Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Pick a website, any website and scroll down on the comments section. Count how many it takes before, no matter the topic or conversation, some idiot slams Obama out of the blue. Now regular readers now this site is no fan of the President who is selling us down the river without a paddle, a boat, or even much of a river. However, to not take into consideration that Bush was the one who stole the river in the first place is disingenuous as best. BOTH suck. Period. Can we please stop pretending that the GOP will be the ones to bring balance back to the force. Yes, we may get rid of Obama and have Emperor Palpatine instead. That is NOT an improvement.

Yes the democrats are awful. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are horrible human beings. I would like to remind the right that everyone of these three was vulnerable in the last few elections but you guys ran the worst candidates against them. Harry Reid was mighty unpopular until you shoved Tea Party moron, Sharon Angle at us. Yuck, was what the electorate said and Reid went on to an easy victory. And that is ultimately what is wrong with the Republican brand right now. You've moved so far right, that a majority of this country does not support you. They win elections now through fraud, cheating, gerrymandering and voting suppression. Not exactly the democratic way of America exactly.

Talk to anyone on the right and all you hear are three things: Obamacare, the IRS and Benghazi. The fact that none of these three things are even in the top ten worst thing the President has done so far is telling. Obamacare, even to this day, is still being touted by the right as a takeover of health care by the government. It isn't even close. All power is still held by the private insurance companies who can no longer deny people coverage due to regulations that were long overdue. This is raising costs as a lot of people joining the ranks are sick people like me, while healthy, younger Americans are not signing up like they should. Cost control was never part of the package so prices are going up and up which would have happened whether or not Obamacare happened. Besides, are you willing to say "I don't care if twelve million people don't have health insurance and hundreds of thousands die so I can have a cheap plan?" Are Americans really that heartless?

The IRS scandal is not a scandal. Shouldn't the IRS be looking VERY closely at any organization that is anti-taxes and very political, or exactly the kind of people that are not deserving of tax exempt status? A lot of these groups shouldn't be getting approved in the first place, regardless of party affiliation. This is called the IRS doing their job.

The funniest one I have seen is the resurrection of Benghazi. Just when you thought they couldn't scrape the bottom of the barrel, the GOP does it again. According to an email from White House aide Ben Rhodes, the White House told Susan Rice to spin the information on the Sunday talk shows to show the White House in a good light. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet and drinking salt water does not chase away the thirsties. Are they really willing to say that no president EVER has ever spun news to their advantage? REALLY? That is the heart and soul of politics. And, much like the Christie bridge scandal, there is nothing tying any of this to Obama personally, yet the right has already made that leap of logic but seem incapable of the same when the fatman from Jersey is involved. Did Obama spin this? Probably. Do I care? Not in the least.

The reason why security was so lax there in the first place was the GOP cut funding for it at least four times over the past six years. There is no evidence that Obama tried to cover up anything. Almost all the info has been debunked as either coming from unreliable sources or made up completely. Yet here we are again with Benghazi back in the news and the right foaming at the mouth. Politics is spin. That is never going to change. Unless you have a voice mail of Obama telling the security forces to take a hike so his mercs can kill the ambassador for whatever reason, there is nothing here. And there never will be. You are much more likely to find evidence Christie was behind the bridge scandal than this, and that was political spin at it's worst.

The point of all of this is that Obama may be a douchebag for all the right reasons, but what the radical right keeps bringing up isn't and it needs to stop. If you want this guy out of office, stop picking fights you can't win. Most of you finally shut up about the whole birth certificate nonsense that really hurt your cause. Stop talking about this now and move on to something real.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham is cruising to an easy re-election in South Carolina which means the school system there is broken because this ass should be sent packing. He is everything that is wrong with Congress and people down there still like him. That is stupidity squared. If you want to be a laughingstock SC, keep it up.

The Senate just lost a bid to raise the minimum wage again, which is fine if  you want the country to fall apart. The economic engine is out of gas and the freaking right are rebuilding the engine instead of just filling the tank. People need more money. No one is buying anything, housing is starting to become unaffordable even to rent and 20% of the families in the US have no job at all. That equates a real unemployment rate of at least 28%. If we don't start fixing things and that requires paying the middle class more and the rich a lot less, there won't be an economy left.

We probably have little time before the housing market collapses again, most likely by fall. When it does, we will see a real Depression, not the recession we are currently in. Our economy grew by.1% last quarter, which means in reality, it will be the third straight loss, as the real numbers is a retraction by 3-4% instead, once you eliminate the gimmicks they use to rig the numbers. This is the very definition of recession, one that is being masked by false data. The country is dying and neither side seems willing to stop it. If you vote for 99% of the GOP candidates you are guaranteeing it. Stop voting for corporatists on either side, or await to be a slave when the world falls apart. Your choice and time is running out.

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