place) has been shown to be 41 year old Aaron McFarlane, who was an Oakland cop for all of four years until 2008 when he went to collect a $52,000 a year disability pension and then joined the FBI. Nevermind the fact that no one deserves a $52,000 a year pension after only working for such a short time, this waste of space also racked up four IA investigations and two police brutality lawsuits, which the department lost both.

The official story of what happened to Todashev never rang true as the story was constantly changing, and unlike other stories where the media is to blame, I went back and watched press conferences and releases from the FBI and discovered they were the ones altering the narrative on a minute by minute basis. Autopsy results further show that the victim may have been beaten before hand and shot in the back while fleeing, which is not what the official story says. Funny how both the DOJ and FBI said that McFarlane's story was just fine, even though he was the only one in the room at the time, a blatant violation of FBI rules by the way. Was McFarlane hired as a thug for hire and did the FBI assassinate Todashev? The evidence strongly suggests so. Do not trust the FBI. Do not let them in your house. Never talk to one without a lawyer. The evidence is pointing strongly that they are being used to take out people who may embarrass the government. How long before they wind up here I wonder?

The fact remains though that even if they silence people like myself, many out there have had it and are starting to wake up to the realization that the game is rigged. Now some, like the racist, utter morons in Kentucky, in which a recent survey showed that even though most collect some sort of government assistance, they hate Obama and will only vote Republican. Look, I get the whole not liking Obama thing, but voting for Republicans who are trying to eliminate all safety nets, is suicidal. These people are literally voting themselves to death. Ever time they pull that lever, they are digging their own grave.

But some Tea Party people are waking up to the fact that a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle are corrupt. A group of militia members, supposedly numbering in the millions, are to descend on DC this weekend to demand the resignation of Obama, along with party leaders on both sides of the aisle like Boehner and Cantor or Pelosi and Reid. Couldn't agree more there. Some have started writing about the fact that Bush was never elected president in 2004, a fact due to vote rigging in Ohio that has been proven beyond a doubt. For example, hundreds of thousands of people voted in Cuyahoga County alone than actually lived there, and every single extra vote went for Bush. Apparently, new books are being written about this and the even the right is starting to take notice of this fact and wonder how corrupt their side really is.

Operation American Spring is coming to DC and I can only hope that the rally is big, really big. I have been telling people for years now, we need to stop bitching at one another over idiot thing like gay marriage and abortion (not that they aren't serious issues but we have bigger fish to fry) and focus on things like the fact that our highway funds are exhausted and no one wants to pay for more, our economy is nose diving and the banks and corporations are screwing us blue. If we don't start fighting for these things, the end result is a Depression of epic scales that may end civilization if we don't right it and soon. The organizer is former Army Col. Harry Riley and in his interview he says something that should make the government worry in that he hopes for a peaceful march but that that isn't something that seems to have happened to often in the past. And unlike the wussies from OWS, I kind of doubt these groups will go so willingly should armed police enter the fray.

Mind you, all of this stems over whether or not anyone will actually show up for this or not. Past participation in these kinds of things have been lax in the past, which is too bad as America needs to get off their fat asses and PROTEST at the top of their lungs. We are being sold out to the highest bidder and our very way of life is at stake. We fought the British for far less. What will it take for Idiot America to fight back? Some protestors have taken to surrounding government buildings with pitchforks and torches to signify their anger. We need more of that.

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