Thursday, May 1, 2014


I cannot believe in this day and age there are still people who think it's okay to treat minorities as lesser individuals. While I may challenge modern black culture (along with Hispanic and White culture as well) as regressive, I don't look at any individual black person and immediately hate said person just because of the color of their skin. Sterling came across a modern day plantation owner. Yikes! Let' s see those runner ups.

1)The PA Police force and justice system- PA residents beware now that the State Supreme Court has ruled that police can search your car without your consent or a warrant, a direct violation of the Constitution now being upheld by the courts. As long as the police have "probable cause," (wink, wink), police can search your car. Here's how every stop could go. Cop: "I smell weed. I am searching your car." That's it. This is a blatant disregard for human rights in a country falling further and further behind in the whole freedom thing. Keep voting morons into office and this is going to get worse and worse.

2)TN cop Frank Phillips- Our police force is losing it nationwide. Daily reports of police brutality and even assassinations are happening with alarming frequency. However, if you are going to be some rouge cop intent on beating handcuffed suspects, don't do it when a cameraperson is nearby. Frank Phillips of the Knox County PD was fired this week after photos emerged of him strangling a suspect, his hands handcuffed behind him, until he passed out. What a dick. I hope you never work as a cop again, but most times some other police force picks them up for him to do this all over again. Hope you like lawsuits, next station he lands.

3)Bellingham, MA police- I know I am giving it to the police this week but this kind of crap is getting old. In my local newspaper this week, one page had three stories about the police, none of them good. A man was found dead in his cell in Northboro, leading to an investigation (although a medical condition has not been ruled out), two cops were being looked at in an assault charge against a five foot four man beaten badly by two much larger police during a domestic disturbance call, and the worst being this one in Bellingham. This is from Milford Daily News

A Bellingham woman, armed with video evidence, has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that two Bellingham police officers violated her civil rights by illegally entering her apartment, falsely arresting her and using excessive force.
Holly Graham, 29, filed the suit on Thursday against officers David Ayotte and John Melanson Jr. for their actions on Oct. 6, 2012, when they arrested Graham for assault and battery on a police officer.
Graham’s attorney, Howard Friedman, said the video taken on his client’s cell phone during the arrest tells the entire story.
"I think that video says it all," Friedman said. "I think it shows excessive force and a false arrest. It can’t be disputed that he swears at her three times. Officers are supposed to treat citizens politely … they behaved inappropriately."
The officers went to Graham’s Pulaski Boulevard apartment looking for her friend, who had three warrants for her arrest for drug and larceny charges, according to court documents. Ayotte’s affidavit, filed in Milford District Court, says that the officers noticed the apartment’s door ajar and entered because they thought someone was home and because of a history of break-ins at that address.
Graham’s complaint says that the officers forced open the door, breaking the lock and causing the doorknob to hit the wall and damage the plaster.

The worst part is that the police found the two justified in kicking in this woman's door and arresting her for no good reason. The funny part is during the interview she says the incident has changed her views on the police as a gang of thugs rather than there to help. That falling level of trust is destroying this country and the police have no one but themselves to blame.

4)The Drudge Report- I know that the site is a right leaning one, but usually has links to good stories internationally and even perspective from the right that isn't always wrong. However, the site this week stepped in it when they started shouting from the rooftops that disgraced racist Don Sterling was, wait for it, a DEMOCRAT. I immediately thought "that cannot be right." And you know what, I was right. You see records show Sterling is a card carrying REBUPLICAN since the early eighties. He had given small amounts a few times to democratic candidates as well which was all the proof some armchair sleuth discovered and plastered all over the internet, wrongly of course, but who checks facts these days? Certainly not the media, and apparently not even Matt Drudge's editors. Way to stoop to the lowest common denominator dumbass.

5)The Italian Justice system- Apparently in Italy, you can be convicted of a crime just because the prosecutor imagined it that way. At least that what seems to have happened when a higher court upheld the conviction of Amanda Knox for murdering her roommate. Nevermind the fact that there is zero evidence (and I mean absolutely ZERO) against her, the court decided not only was she there, which has now morphed from a drug fueled sex orgy gone wrong to something about stolen Euros, in which Amanda is now the person who also killed the victim by slashing her throat with a knife. Even if this goes all the way to the top and she is still found guilty there is no way the US extradites her on such flimsy evidence. Still must be nerve wracking to even think there is chance of going back.

6)Republicans- This week the GOP killed the minimum wage hike, and then turned around and blamed Obama for the faltering economy. The reason it is faltering is that exactly what the GOP wants. They are literally willing to sink us all so they can get back in power, and you all voting for it. How dumb a people do we have to be before some realize the Republicans are selling them down the river to a life of absolute slavery? Lindsay Graham is cruising to an easy victory in SC, but Congress's approval is in single digits. How is it possible that everyone's senator blows but yours? Start voting these asses out of office or wait for the economy to nose dive. Your choice.

7)Religious people- I have no problem with people believing whatever they want as long as they don't force it down my throat. However, a new poll in the US shows that while some are becoming increasingly religious, they are also becoming dumber about everything the religion is. 4 in 10 couldn't name the Sermon on the Mount and less than half could name where Jesus was born. Most could not name all ten commandments, three or more apostles or Moses' brother or wife. Almost all blew it when asked where Noah's ark wound up (Mt. Ararat) yet these are the same douchebags screaming about how the movie Noah wasn't the Biblical story, and then prove they themselves don't know it any better. If you're going to practice a religion, for Christ's sake, read the damned book.

8)NAACP- There is something wrong with this group as they had already honored Don Sterling five years ago with an award and were going to give him a new one before his racist statements were all over the place. They do know he was a known racist before all of this? He was found guilty of denying apartments to blacks and Hispanics right? Sterling showered their cause with money so they turned a blind eye to what he really was. Way to damage your rep guys.

9)Don Sterling- After some of the most racist comments ever came from this bloated billionaire, he was banned for life from the NBA and fined the max amount $2.5 million, which I am sure he has on him. The league is also going to vote on forcing him to sell the team which needs a 75% vote threshold. My guess is the final tally will be 29-1, with Sterling himself the lone vote to keep him. His ex-mistress has denied there was ever anything sexual between them which is about as believable as anything Obama has said this week. Cliven Bundy should rejoice because what this guy said was much, much worse and took the heat off of his idiotic statements. Sterling ran his team like a slave owner so I guess he was doing what he loved: oppressing black people. So congratulation Don Sterling, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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