Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been a banner week if you wanted to see people stick both feet in their mouth due to varying degrees of racism while Barack Obama simultaneously gave people everywhere good reasons to actually be racist. I hope black people like having a black president because at the rate Obama is going, it may be the next century before it happens again. I am the furthest thing from racist and even I find myself having a hard time not using the N-word whenever I even think of that man. How on God's green Earth do you make me start wishing George W. Bush was still in office?

Let's start with Cliven Bundy whose statements about race pale in comparison to Clippers owner, Don Sterling. Bundy's remarks were NOT taken out of context either, no matter what right wing idiots keep pedaling, but were not so much racist as just stupid. Bundy is another right wing loon who thinks government policies are the worst thing EVER to happen in this country, brainwashed by Fox News. He wasn't so much being racist toward blacks, but demonstrating a limited intelligence when it came to history and politics. Even thinking that black people were somehow better under slavery than now is just foolish and shows Bundy is not the brainpower conservatives want him to be. Plus, he's like a hundred with a world view that no longer applies.

However, Don Sterling's comments WERE racist and then some. The conversations were said to be authentic by Sterling's ex-girlfriend, who happens to be half black/half Mexican, the same groups he was fined for discriminating against in renting apartments too. He is well known for being cheap with salaries which would explain why the Clippers have sucked so hard for the last few decades. All of this paints Sterling as no better than a plantation owner, sleeping with the help while using strong black men to make him money which he pays far less than others.

The claims of "embezzlement" against this ex-girlfriend by Sterling's wife (they have been separated for years) do not seem to hold much water as they were all gifts from Sterling himself and not stolen as the wife would allege. The tapes have been said to be real by this same ex-girlfriend who said she recorded them at his request because the old fart was getting forgetful. She denies releasing the tapes though.

Supposedly, there are 100 of hours of tapes, meaning his racist views may be just getting started. That cannot be good. The Clippers lost last night as well, as if there was any way they really going to win. It's kind of hard to have your mind on the game when you realize you are not far off from Twelve Years a Slave. Apparently, there was also some sort of sex scandal back in 2003, with Sterling getting caught with hookers. Oops.

The NBA announced they will hold a press conference tomorrow at 2 PM EST to say what their investigation into the tapes show to see if they are authentic. My guess is he is very, very screwed.

On the flip side, we have President Obama who, fresh of his attempt to kill the internet, walks home empty handed from his Asian trip in which he tried to get the horrendous TPP treaty signed to no avail. Seems countries like Japan, China and the Philippines have balked at the idea of corporate sovereignty that would force them to accept GMO products, which they currently ban. The TPP is the single worst piece of legislation to ever be introduced and would give complete control to multi-nationals to such an extent they could pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore with impunity. This is not an exaggeration. It would literally create a formidable fascist empire no longer run at all by governments anywhere. Does anyone really think that Obama is not a corporatist as he is actively trying to kill the internet and the country at large? This is treason and we should be demanding the impeachment of all who have voted for the TPP which would be Obama and 90% of the GOP. Notice even corporatists like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have publically backed down due to sites like this demanding this thing go away and quick. This is why I am forced to pick democrats over the insane GOP because as bad as they are, even they are not advocating the end of America. Obama is NOT a democrat no matter what he says. He is advocating fascism, pure and simple.

I am hoping many of you out there are calling the FCC and your local politicians to demand that net neutrality stay in place and that Tom Wheeler be sent packing. I sure am. When your at it, call their attention to the TPP treaty and say that their opposition to such a terrible law is tantamount to whether you will vote for them in 2014. Right or left, net neutrality and the TPP are two of the most important things in the history of this country and if we don't get them both to either be re-established or to take a dirt nap. this country will become a third world country very, very soon.

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